WWE NXT Results for 5/15/19 Viking Raiders vs Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Championship


Vanessa Borne vs Jessie

Vanessa drops Jessie with a shoulder block and hits a drop toe hold before stepping on her and stomping her on the mat. Vanessa beats Jessie down with forearms in the corner and stomps her before choking her in the ropes, Aliyah hitting her at ringside when the referee is distracted. Jessie gets a near fall off of a small package and hits a drop toe hold into the ropes before dropping Vanessa with a wheel kick. Vanessa then gets out of the way of a running splash in the corner and drops her with a headbutt before hitting a variation of a swinging neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Vanessa Borne defeats Jessie via pinfall with a neckbreaker.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

The Viking Raiders (c) vs The Street Profits

Rowe immediately takes out both members of SP single handedly before Hanson comes in and SP get a near fall off of a roll up when they counter a pop-up powerslam. Angelo hits a spine buster and Ford hits a frog splash for a near fall that Hanson breaks up before they're attacked by The Forgotten Sons and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest due to interference by The Forgotten Sons, but The Viking Raiders still retain their championship.

-The Viking Raiders then take out The Forgotten Sons before the Street Profits leave and take out their frustrations on Oney Lorcan as we go off the air.

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