WWE 205 Live Results for 6/26 Lio Rush Debuts, Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Smackdown! Live has gone off the air and now the Cruiserweight division will showcase their talent for the next hour. While you're hanging out why not leave a comment below and head over to our forums.

Akira Tozawa vs Tony Nese

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They lock up to start the match for a clean break before Akira hits several chops and drops Tony with a right hand. Tony takes control after rolling out of the ring and catches Akira when he goes for a tope and drops him face first across the apron. They get back in the ring and Tony drops Akira before hitting a moonsault for a quick two count, then Akira hits a shining wizard before hitting a tope to the outside. Akira rolls Tony back into the ring and hits a missile dropkick for a quick two count before Tony catches him up top and sends him from the top before Akira drops him. Akira then sends Tony off of the top when he goes for a superplex before Akira hits a high angle senton for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Akira Tozawa defeats Tony Nese via pinfall with a high angle senton.

Lio Rush vs Local Talent

Lio drops his opponent in silver with a series of kicks before hitting a hand spring that sends him off of the apron. Lio then rolls him into the ring before hitting a huge frog splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lio Rush defeats a local performer via pinfall with a frog splash. 

Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match ​​​​​

Lucha hit a triple tope to the outside before the match can start, then once they're in the ring and Metalik hits a springboard splash for a quick two count before he goes for a move off of the top and Jack catches him with a headbutt for the pin and the first elimination. Lince comes in and Brian backs him into his corner before Lince comes back with a diving cross body for a quick two count. Kendrick catches Lince up top and back drops him to the mat before Drew comes in and rips the mask off of Lince who rolls out of the ring and covers his face. Once they're back in the ring Kendrick starts focusing on the arm of Lince before Lince comes back with a handspring stunner for the pin and elimination of Kendrick. Drew and Jack double up on Lince before he goes to tag Kalisto in, but Kendrick yanks him from the apron and Drew locks in the Gulock for the tap and the elimination.

Kalisto comes in and takes out both Drew and Jack before sending Gulak off of the apron and hitting the Salida del Sol for the pin and elimination of Gallagher. Kalisto knocks Drew to the floor and hits a flipping senton before they get back in the ring and Kalisto hits a diving cross body for a near fall. Drew counters a Salida del Sol and drops Kalisto with a lariat for a near fall before he goes for another Salida del Sol, but Drew tries to de-mask him and Drew locks in the Gulock for the tap and the final elimination as well as the win.

Winner: Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick defeat Lucha House Party by eliminating all three of their members. 

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