WWE NXT Live Coverage 1/4 - 2 Hour Australian Tour Special!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE NXT! Tonight we continue the recap of the tour NXT just recently went on with a two hour special from their time in Australia where in the main event Shinsuke Nakamura will defend his newly regained title against Samoa Joe one last time in a steel cage match! We also have the return of Australia's own TM61 and Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, not to mention The Revival in action and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM for two jam packed hours of action from the Land Down Under!

The Revival vs Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

Dawson and Moss start it off with the two exchanging headlocks then Moss rolls Dawson up for a quick 2 count. They then exchange wrist locks before Tino comes in and puts Chad in another twist lock that he manages to get out of and tag in Dash who chops Tino around the ring. Dash drops Tino repeatedly then Tino hits a flying cross body for a quick 2 count before tagging in Moss. Tino and Moss double team Dash for a quick 2 count then Moss puts a headlock on Dash that he quickly gets out of before tagging Chad back in. Chad has control of Moss in the corner until Moss drops him repeatedly then hits a fall away slam to Dash when he comes in. Moss catches Chad coming off the top rope and hits a fall away slam on him then Moss and Sabbatelli clear the ring. The Revival take back control with a double team move for a quick 2 count then start doing frequent tags before Chad hits a suplex on Moss for a close 2 count. Chad drops him with a clothesline then Dash comes back in, the two keeping Moss isolated in their corner in their trademark style. Dash gets hung up in the ropes then tags in Dawson who drags Moss away from Tino. Tino comes in next and drops Chad repeatedly then does the same to Dash when he comes in to save Dawson. Tino throws Wilder into Dawson then hits a powerslam on Dawson for a close 2 count. Wilder accidentally hits Dawson then Moss rolls Dash up for a very close 2 count then they exchange right hands. Dawson then gets the blind tag without Moss noticing and The Revival hit The Shatter Machine for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Revival via pinfall

Tye Dillinger & Buddy Murphy vs Bobby Roode & Elias Samson

Buddy and Bobby start it off, both playing to the crowd then Roode takes control early, grounding Murphy then mocking him and playing to the crowd. Murphy does the same thing then they lock up with Roode knocking Buddy down repeatedly before Buddy dropkicks him. Tye gets tagged in, but Roode tags in Samson then they lock up with Elias putting a shoulder lock on Tye who quickly gets out of it then mocks him and plays to the crowd. Elias sends Tye outside then Tye hits a springboard splash from the apron before tagging Buddy in. Buddy does a double foot stomp to the arm of Elias for a 1 count then Tye gets tagged back in, the two focusing on the arm of Samson. Tye pulls Roode into the ring then stomps on him in the corner before punching Elias in the opposite corner. Elias hits a jumping knee to Tye when Roode distracts him then Roode comes in and stomps on Tye in the corner. Roode catches Tye coming in and hits a spinebuster before tagging in Samson who keeps Tye grounded then drops him once he's back up with a clothesline for a quick 2 count. Roode comes back in then hits Tye with a series of punches in the corner before playing to the crowd, Tye dropping him with a superkick out of no where for his troubles. Samson and Murphy come back in with Murphy getting the upper hand, dropping Samson repeatedly for a quick 2 count after a running double knee. Murphy hits a meteora off the top rope, but Roode breaks up the pin at the last second then Tye gets a blind tag, Murphy diving over the top rope and taking out Roode. Tye then puts The Tye Breaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tye Dillinger & Buddy Murphy via pinfall

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