WWE NXT Results for 6/5/19 NXT Takeover XXV Fallout Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair in a Rematch

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Keith Lee vs Kona Reeves

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They lock up to start the match and Keith shows off his power by man handling Kona, holding onto his wrist and dragging him back into the ring by it whenever he tries to escape. Kona fakes an injury and rocks Keith with a headbutt before hitting Keith with a running boot and dropping him with elbows to the neck. Kona plays to the crowd and hits a running knee for a one count before locking in a rear chin lock that Keith powers out of before Kona drops him with a forearm to the back of the neck. Keith comes back with a series of wrist lock lariats and a running cross body and Kona hits a uranage for a near fall. Keith then hits a series of headbutts and a running shoulder block into a jackhammer suplex he calls the Limit Breaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Keith Lee defeats Kona Reeves via pinfall with the Limit Breaker.

-We get an extended video package for the NXT Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way Ladder Match in which the Street Profits came out the victors.

Mia Yim vs Bianca Belair

Mia is in control early, dropping Bianca repeatedly before hitting a sunset powerbomb for a two count. Bianca drops Mia with a lariat for a quick two count and locks in an abdominal stretch before Mia hits a hip toss Bianca hits a gut buster for a two count. Bianca applies a bow and arrow before dropping her with a knee to the midsection and several banzai drops. Bianca hits a bull dog and locks in an armbar before Mia goes for a standing guillotine, but Bianca is too strong and slams her to the mat before Mia sends Bianca out of the ring. Bianca stretches Mia around the ring post before Mia sends her into it shoulder first and sends her face first into the ring steps.

They get back into the ring at the count of nine and Mia hits a shotgun dropkick into a tarantula before hitting Code Blue for a near fall. Bianca suplexes Mia for a near fall and Mia counters a powerbomb into a guillotine before Mia hits a PK and an avalanche eat defeat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mia Yim defeats Bianca Belair via pinfall with an avalanche eat defeat

-We then end the show with an extended video package for the NXT Championship match in which Adam Cole defeated Johnny Gargano to become the new champion.

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