WWE NXT Results For 11/23/21 Carmelo Hayes vs Pete Dunne vs Johnny Gargano for North American Title

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- The standard WWE opening appears on the screen; however, Grayson Waller calls for them to cut it off. He cuts a promo about how everyone turned on him, and he mentions how everyone is booing John Cena, The Rock, and Roman Reigns and how they killed it. He then gets interrupted by Tommaso Ciampa.

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Grayson Waller vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa gets in the ring, and Grayson Waller hits him with a chop; Ciampa then hits Waller with a flurry of strikes. Tommaso Ciampa then hits Grayson Waller with two running knee strikes. Waller gets hit a few times; however, he counters Ciampa and hits Ciampa with a neckbreaker.

Waller is now in control; Waller uses the ropes to his advantage until the referee. Waller sends Ciampa to the mat hard, and Waller is going for The Rock Bottom; Ciampa moves out of the way and sends Waller over the ropes, and then Ciampa sends Waller over the commentary table. We head out for the first picture-in-picture commercial break.

During the break, Waller was entirely in control. We return from the break, and Ciampa regains control when he hits Waller with a big knee. Then, Ciampa hits Waller with a DDT; Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending, but Waller counters and gets away from Ciampa. The action goes to one of the corners, and both men are on the ropes; Ciampa hits Waller with the Air Raid Crash, Ciampa goes for the pin, but Waller kicks out. Waller hits Ciampa with an over the rope dive. Just a few seconds later, the action goes back into the ring, and Ciampa then hits The Fairytale Ending; Ciampa pins Waller to get the victory.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

- After the match, LA Knight cuts a promo about Grayson Waller and how he was "not able to cut it." Joe Gacy then cuts him off and talks about "safe spaces" and says, "their safe space is in the ring." LA Knight says that Gacy "has a perverse way of saying things," and Knight walks away, and we go to a commercial break.

- Toxic Attraction members arrive at NXT, and Mandy Rose mentions her upcoming match against Cora Jade. Next, Dakota Kai appears, and she does not say anything but walks with Toxic Attraction. The four of them come across a bunch of broken glass, and they are not sure what to think about it, but they walk off. We then see Kay Lee Ray appear with a baseball smiling.

- Cameron Grimes comes out with a little of a newer look and shorter hair. He is emotional, with tears running down his face. Grimes talks about how he said that he was never good enough, and he says, "I showed them all that Cameron Grimes holds it down." Grimes says he kept his beard and hair long to remind him of where he came from, and Grimes then calls out Duke Hudson; Hudson appears on-screen. Hudson says he "did Grimes a favor and helped him not look like a troll." Cameron Grimes challenges Duke Hudson in a Hair vs. Hair Match at NXT War Games. Hudson accepts and then pulls out a Ziploc bag containing the hair he cut of Grimes from last week and then says he will take the rest at NXT War Games.

- Pete Dunne cuts a promo and says he has been in NXT too long not to have a championship title, and that will change and says that he will teach Carmelo Hayes a lesson.

- Indi Hartwell gets interviewed, and she's asked about giving a medical update on Dexter Lumis. Hartwell says that he has a fractured hand.

- We get a vignette of Tiffany Stratton, and it says that she is arriving soon to NXT.

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro vs. Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell

We begin that match with Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta controlling the beginning of the match. Pirotta tags in Hartwell, who is not paying attention and is sad, clearly suggesting that she thinks of Dexter. She gets a few strikes in on Kayden Carter. Carter tags in Kacy Catanzaro, however, Hartwell does not see it, and Catanzaro flies from the top rope and slams down on top of Hartwell. Kacy pins Hartwell for the quick victory.

Winners: Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro

- We get a vignette promo of the returning Santos Escobar.

- We see Andre Chase giving the students of Chase U a tour of the arena; Chase sees Cameron Grimes and then makes fun of Grimes a little bit, and Grimes tells Chase to "go to hell."

Santos Escobar (w/ Legado Del Fantasma) vs. Malik Blade

This match stops after it pretty much starts. Santos Escobar sends Malik Blade to the corner and then throws a bunch of quick strikes. Blade gets a few punches in; however, Escobar throws Blade into the corner hard and hits a running knee. Finally, Escobar hits the Phantom Driver and pins Blade for the win.

After the match, Elektra Lopez grabs the mic and says "that nobody turns down Legado Del Fantasma." Next, Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner appear; Von Wagner says they want the tag-team titles and his foot on the ropes. Then, Imperium cuts a promo, insults the crowd, and offends both teams, and says neither team could stop Imperium.

- We have a backstage segment with Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Zoey Stark, and Cora Jade begin to argue. Cora stops them and says they need to stop fighting and find a fourth partner for NXT War Games.

- Tony D' Angelo is getting interviewed, and she asks him who he thinks will win the North American Championship match, and he says his money is on Carmelo Hayes.

Mandy Rose vs. Cora Jade

We begin the match with Mandy Rose taking Cora Jade with a few strikes and a takedown. Jade gets a few punches in; however, she does not control the match long as Rose strikes back and slams Jade down hard into the mat. Rose begins stretching out Jade; Jade forces a break and then goes for an inside cradle pin attempt. Although Rose kicks out at two, Jade is now getting some offense in.

Rose is controlling the action until Kay Lee Ray appears with her bat; she gets the attention of Mandy Rose. Kay Lee Ray throws the bat into the ring, and the ref catches it; however, he drops it as Jade goes for the quick roll-up pin. She gets the surprising upset win by pinning the champion.

Winner: Cora Jade

- Carmelo Hayes cuts a promo and talks about how he will win tonight and how he has everything to lose.

- Joe Gacy cuts a quick promo and says that he will be going to his "safe space." Gacy says he "needs two people as he needs to open the eyes of the blind." We then see Harland's hand as he puts it on Gacy's shoulder.

- Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, and Zoey Stark are congratulating Cora Jade on her win. Then, Kay Lee Ray appears and says that she will be their partner for NXT War Games.

- We are about to get Joe Gacy vs. LA Knight; however, Grayson Waller attacks LA Knight, and the match never happens. Gacy cuts a promo and apologizes for what the fans of NXT just saw. Diamond Mine cuts him off, Malcolm Bivens cuts a promo and begins insulting Roderick Strong. Strong says he does not care about weight limits, and he wants to fight Joe Gacy.

Bivens says Roderick Strong will battle it out at NXT War Games. Next, Bivens tells The Creed Brothers to take out the trash; before they go at Joe Gacy, Harland appears, and The Creed Brothers back off as Bivens asks them to back off as Ivy Nile needs to prepare for her match.

- MSK is still on the hunt for The Shaman, they get pulled over by a Police Officer for driving (7 MPH), and they have to get out of the car. They are nervous; however, the officer tells them it is their lucky day, and the vignette ends.

Ivy Nile vs.Yulisa Leon

Ivy Nile takes Yulisa Leon down with a few strikes, Leon comes back with a few heavy strikes of her own. Ivy Nile sends Leon into ropes and hits her with a hard clothesline. Niles takes Leon down again and has her in a submission hold; however, Leon gets out of it with a pin attempt. Ivy Nile then ends it with a modified Dragon Sleeper to get the submission victory.

Winner: Ivy Nile

- We get a vignette of Solo Sikoa, and he talks about how he was always on his own and how he is still on his own.

- Grizzled Young Veterans are walking around backstage and stealing a man's wallet as he walks by them. Then as they walk off, we see La Knight and Grayson Waller still fighting with the referees trying to break it up.

- We get a promo from Boa, and he talks about Mei Ying passed her powers over to him.

Briggs and Jensen vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Briggs and Jensen are controlling the match right away against James Drake with multiple tags in and out. Next, Drake tags in Zack Gibson; Gibson takes control now after Jensen does not see the blind tag. Now, Drake and Gibson are controlling the match until Jensen gets to Briggs for the hot tag. Briggs then takes out both; Drake begins selling a knee injury, he's faking it, and Briggs and Jensen end it after Briggs hits Drake with a powerful backbreaker. Briggs then pins Drake for the victory.

Winners: Briggs and Jensen

- Vic Joseph announces that we will see Kay Lee Ray vs. Dakota Kai next week in a Ladder Match. The winner of the match will give their team the advantage at NXT War Games.

NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Pete Dunne vs. Carmelo Hayes (C) (w/ Trick Williams)

The match begins with Carmelo Hayes sending Pete Dunne out of the ring; however, Johnny Gargano is behind him. Gargano hits Hayes with a heavy chop to the chest. Dunne gets back into the ring, and now he and Gargano are battling it out. Hayes blindsided Gargano and Dunne, and now Hayes is in control. Dunne takes both Gargano and Hayes over and has them in a double submission hold. They get out of it as Trick Williams pulls Hayes out of the ring.

Gargano delivers an arm-breaker to Dunne; Hayes enters the ring and hits both men with a springboard elbow. Next, Gargano hits Hayes with a Bulldog; Gargano also takes out Dunne with a DDT. Now, both Hayes and Dunne are outside the ring.

Johnny Gargano hits both men with dives by going between the middle ropes. Finally, Gargano hits Dunne with a hurricanrana on the outside by the commentary table. We head out for a picture-in-picture commercial break with the action still going back and forth.

We return from the break, and Dunne attempts to put Hayes into a submission hold; Gargano hits Hayes with a Suicide spear. Dunne goes for a suplex; however, Gargano counters it into a DDT. Now, Johnny Gargano and Dunne both hit Hayes with a big kick to the head.

Carmelo Hayes goes for a quick pin attempt; when he recovers, Gargano hits Dunne with a Poisonrana; however, he cannot go for the pin. Dunne hits the Bitter Ending on Gargano; he goes for the pin; however, Tony D'Angelo appears out of nowhere and pulls Dunne out of the ring. Hayes then jumps from the top rope and lands on Gargano. Finally, Hayes pins Gargano to retain.

After the match, Tony D'Angelo and Trick Williams exchange handshakes. However, LA Knight and Grayson Waller are fighting, and they bump into D'Angelo and Williams. Tommaso Ciampa's music goes off, and he saves Dunne, Gargano, and LA Knight. They stand tall as they watch Hayes, D'Angelo, and Waller back away. Ciampa helps Gargano up as the crowd chants, "DIY." Now, Bron Breakker's music plays, and he walks out and yells "War Games," and now eight men are in the ring fighting as we go off the air.

Winner and still NXT North American Champion: Carmelo Hayes (w/ Trick Williams)

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