WWE NXT Results for 11/16/21 Dakota Kai takes on Raquel Gonzalez and much more

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- WWE NXT commentator Vic Joseph welcomes the viewer to NXT.

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Tony D' Angelo vs. Dexter Lumis

The bell rings, and Tony D'Angelo leaves the ring, and Dexter Lumis follows him out; D'Angelo enters the ring and begins landing some punches on Lumis.

Lumis is agitated and begins attacking D'Angelo with multiple punches and a few kicks. D'Angelo recovers and starts getting the upper hand on Lumis. The action goes back and forth; D'Angelo takes his focus off Lumis and gets caught by Lumis. D'Angelo leaves the ring, and the referee is distracted because D'Angelo brings Dexter's art materials to the ring. D'Angelo then thumbs the eye of Lumis and then takes him down for the pin. D'Angelo wins quickly.

After the match, Lumis is attacked from behind by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. The two men grab a steel chair, and Hayes jumps from the top rope and stomps onto Dexter's arm, placed in between the chair.

Winner: Tony D'Angelo

- Johnny Gargano is in the ring and cutting a promo, and he tells Carmelo Hayes that he wants to fight him. Pete Dunne then interrupts and says; you cannot come out here and demand a title shot. So Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams come out. The four men have a back and forth until Carmelo Hayes challenges Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne to a triple threat match on next week's NXT for the North American Championship.

- Diamond Mine's Malcolm Bivens cuts a promo about their match against Jacket Time and Odyssey Jones. Bivens is interrupted by Joe Gacy, and Bivens hands Gacy a card and says try-outs are in a few weeks and to come back then.

- LA Knight cuts a promo and focuses on his problems with Grayson Waller.

Odyssey Jones and Jacket Time vs. Diamond Mine's Roderick Strong and The Creed Brothers (w/ Malcolm Bivens, Hachiman, and Ivy Nile)

The match begins with Julius Creed and Odyssey Jones, Jones gets some shots in, but The Creed Brothers start working together and get the upper hand on Jones. Jones makes the tag to Kushida, and shortly after, we go to our first picture-in-picture commercial break.

Kushida is getting beaten down; however, the tides finally turn, and he makes it to Ikemen Jiro for the tag. Jiro has the upper hand on Julius Creed until Julius catches him and slams him down. Julius tags his brother Brutus in. Brutus tags in Roderick Strong, and Jiro makes it to Odyssey Jones for the hot tag. Jones clears the ring; however, Strong hits Jones with an enzuigiri kick and hits a big slam. Bivens attempted to distract the referee, and it worked out but not to his advantage, and Jiro hits Strong with a big right, and Jones hits Strong with a big splash. Jones pins Strong for the upset victory.

Winners: Odyssey Jones and Jacket Time

- The Grizzled Young Veterans talk about getting the Women's Tag-Team titles back to them.

- We get a vignette of MSK going on a trip to meet the Shaman.

Andre Chase vs. Xyon Quinn

The match begins with Xyon Quinn taking Andre Chase down with ease; Quinn has the upper hand until he misses Andre Chase and hits the steel post with his shoulder. Andre Chase takes control and begins stomping on Quinn and then lands a few elbows in on Quinn.

Quinn gets his strength back, and he hits Chase with a big inverted suplex. Finally, Quinn pins Chase to get the victory. After the bell, Quinn gets attacked from behind by Legado Del Fantasma's Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. Xyon finally gets them off of him but then is suddenly attacked from behind by a returning Santos Escobar. Escobar beats him down for a few seconds before he's held up for Elektra Lopez so she can have some words with him.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

Texas Hold'em
Cameron Grimes vs. Duke Hudson

Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson are sitting in the ring with a Poker Table set up in the middle of the wrestling ring. Hudson tells Grimes that he "is going to make him his bitch". Grimes starts with two spades and bets against Hudson's pair of fives.

Hudson calls Grimes bet by making the pot $2,000. The flop is five, ten, and a jack of hearts.

Hudson bets big, and Grimes calls with the pot now at $10,000. The turn card is a queen of spades, and Grimes bets big. Hudson calls, the pot is currently at $18,000, and the river card is a 7 of hearts. Grimes says that Hudson can be a big star.

Hudson has a better hand, but Grimes tells him to call, and Hudson says, "him, you're not going to get him today." Hudson folds and is beside himself when he finds out Grimes bluffed him. Hudson begins attacking Grimes and beating him down. Hudson then powerbomb's Grimes through the Poker table and leaves the ring. Hudson grabs a tool chest from underneath the ring and knocks it over. Next, Hudson grabs a pair of scissors and begins cutting Grimes's beard and hair before being ordered out of the ring.

- We see Von Wagner working out before his tag-team match with Kyle O'Reilly; O'Reilly mentions that Wagner is Adam Pearce's bodyguard on Smackdown. Wagner tells him that does not matter, and he is ready for their match.

Briggs & Jensen vs. Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner

Jensen and Kyle O'Reilly begin the match; Jensen takes O'Reilly down; first, O'Reilly comes back at Jensen with a quick kick to the legs of Jensen. Next, Jensen tags in Briggs, and Briggs takes down O'Reilly with ease. Unfortunately, Briggs and Jensen celebrate a little too long, allowing O'Reilly to get to Von Wagner for the tag.

Von Wagner takes Briggs down with an impressive shoulder tackle. Wagner tags in O'Reilly back in, and O'Reilly gets in some heavy shots on Briggs. Briggs tags back in Jensen; Jensen lays in some stiff shots in on O'Reilly. Briggs and Jensen are constantly tagging in-and-out and double-teaming O'Reilly. Finally, O'Reilly gets away and makes it to his partner for the hot tag. Wagner takes out Jensen with a sidewalk slam and then pins him for the victory. After the match, we see Imperium cutting a promo in German.

Winners: Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner

- Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are getting ready for their match, and Indi's shown worried because they will be taking Dexter Lumis to a local medical facility. Pirotta tells Indi, "to go be with your man; I got this."

- Lashing Out with Lash Legend, and she mentions Kay Lee Ray for cutting off Toxic Attraction. Grayson Waller is out, and Waller says people talk about "the game" Waller says, "the game has changed, and now it's mine."

Two on One Handicap Match
Persia Pirotta vs. Jenna Levy and Gabby Stevens

Persia Pirotta takes down Jenna Levy and notices that Robert Stone is scouting her. Jenna Levy and Gabby Stevens take advantage and begin attacking her. Pirotta takes control, and she hits her opponents with a double Samoan Drop and then ends it after hitting Stevens with a nice face-front bodyslam and then gets the pin for the win.

Winner: Persia Pirotta

- Dakota Kai is cutting a promo about how the issues started with Raquel Gonzalez and are interrupted by Toxic Attraction, and Kai tells Toxic Attraction's Mandy Rose owes her not once but twice. We then see The Grizzled Young Veterans return Toxic Attraction's tag-team titles to them.

- Tommaso Ciampa begins cutting a promo but then changes his mind and says he will go to the ring, and we go to a commercial break.

- We see a vignette from Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro and what they plan on doing in NXT.

- Tommaso Ciampa comes out and begins calling out people; he says Carmelo Hayes believes he has the "A" title and smirks. He then calls out Grayson Waller for thinking he is above working the Indy's for a hotdog and a handshake. Ciampa attempts to go on; however, he is interrupted by Bron Breakker. Breakker enters the ring and says that this new talent is doing what he used to do and that Ciampa should only worry about Bron Breakker.

Ciampa says to the "truck" to show a highlight of his win against Breakker. Ciampa makes a Steiner Math reference, and he's not going to do anything about it, and he walks away from Breakker.

- They make it official and say that on next week's NXT, we will see Carmelo Hayes vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Title next week.

- Tamyra Mensah-Stock is shown in the crowd at NXT.

Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Gonzalez

The bell rings, and Raquel Gonzalez attacks Dakota Kai right away; Gonzalez has her way with Dakota Kai by just throwing her around with ease. Kai is lying in the corner and is just smiling at Gonzalez after the beat down on Kai continues. Gonzalez lifts Kay on her shoulders and stretches her out. Gonzalez takes her time before going after Kai again; Kai makes her pay by avoiding Raquel Gonzalez, who runs right into the ring post shoulder first. They head out to their last picture-in-picture commercial break with Kai in control.

We return with Gonzalez taking control, and she is punishing Kai. Gonzalez hits Kai with a variation of a stretch muffler. Kai has enough energy to send Raquel Gonzalez into the exposed turnbuckle. Kai grabs the shovel she used at Halloween Havoc; however, Gonzalez gets the shovel away from Kai and is about to attack her and then is suddenly attacked from behind by Toxic Attraction. Toxic Attraction and Kai begin attacking Gonzalez. Cora Jade then enters the ring and begins attacking Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai, but she starts getting attacked. Zoey Stark comes out, and soon after, Io Shirai's music hits, and she takes on Stark's crutches and begins attacking Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai. Io grabs the mic and yells out War Games! Then the show goes off the air.

Winner by DQ: Raquel Gonzalez

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