WWE NXT Results for 12/11/19 Bálor Wins Triple Threat, New NXT Cruiserweight Champion Crowned

Hey there Fight Fans, welcome to our coverage of tonight's edition of WWE NXT headlined by a triple threat match with championship implications! Please enjoy the show and be sure to check out the post-show podcast afterwards!

-We open the show with Adam Cole saying that the triple threat match with the winner facing him next week for the title is stupid and that they're done nothing to deserve a shot and that they'll lose anyway.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Lio Rush (c) vs Angel Garza

Lio attacks Angel during the introductions before they spill to the outside and Lio sends Angel into the steps before Angel rips him off of the apron and sends him face first into the edge of the apron before down onto the floor. Angel rolls Lio back into the ring for a two count and goes to take his pants off, but Lio is all over him. Angel dodges the Come Up and hits a basement dropkick for two before trapping Lio in the corner and superkicking him for a two count. Angel then launches Lio into the ropes and he snaps his throat against the top rope before rolling out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Lio gets a quick two count off of a roll up as we come back to the action before hitting a huricanrrana and a springboard moonsault to the outside when he sends Garza over the top rope when he goes for a powerbomb. Back in the ring Lio hits a low roundhouse kick before Angel hits a Come Up of his own for two and Lio counters an inverted suplex and presses Angel to the mat for a two count. Angel meets Lio in the corner and hits an enzuigiri before hitting a Spanish fly off of the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Lio and Angel exchange right hands and slaps before Angel rocks Lio with a headbutt and they kick each other before collapsing face first as the NXT Universe erupts. Lio counters the Wing Clipper with one of his own for a near fall before hitting the Come Up for another near fall and finishes with The Final Hour, but Angel crawls out of the ring and falls onto the floor to avoid the pin attempt.

Back in the ring Angel then hits the Wing Clipper for a very close near fall before locking in a reverse full nelson and Lio passes out for the win.

Winner: Angel Garza defeats Lio Rush via referee stoppage with a reverse full Nelson to become the new NXT Cruiserweight champion.

-We get a video package for Shayna Baszler where she talks about every challenger she's beaten as NXT Women's champion ahead of her defense against Rhea Ripley next week as we go to commercial.

-We get a video package narrated by Finn Bálor who says that he made the NXT title famous and lists off his accolades on the main roster before saying that he'll become a two time champion next week when he wins the number one contender triple threat match in tonight's main event.

-We get a video from earlier during the break where Angel Garza talks about what he's grateful for before bringing his girlfriend into the ring and proposing to her before she accepts.

Cameron Grimes vs Raul Mendoza

Before the match we see that Cameron attacked Raul yesterday at the WWE NXT Performance Center to set up tonight's match. Raul hits Cameron with an enzuigiri before Cameron rolls out of the ring and Raul follows him with a tope before Raul rolls Cameron back into the ring. Cameron then hits Raul with a Spanish fly before KUSHIDA comes out and Raul hits a huricanrrana and holds onto the legs for the pin and the win.

Winner: Raul Mendoza defeats Cameron Grimes via pinfall.

-After the match KUSHIDA takes Cameron's hat and leaves before we go backstage to Mia Yim being interviewed ahead of her match against Dakota Kai and we get a video package for NXT UK's Travis Banks who's in action up next as we go to commercial.

-We get a plug for the NXT Year End Awards which you can vote on now at WWE.com.

Travis Banks vs Jaxson Ryker

Travis chops and kicks Ryker before he gets out of the ring and Ryker catches Travis with a forearm when he goes for a suicide dive. Jaxson rolls Travis backs into the ring and beats him down in the corner before hitting a rebound suplex with the ropes and Travis sends Jaxson into the corner. Travis hits several running kicks in the corner into a cannonball before Jaxson turns him inside out with a running double ax handle. Travis then hits Jaxson with an enzuigiri before hitting a missile dropkick into Slice of Heaven for the pin and the win.

Winner: Travis Banks defeats Jaxson Ryker via pinfall with the Slice of Heaven.

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