WWE NXT Recap 11/23 Six-Women Tag Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE NXT! Tonight begins the reign of the first ever two time NXT World Champion; Samoa Joe and Asuka continues to be unstoppable after winning a hard fought match against Mickie James, but tonight we have the future of the NXT women's division as Liv Morgan, Ember Moon and Aliyah team up to face off against Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Daria  Berenato in a six-women tag match! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for the main event and more!

-We open up with a video package recapping NXT TakeOver:Toronto.

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-We open in the arena at the Air Canada Center rather than at Full Sail in Orlando.

Rich Swann vs Kona Reeves

They lock up to start and Reeves sends Swann across the ring with ease, but Swann shows it didn't bother him much as he dances. Reeves picks Swann up and Swann hits a dropkick, but Reeves hits a pop up Samoan drop for a quick 2 count. Reeves plays to the crowd then whips Swann into the corner chest first for another quick 2 count. Reeves stomps on Swann then gets caught with a boot in the corner then is hung up on the top rope. Swann hits a series of lariats then a jumping lariat that drops Reeves. Swann hits a step up enzuigiri then a front flip leg drop as the lights go dark and SANITY come out to a huge pop from the crowd. Reeves and Swann stand side by side in the dark as SANITY play to the crowd before hanging over the ropes then entering the ring and taking out both Swann and Reeves, sending Swann to the outside then they all four stomp on Reeves. SANITY hit their finisher on Reeves then Swann gets on the top rope and takes out Wolfe, but Fulton drops him. They stomp on him next then Eric Young hits a wheelbarrow neckbreaker, grabbing the mic and saying that the world is hanging on by a thread, complete chaos, but this generation will be remembered. Eric says they tried to do it their way, but they got nothing and will not ask for permission or look for approval and that they're just going to take what they want as we go to commercial.

Winner:No contest because SANITY attacked both of them at the same time.

-As we come back No Way Jose comes out and helps Rich then calls out Eric to a match, the group coming back to the ring. Eric and Jose fight, Jose trying to fight off Fulton and Wolfe, but they outnumber him. Jose manages to take out all the male members, but Cross comes off the top rope and takes Jose out from behind. Eric hits his finisher again on Jose and SANITY stand tall as we go to recap the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

-Ellering cuts a promo about what AOP plan to do next, but will not reveal the third chapter of his plan just yet. Next we have Billie and Peyton asking Daria for her help and she agrees, setting up the main event tonight. We then get them being interviewed backstage, Billie and Peyton talking, but Daria just stands there and punches air scaring them as we go to commercial.

-As we come back we get a recap of Tye Dillinger versus Bobby Roode from last Saturday then we get his reaction right after the loss. Tye says that even though he came up short this time he's still a perfect ten and won't come up short next time. They next recap the 2 out of 3 falls tag match between #DIY and The Revival. We then get an interview of #DIY after winning the belts as we go to commercial.

-As we come back we recap the NXT Women's Championship match where Asuka retained against Mickie James then we get Mickie's reaction after her loss. Mickie says that Asuka is incredible and that she respects her, but lost a little respect when she refused to shake her hand. Next we recap the main event as Shinsuke Nakamura defended his NXT World Championship against Samoa Joe. We then get a quick reaction from Shinsuke who says that he wants a rematch as soon as possible as we go to commercial.

-We get an announcement that No Way Jose will face Eric Young next week.

Liv Morgan, Ember Moon & Aliyah vs Billie Kay, Peyton Royce & Daria Berenato

Kay attacks Liv immediately then Liv hits a springboard head scissors then a dropkick on both Kay and Royce. Liv hits a double bulldog then tags in Aliyah who hits an arm drag on Kay, Kay quickly tagging in Berenato, Aliyah rolling her up for a quick 1 count then Daria hits a brutal takedown on Aliyah as we go to commercial.

Peyton is in control as we come back then she tags in Kay, the two hitting a stalling suplex on Aliyah for a quick 2 count, tagging Peyton back in and getting a quick 2 count of her own, Kay coming back in again and they drop her for another quick 2 count. Aliyah tries to fight out of the corner, but Kay tags in Daria who kicks her repeatedly then hits a snapmare into a sliding knee to the back then puts a body triangle on her. Aliyah tries to get the triangle off, managing to get a quick 2 count when Daria's shoulders are on the mat then turns around into her guard and hammers at her with right hands. Aliyah hits an enzuigiri then tags in Ember as Royce is tagged in as well. Moon hits a series of kicks then a front flip forearm, following up with a springboard cross body for a quick 2 count. Liv hits an STO on Daria when she comes in to break up the pin then Billie hits a big boot to her. Billie puts Daria back on the apron and into the ring then she turns around and is hit with Ember's finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aliyah, Ember Moon & Liv Morgan

-After the match we are told that Shinsuke will get a rematch in Osaka and it will be taped as we go off the air.

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