WWE NXT Results for 1/9/19 Adam Cole vs EC3, Nikki Cross vs Bianca Belair in a Double Main Event

EC3 vs Adam Cole

They lock up and exchange holds to kick off the match before Adam plays to the crowd and EC3 mocks him. EC3 drops Adam with a shoulder block and a knife edge chop before hitting a scoop slam and they end up outside where Adam hits an enzuigiri and sends EC3 into the ring steps. Adam gets back into the ring and plays to the crowd more before EC3 gets back in Adam stomps him before hitting a shotgun dropkick to the shoulder. Adam hits a hangman neckbreaker before EC3 sends him out of the ring and onto the apron, EC3 suplexing him back into the ring. EC3 hits Adam with right hands and a scoop slam into a jumping elbow drop before Adam counters the One Percent and EC3 hits a DDT for a two count.

Adam drops EC3 with a pump kick before hitting a lung blower for a near fall and EC3 turns him inside out with a lariat. Adam hits an ushigaroshi for a near fall before he goes for an armbar that EC3 powerbombs his way out of. EC3 then gets distracted by Roderick Strong before Adam hits a superkick and the Last Shot for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Cole defeats EC3 via pinfall with the Last Shot.

-Undisputed Era team up on EC3 after the match before he's saved by the War Raiders who take out all three members of Undisputed Era as we go off the air.