WWE NXT Results for 6/6 Kairi Sane & Lacey Evans in a Rubber Match, Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong vs Danny Burch

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-NXT women's champion Shayna Baszler comes out to the ring to start the show and says that she gave Dakota a reality check and that the strong will always defeat the weak. Shayna brings up what Nikki Cross did to her last week and says that if she disrespects her again, it will be the last thing she ever does. Nikki comes out and gets up on the apron before getting in the ring, Shayna smiling and saying that the stunt she pulled was a joke and that she is the NXT Women's champion. Shayna says that Nikki is only better than her in her mind before asking if she's crazy to the eruption of the NXT Universe. Shayna says that she could put her to sleep in a heartbeat before Nikki begs her to do it, Shayna dropping her title when Nikki scares her.

EC3 Hospitalized For Five Days Due To An Infection Says He'll Heal

Nikki tackles Shayna and beats on her before doing the same and stomping her in the corner before Shayna nearly knocks her out with a right hand when she goes to grab Shayna's belt. Nikki then hits a diving cross body that sends Shayna retreating to the outside as we see her sitting on the ramp bleeding, Shayna grabbing her belt and leaving up the ramp as we go to commercial.

TM61 vs Mike Hughley & Robbie Grand

Nick starts the match off with Mike before Shane comes in and Mike tags his partner Robbie in, but Shane instantly dropkicks him before nearly knocking him out with a lariat from behind for the pin and the win.

Winner: TM61 defeat Mike Hughley & Robbie Grand when Shane pins Robbie with a lariat to the back of the neck.

-We get a video package for last week where Lars Sullivan and NXT champion Aleister Black met face to face and Lars hit him with the Freak Accident. We cut to another package of Lars beating down various nameless trainees in the WWE Performance Center before we're told that Aleister will answer Lars' challenge later tonight.

Roderick Strong vs Danny Burch

They start the match off by grappling on the mat and chain wrestling with Burch gaining the advantage for the moment. Danny shows off his technical wrestling skills before Strong sends him out onto the apron and kicks him when he tries to get back into the ring. Strong fish hooks Burch's face before hitting one of his signature backbreakers for a quick two count. Roderick dropkicks Danny for a quick two count before dropkicking the small of his back and putting him in an abdominal stretch. Danny sends Strong out of the ring before Danny drops him with a headbutt and hits a European uppercut that sends Strong into the corner.

Burch hits a running European uppercut into a missile dropkick before Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly show up and try to distract the referee. Pete Dunne comes down to ringside and brawls with Undisputed Era at ringside before Adam gets on the apron and distracts Danny, Roderick capitalizing and hitting the End of Heartache for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Roderick Strong defeats Danny Burch via pinfall with the End of Heartache. ​​​​​​

-EC3 interrupts Kassius Ohno backstage during a photo shoot before setting up a match between the two for next week before getting a video package where Aleister Black says that Lars Sullivan will fade to black next week at NXT Takeover: Chicago. 

-We get a video package where Ricochet talks about his journey to NXT from the indies while Velveteen Dream says that he didn't have any of the struggles that Ricochet did. Dream says that Ricochet is the king and that he is the prince before Ricochet says that his monarchy will rise at NXT Takeover: Chicago.

Kairi Sane vs Lacey Evans

Lacey misses several chops before Kairi hits one of her own and a huricanrrana before Kairi starts focusing on the right hand of Lacey, hoping that she can keep her from hitting her with the Woman's Right. Lacey comes back and gets a quick two count before shoving Kairi's face when she gets to her knees, then putting Kairi in a half nelson and spins her around. Lacey hits a bronco buster in the corner for a quick two count before Kairi blocks a slap and a kick, but Lacey drops her with a boot and halts her momentum. Lacey hits a scoop slam and goes for a moonsault, but Kairi rolls out of the way and Kairi spears her three times. Kairi hits her signature sliding forearm before hitting a diving forearm for a near fall before locking in an armbar that Lacey counters with a pin attempt.

Kairi then hits an Alabama slam before finishing with the Insane Elbow and wins the rubber match and the series.

Winner: Kairi Sane defeats Lacey Evans via pinfall with the Insane Elbow. 

-Tommaso Ciampa comes out to the ring to a chorus of boos and chants of "Johnny Wrestling" before sitting on the top turnbuckle and saying that the NXT Universe gave up on him long before he gave up on them and says that they disgust him. Ciampa says that he's going to talk whether they try to interrupt him or not and talks about how Johnny Gargano came out to the ring and interrupted a match last week. Ciampa talks about how Johnny nearly crippled his wife two weeks ago when he fell off of the apron after attacking him. Ciampa says that he should have listened to Candace and that he should listen to him now and that he will be as broken as his wife after their Street Fight at NXT Takeover: Chicago. Johnny comes out and ​​​​​attacks Ciampa before they start brawling in the crowd until Ciampa opts to escape to the ring, but Johnny follows him.

Ciampa drops Johnny from behind when security try to stop him before applying the Gargano Escape to Johnny before officials make him leave. Johnny then runs up the ramp and attacks Ciampa once again, busting him wide open as we go off the air with security and officials doing their best to drag Johnny to the back. 

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