WWE NXT Results for 1/25/21 Solo Sikoa vs. Boa, Cameron Grimes vs. Tony D'Angelo, and more

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NXT Dusty Cup Quarterfinals
MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter) vs. Jacket Time (Ikemen Jiro & Kushida)

Wes Lee Thanks Fans For Well Wishes After Injury Announcement

Jacket Time controls the action early on, Lee, but MSK turns things around when Carter tags in. Jiro fights out of a chin lock, knocks Carter to the outside, and goes for a dive but gets caught, leading to a double-team enzuigiri from MSK. Back from break, Jacket Time has the advantage, but Lee uses his quickness to make a tag, escaping the double team.

Carter hits a reversal into a suplex-kick combo that ends with a standing shooting star press. Jiro blocks a sunset flip and hits a deadeye on Lee. Jacket Time hits a double kick for two as Carter makes the save. Lee fights off a double team and avoids a swanton from Jiro. Double tags. Kushida blocks Hot Fire Flame and locks in the Hover Board lock, but Carter escapes by driving Kushida into the corner. MSK hits the doomsday device for the win.

Winners: MSK (Wes Lee & Nash Carter)

- All four men shake hands and bow to each other after the bout.

- Zoey Stark informs Io Shirai that her knee won't be healed in time to compete in the women's Dusty Cup. Io doesn't want a new partner. Tiffany Stratton interrupts and says that she will beat Io tonight.

- MSK eye the Dusty Cup as Legado Del Fantasma makes their way to the ring.

- Ollie Jayy arrives with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

- Santos Escobar cuts a promo on Bron Breakker. Escobar says that he is not impressed or intimidated by Breakker and that he is sick that Breakker won the NXT Championship before him. Breakker interrupts and tells Escobar to issue the challenge, and he'll accept. Escobar says things are done on his time, and when he's ready, Bron will know. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza try to attack as Santos and Elektra Lopez leave, but Bron fights them off.

- A video package airs for Solo Sikoa and Boa.

No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere
Solo Sikoa vs. Boa

Boa attacks Solo during his entrance with a Kendo stick. Boa goes outside to get more weapons and gets hit with a Samoan drop back in the ring. They set up chairs in the corner, both drive for another chair and then play tug of war with it. Boa wins and hits Solo with multiple chair shots. Suplex onto a trash can by Boa. They brawl to the backstage area where ladders get involved.

Solo rams Boa's head into a garage door, tosses a ladder into him but misses a garage door backsplash. Boa throws Solo outside of the arena. Boa opens the garage door, and Solo uses the fire extinguisher. They brawl back to the ring. Solo throws Boa into the chairs in the corner, hits a superkick, and goes to the top, but Boa cuts him off. They head outside, and Solo hits a Samoan drop onto the announce desk. Solo sets up Boa on a table on the outside and hits a top rope splash for the win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

- Video for Imperium where WALTER confirms he is GUNTHER as he's leaving the past behind and moving on to the future.

Duke Hudson vs.Guru Raaj

Hudson dominates and hits the Razor's Edge for the win.

Winner: Duke Hudson

- Dante Chen comes out and tries to attack Hudson, but Hudson takes out his leg.

- Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell want to go after the NXT Women's Tag Team Titles. Kay Lee Ray comes in with her bat. They cut a promo on Toxic Attraction.

Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne & Mandy Rose) vs. Persia Pirotta, Indi Hartwell, & Kay Lee Ray

The bell rings, and Kay Lee Ray wants to fight Mandy Rose; Rose tags Jacy Jayne and gets out of the ring. Indi Hartwell is tagged in by Kay Lee Ray, and Hartwell controls the match right away. Gigi Dolin gets in the ring and gets some shots in on Hartwell.

We see Hartwell tag in Persia Pirotta as Mandy Rose is now in for Dolin. Pirotta gets some shots in on Rose, the action goes outside the ring, and we see Kay Lee Ray dive onto the three members of Toxic Attraction.

Dolin and Hartwell are now the legal competitors; Dolin gets some good cheap shots on Hartwell. Dolin tags in Mandy Rose, Rose gets a few shots in on Hartwell, Hartwell hits Rose with a quick slam. We return from the commercial break with Jayne hitting Hartwell with a neckbreaker.

Jayne and Hartwell exchange chops and then take each other down with a boot. Dolin and Pirotta get tagged in; Pirotta hits Dolin with a German suplex. All six competitors are in the ring; Kay Lee Ray hits Mandy Rose with a superkick.

Kay Lee Ray has her bat, and she begins to chase Mandy Rose. Rose and Kay Lee Ray are nowhere around. Pirotta hits Dolin with a slam and then pins Dolin to victory.

Winners: Persia Pirotta, Indi Hartwell, & Kay Lee Ray

- We get a video of Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

- We return from a commercial break for Cora Jade trying to get Raquel Gonzalez to team with her for the Dusty Rhodes Classic

Dusty Rhodes Classic
First-Round Match

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward

Andre Chase and James Drake begin things, Chase takes down Drake with a few slams. Chase hits Drake with a couple of European uppercuts. Chase tags in Bodhi Hayward, Hayward goes for a quick roll-up pin, however, Drake kicks out.

Hayward tags Chase, while Drake tags in Zack Gibson. Gibson sends Drake to the outside and controls the match. Chase gets to Bodhi for the hot tag, Bodhi clears the ring.

James Drake distracts Hayward, The Grizzled Young Veterans hit Bodhi with a combination finisher and pin Hayward to get the victory. After the match, Von Wagner enters the ring and attacks Bodhi Hayward and Andre Chase. Robert Stone enters the ring with Von Wagner and he tells the camera that he represents him now.

Winner: Grizzled Young Veterans

- Grayson Waller does a promo and calls out LA Knight.

Io Shirai vs. Tiffany Stratton

The match begins with Io Shirai and Tiffany Stratton exchanging holds and countering each other moves. Stratton sends Io outside the ring, Io enters the ring and takes Stratton down with a big drop. Stratton takes a cheap shot at Io and drops her. Now, Stratton is stretching Io Shirai. Shirai gets out of it and now Shirai hits Stratton with a moonsault and then pins Stratton to get the victory.

Winner: Io Shirai

- Malcolm Bivens is cutting a promo and says "Gunther" is an awful name and Malcolm says Roderick Strong and The Creed Brothers will challenge Imperium to a six-man match on next week's NXT.

- Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams introduce Olliejayy and she performs her single "Make Em Fall"

Tony D'Angelo vs. Cameron Grimes

The bell rings and Cameron Grimes and Tony D'Angelo tie up, Grimes gets the upper hand first after hitting Tony with a hip toss. Grimes hits Tony with a penalty kick. Tony D'Angelo takes over the match and hits Grimes with a backbreaker. They head out for a picture-in-picture commercial break with D'Angelo in control.

Throughout the break we see D'Angelo trying to maintain the advantage, however, Grimes hits him with a flying elbow. D'Angelo recovers rather quickly and hits Grimes with a belly-to-belly suplex. D'Angelo gets in a few more punches in on Grimes and does it again and hits Grimes with a belly-to-belly suplex.

D'Angelo hits Grimes with a nice belly-to-back suplex, D'Angelo goes for another suplex, however, Grimes counters it into an inside cradle pin attempt. Grimes gains control and Grimes charges in but D'Angelo counters Grimes and slams him into the turnbuckle. D'Angelo goes for the pin, but Grimes kicks out. Grimes hits D'Angelo with a diving crossbody. Grimes goes for the cover, but D'Angelo kicks out.

Tony rolls out of the ring, the referee is being distracted and Pete Dunne appears and he hits D'Angelo with an object. The referee did not see it. Grimes hits D'Angelo with the Cave In right away. Grimes pins D'Angelo for the win. Grimes will face Carmelo Hayes at NXT Vengeance on February 15th.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

- We see Bron Breakker leaving the arena, Legado Del Fantasma drives up and appears that they are about to attack him, but Tommaso Ciampa appears and they change their mind. Ciampa will team up with Bron Breakker next week to wrestle Legado Del Fantasma on next week's NXT. The show goes off the air.

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