WWE NXT Results 6/28 WWE NXT Women's Championship Last Woman Standing Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE NXT! Tonight Asuka defends her NXT Women's Championship against Nikki Cross in a last woman standing match and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action!

Velveteen Dream vs HoHo Lun

They lock up to start the match before Dream pushes him away, then backs him into the corner before Dream puts him in a headlock. Dream then drops Lun with a boot into a delayed jackhammer suplex before hitting an elbow drop from the top rope for the pin and the win.

Winner: Velveteen Dream via pinfall

-We then get an video segment where Asuka interview in a car before Nikki tries to attack her by jumping on the hood. Security then grab and drag Nikki off as Asuka stares her down. Next we get a video package for Hideo Itami and Oney Morgan's match three weeks ago before we're told they'll have a rematch tonight as we go to commercial.

-We come back from commercial to see William Regal announce that Heavy Machinery will challenge the Authors of Pain for their NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

Hideo Itami vs Oney Lorcan I

They start the match, Lorcan attacking Itami immediately with a European uppercut before Itami is busted open and the match is stopped.

Winner: No contest

-We then get a video package for Roderick Strong and Bobby Roode leading up to their title match on the show next week.

Hideo Itami vs Oney Lorcan II

Itami goes after Lorcan before the match starts, then drops Lorcan over the ropes before suplexing him, then Itami sends Lorcan out of the ring and to the floor as we go to commercial.

Itami hits Lorcan with a series of strikes before he comes back for a quick two count as we come back from commercial, then Itami kicks his knee out before snapping his neck on the rope. Itami hits a missile dropkick before going for the GTS, but Lorcan counters and collapses to the mat, holding his knee. Hideo then hits the Go to Sleep for the pin and the win once he's back up and says he can continue the match.

Winner: Hideo Itami via pinfall

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