WWE NXT Live Results for 9/19/18 Ricochet vs Pete Dunne in a Champion vs Champion Match

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Dakota Kai & Deonna Purrazzo vs Lacey Evans & Aliyah

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Deonna and Lacey start the match off by grappling before Aliyah tags in and Kai comes in at the same time. Kai hits a PK for a quick two count before Deonna comes back in only for Aliyah to drive her back into the corner and tag Lacey back in. Lacey drops Deonna with a forearm to the back of the neck before she and Aliyah double team Deonna in their half of the ring. Lacey hits a bronco buster for a quick two count before Aliyah comes back in and stops Deonna from tagging Kai in. Kai finally gets the tag and rocks Aliyah with forearms and a series of kicks for a near fall that Lacey breaks up. Lacey then gets the blind tag and drops Kai with the Woman's Right for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lacey Evans & Aliyah defeat Dakota Kai & Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall when Lacey pins Kai with the Woman's Right.

Humberto Carrillo vs Jaxon Ryker

They lock up before Ryker tosses Humberto across the ring and muscles him to the mat before driving him into the corner and stomping on him. Ryker rakes Humberto's face across the mat before putting him in a rear chin lock and dropping him with a knee when he breaks out of it. Ryker then knocks Humberto out of the air before hitting a slingshot powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jaxon Ryker defeats Humberto Carrillo via pinfall with a slingshot powerbomb.

-Candice LeRae is interviewed about the attack on Aleister Black before we get a vignette for Keith Lee.

Champion vs Champion Match

Pete Dunne (c) vs Ricochet (c) 

Pete drops Ricochet with a right hand before he starts doing his trademark joint manipulation to the fingers of Ricochet and they exchange submissions. Ricochet counters an x-plex for a quick two count before Ricochet goes for a double wrist lock, but Pete gets to the ropes and drops Ricochet with a right hand. Ricochet hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick that sends Pete out onto the apron, then Ricochet hits a tope to the outside. Once they're back in the ring Pete takes control when he counters a huricanrrana and bends back the fingers of Ricochet until they nearly break. Ricochet hits a running European uppercut in the corner into a 619 and a diving European uppercut for a near fall.

They counter each other until Pete hits an enzuigiri into an x-plex, but Ricochet lands on his feet and hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Pete hits a flying armbar before Ricochet misses a standing moonsault and Pete stomps the hand of Ricochet repeatedly. Ricochet drops Pete with a knee before Pete nearly knocks him out in midair and hits the x-plex for a very close near fall. Ricochet sends Pete out of the ring before Pete drops him with a forearm and hits an x-plex onto the apron. Pete rolls Ricochet back into the ring and Ricochet counters the Bitter End into a reverse huricanrrana before Pete stomps on his hands.

Ricochet counters the Bitter End into a DDT before Ricochet hits an ax kick into a flat liner for a very close near fall. Pete counters a 450 splash into a triangle choke that Ricochet powers out of into a powerbomb before Pete locks in a double wrist lock. Ricochet then hits a suplex to get out of it before the Undisputed Era come out and attack them and the referee throws the match out.

Winner: No Contest due to interference by the Undisputed Era. 

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