WWE NXT Results for 11/7/18 Velveteen Dream vs Lars Sullivan, Johnny Gargano Explains Himself

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Heavy Machinery vs The Forgotten Sons

Tucker drops Cutler and shows off his amateur grappling skills before Cutler gets up and backs Tucker into his corner, he and Blake tagging in and out end double teaming Tucker. Tucker hits a running cross body and tags in Otis, HM double teaming Cutler before Otis does the worm into an elbow drop. Cutler drops Otis with a clothesline and FS continue with frequent tags until Otis powers out of a triangle armbar into powerbomb. Cutler and Tucker come in, Tucker sending Blake over the top rope before beating on Cutler in the corner and hitting a cannonball off of the top for a near fall. FS hit a double splash off of the top for a near fall that Otis breaks up before Tucker nearly clotheslines Cutler out of the ring.

Cutler then hits a back stabber to Otis before Otis hits Blake with a pop-up slam.

Winner: Heavy Machinery defeat The Forgotten Sons via pinfall when Otis pins Wesley with a pop-up slam.

Dakota Kai vs Taynara Conti

Conti puts Kai in a headlock, but she counters into an arm drag that drops Conti who tries to kick her, but Kai catches the kick and dropkicks her for a very quick one count. Conti starts focusing on the arm and wrist of Kai before taking her down with a hip toss and dropping Kai with a bicycle kick for a near fall. Conti then puts Kai in a shoulder lock before Kai comes back with a kick and a face wash into a helluva kick before hitting a variation of a backstabber for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai defeats Taynara Conti with a code red into an inverted backstabber.