WWE NXT Results for 12/26/18 NXT Tag Team Championship Match, Jaxson Ryker in Action

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NXT Women's Championship Fatal Four Way Number One Contender Match

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Io Shirai vs Lacey Evans vs Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair

Io immediately rolls Bianca up for a quick two count after Lacey gets out of the ring and Mia hits a suicide dive to the outside onto Bianca before Io hits a corkscrew senton through the ropes. Back in the ring Mia and Io double up on Lacey until Mia accidentally kicks Io and Lacey trips her before hitting a slingshot elbow drop for a quick two count. Lacey sends Io into Mia and hits a double bronco buster for a two count before choking Io in the corner and hitting a snapmare and sending Io into Bianca. Bianca uses Io as a weapon before Bianca is sent back out of the ring and Lacey and Io exchange two counts. Bianca gets in the ring and puts Io in a torture rack before Lacey sends Io out of the ring and Bianca and Lacey keep each other from getting a pin attempt.

Io hits a missile dropkick to Lacey before Bianca spears her and Io counters a double underhook facebuster into a rolling stomp. Io hits another missile dropkick for a two count before Lacey drops Mia with a right hand for a near fall that Io breaks up. Io then hits a moonsault for a near fall before Bianca hits Lacey with a torture rack bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair defeats Lacey Evans, Mia Yim and Io Shirai via pinfall when she pins Lacey with a torture rack bomb to become the new number one contender for Shayna Baszler's title.

Jaxson Ryker vs Local Talent

Ryker shoves his opponent into the corner before brutalizing him and wiping his face all over the mat before hitting a snake eyes and a lariat. Ryker then hits a rebound powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker defeats a local performer via pinfall with a rebound powerbomb.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Undisputed Era (c) vs Heavy Machinery

Tucker and Strong start off the match before Kyle distracts Tucker and Kyle starts kicking him in the leg before Tucker makes the tag to Otis. Otis hits a running splash in the corner and takes out both Kyle and Roderick before Otis tosses Strong into the corner and HM double up on Strong for a quick two count. Tucker tries to keep Strong from tagging in Kyle, but to no avail before HM hit a double overhead belly to belly suplex. Kyle comes catches Tucker in the ropes before Strong hits a back drop driver onto the apron before Kyle rolls him back into the ring and drops him with a knee to the face. Strong comes in and he and Kyle chop Tucker in the corner until Kyle locks in an ankle lock and goes for an armbar, but Tucker rolls to the bottom rope for the break.

Strong tries to knock Otis off of the apron before Tucker clotheslines him and tags Tucker in. Otis hits a t-bone suplex and Tucker goes for a moonsault, but misses before Strong misses a running knee in the corner and Otis turns him inside out with a lariat for a near fall. They hit a tower of doom with Strong getting a near fall before Kyle gets a near fall off of a shining wizard. Undisputed Era then hit Total Elimination to Otis for the pin and the win.

Winner: Undisputed Era retain their NXT Tag Team Championships by defeating Heavy Machinery via pinfall when Roderick pins Otis after Strong and O'Reilly hit him with Total Elimination.

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