WWE NXT Results for 12/18/19 NXT Championship & NXT Women's Championship Matches

Good evening Fight Fans! It's time for NXT featuring two huge titles matches as both the NXT Championship and the NXT Women's Championship are both on the line!

-We open the show with a recap of last week's show where Angel Garza became the new NXT Cruiserweight champion and Finn Bálor won the triple threat match to earn a shot at Adam Cole tonight. We then transition to tonight's two titles matches before throwing to the announce team.

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NXT Championship Match

Adam Cole (c) vs Finn Bálor

They go back and forth, kicking things off by grappling before they counter each other until Adam backs Finn into the ropes for a clean break. Adam hits Finn with a forearm before Finn hits a basement dropkick and chops Adam across the chest before hitting a snap mare into a basement dropkick to the spine of Adam for two. Finn stomps Adam who gets out of the ring before Finn hits a baseball slide and sends Adam into the barricade before Adam kicks the knee of Finn out on the apron. Back in the ring Adam hits a hangman's neckbreaker for two before hitting a float over snap suplex for two and takes Finn down to the mat with a side headlock. Adam stays focused on the knee of Finn before locking in a head scissors and Finn comes back with a forearm and a flying clothesline.

Finn gets two before Adam counters a back suplex into a back stabber for two and follows up with an enzuigiri before Finn hits a sling blade. Adam hits a superkick for two and counter each other's suplexes before Finn hits a Pele kick and falls on top of Adam for a near fall. Finn and Adam counter each other's finishers before Adam hits a shoulder breaker for a near fall before Finn hits a jumping stomp and a running shotgun dropkick. Adam knocks Finn off of the top rope and down onto the floor before they end up back in the ring and Adam dodges the Coup de Grace before Adam hits the Last Shot for a near fall. Finn then turns Adam inside out before he can hit a second Last Shot and Finn hits the Coup de Grace before he goes for 1916 and gets distracted by the returning Johnny Gargano before Adam hits a low blow and a second Last Shot for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Cole retains his NXT Championship by defeating Finn Bálor via pinfall with the Last Shot.

-After the match Johnny attacks Finn with a chair before he scurries to the back as we go to a vignette for the NXT Women's Championship and a video package for Killian Dain.

Damian Priest vs Killian Dain

Priest rushes Dain and stomps him before Dain goes right after Priest's injured ribs and hits The Divide for two before locking in a bear hug. Dain sends Priest into the ropes and hits a running dropkick and knocks him off of the apron with a baseball slide. Dain rips the tape off of Priest before hitting a bicycle kick and rolling Priest back into the ring for two before hitting a back suplex and stepping on the ribs of Priest. Dain hits a gut buster into a senton before hitting a jumping splash for two and a float over suplex for two before locking in a rear chin lock. Priest then comes back with a dropkick before rolling out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Priest hits Dain with a flat liner before dropping Dain with kicks and hitting a running back elbow in the corner before he hits a suplex and climbs to the top before Dain rolls out of the ring. Priest hits a springboard flipping senton before rolling Dain back into the ring and hitting South of Heaven for two before Dain counters The Reckoning and powerbombs Priest before hitting an elbow drop for two. Priest counters the Ulster Plantation and hits a spinning kick before Dain hits a Finlay slam and Priest gets his knees up when he goes for a Vader bomb. Priest then hits Dain with The Reckoning for the pin and the win.

Winner: Damian Priest defeats Killian Dain via pinfall with The Reckoning.

-It's announced that the Dusty Classic will be coming back next year in February.

Cameron Grimes vs KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA shows off his superior grappling skills before he goes for a double wrist lock and Grimes drops him with a shoulder block before KUSHIDA hits a flying armbar. KUSHIDA locks in an octopus stretch before Grimes counters into a back slide for two as we go to commercial. Grimes tosses KUSHIDA across the ring before Grimes locking in a rear chin lock with knees in the back of KUSHIDA before locking in a backbreaker stretch. KUSHIDA comes back with a chop and a hand spring back elbow before hitting a hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick. KUSHIDA hits a running dropkick into the arm of Grimes before Grimes hits a tilt-a-whirl side slam for a two count before KUSHIDA hits a snap German suplex.

Grimes hits a superman forearm into a bridging German suplex for a near fall before KUSHIDA hits a hand spring heel kick into a flipping senton to the outside. Back in the ring KUSHIDA gets a near fall off of a sunset flip off of the top before hitting a PK and they exchange strikes. Grimes then hits the Cave In out of nowhere for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cameron Grimes defeats KUSHIDA via pinfall with The Cave In.

-We then get a video package for Io Shirai who's in action up next as we go to commercial.

Io Shirai vs Santana Garrett

They exchange headlocks before Io drops Garrett with a shoulder tackle and Santana hits a hip toss before rocking Io with a forearm. Santana hits an arm drag into a huricanrrana before dropping Io with a kick before Io comes back with a flap jack and kicks Santana in the back before missing running knees in the corner. Santana comes back with back elbows into a neckbreaker before rocking Io with a headbutt and hitting a back flip back elbow in the corner into a float over suplex for two. Santana then locks in a Muta lock before Io sends Santana into the ropes and hits running knees in the corner before finishing with a moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: Io Shirai defeats Santana Garrett via pinfall with a moonsault.

-We get a video package for World's Collide featuring NXT versus NXT UK in January.

Pete Dunne vs Travis Banks

Pete takes Travis down with a single leg before getting two off of a rolling crucifix and Travis gets two off of a Gedo clutch before dropping Pete and kicking him against the ropes. Pete chops Travis before Travis rolls out of the ring and hits an x plex onto the apron as we go to commercial.

Pete runs Travis over and hits running shotgun dropkicks into a cannonball before hitting a suicide dive and a springboard missile dropkick. Travis hits a diving stomp for two before Pete drops him with a forearm when he goes for a Slice of Heaven and hits an x plex for a near fall. Travis counters the Bitter End into a DDT before Pete counters a Slice of Heaven and stomps the face of Travis into the mat before Travis hits the Kiwi Crusher for a near fall. Pete catches Travis coming in and powerbombs him before Pete counters a superplex into an avalanche x plex before hitting the Bitter End for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne defeats Travis Banks via pinfall with the Bitter End.

-Dakota Kai is interviewed backstage about her being put through two tables by Mia Yim before we see the Horsewomen helping Shayna get ready for her title defense as we go to commercial.

-An NXT North American Championship match as well as a tag team match between Lio Rush and Keith Lee and Damian Priest and Tony Nese is announced for next week's show.

NXT Women's Championship Match

Shayna Baszler (c) vs Rhea Ripley

Shayna goes for a single leg before Rhea counters and they exchange wrist locks before Shayna pins Rhea down to the mat before Rhea grabs Shayna's foot when she goes to stomp her elbow. Rhea then drops the champ with a stiff strike before she rolls out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Rhea drops Shayna with a clothesline and hits her with Muay Thai knees before Shayna comes back with right hands and Rhea dropkicks her into the corner. Rhea sets Shayna up top and hits a superplex for two before hitting a release German suplex and the rest of the Horsewomen come down to the ring before Rhea knocks them off of the apron. Rhea takes out Shafir and Duke with a cannonball off of the apron before Shayna drops her with a knee and stomps on her elbow when Rhea has her hand resting on the steps. Rhea rolls back into the ring and Shayna locks in a hammer lock before focusing on joint manipulation and slamming her arm into the mat before Rhea rolls out of the ring as we go back to commercial.

Shayna stomps the elbow of Rhea and kicks her in the injured arm and the of the face and chest before Rhea comes back with a dropkick, but she accidentally sends Shayna into the referee. Rhea hits the Riptide before Shayna rolls out of the ring and Rhea checks on the referee before Rhea misses a cannonball off of the apron and Shayna goes for a sleeper, but Rhea sends her onto the ring post. Shayna tosses a chair into the ring and DDTs Rhea onto it for a near fall before Rhea counters a sleeper and goes for the Prism. Shayna locks in the Kirafuda clutch before Rhea gets breaks the hold and stomps Shayna before locking in the Prism and Shayna gets free before setting Rhea on the top turnbuckle. Rhea then headbutts Shayna before hitting an avalanche Riptide for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley defeats Shayna Baszler via pinfall with an avalanche Riptide to become the new NXT Women's champion.

-Rhea then celebrates with the NXT Universe in the ring as we go off the air.

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