WWE NXT Results for 12/9/20 WarGames Fallout, Finn Bälor Returns

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE NXT!

- We open tonight's show with a recap of Takeover WarGames from this past Sunday night before we open in the CWC with the NXT champion Finn Bälor in the ring. Finn is immediately interrupted by Pete Dunne who talks about how they're both cut from the same cloth and how they have a history together before Kyle O'Reilly comes out to the ring. The former North American champion Damian Priest comes out next and says that they'd have a marquee match before having an exchange of words with both Kyle and Pete. Damian, Pete and Kyle argue while Finn leaves the ring and goes up the ramp before saying that he's leaving it up to NXT General Manager William Regal to decide who he defends against at New Year's Evil. As Finn begins to leave he's interrupted by the return of Scarlett before Finn mocks her and says that he's ready whenever Kross is ready.

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Finn then leaves off stage before allowing her to speak as we go to commercial.

- We come back from the break to Pete backstage being interviewed before he's attacked by Killian Dain seeking revenge for being left bloody in the parking lot several weeks ago. Dain and Pete are then pulled apart by security and officials before we cut back to the ring for our next match.

Jake Atlas vs Isaiah Scott

Isaiah hits a flat liner for two before dropping Jake with a chop and Jake rocks him with a superkick into a roundhouse kick before hitting a clothesline. Jake follows up with a modified sit-out powerbomb for two before kicking him in the chest and turning an arm bar attempt into a roll up for a near fall. They then roll back and forth on the mat and exchange pin attempts until Jake pins Scott for the win.

Winner: Jake Atlas defeats Isaiah Scott via pinfall.

- We get a promo by Tommaso Ciampa who says that no one is safe and that the past is the past before saying that he's ready to silence the loud and outlandish Cameron Grimes. Ciampa then says that he's going to find out if Cameron is actually confident or he's compensating before jumping up off of the chair he's sitting on and leaving as we go to commercial.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Imperium vs Ever-Rise

Zack, Fabian and Matt start things off before Zack and Fabian take Matt out and Marcel comes in and takes out Fabian before stomping Zack in the corner Marcel hits a float over suplex before GYV double up on Marcel off of the distraction by Matt on the apron. James sends Marcel out of the ring before GYV hit their signature slingshot cross body backbreaker at ringside before Zack tosses Marcel back inside. James drops Marcel with a forearm for two before Marcel hits a back suplex and Matt stomps both Marcel and James. ER double up on James and Marcel for two before Matt is sent out of the ring and Zack and Fabian enter the match. GYV double team Fabian in their corner before Matt clears the ring of Aichner and Gibson for a near fall before Fabian hits a rolling senton into a moonsault off of the top for a near fall.

Marcel takes out Zack at ringside before Aichner hits a spine buster into a PK by Marcel before Imperium hit a wheel barrow DDT. Matt then tries to steal the pin for a near fall before GYV hit Ticket to Mayhem for the pin and the win.

Winner: Grizzled Young Veterans defeat Ever-Rise and Imperium via pinfall.

- We come back from the break to an extended video package recapping the Men's and Women's WarGames matches in which the Undisputed Era defeated The Kings of NXT and Candice LeRae and her team defeated Shotzi Blackheart's team.

- Backstage Toni Storm is interviewed before NXT Women's champion Io Shirai shows up and they brawl their way out to the ring where Io hits a Shotei into a meteora before Io goes up top and Toni rolls out of the ring. Ember Moon then comes from behind and attacks Toni before sending her back into the ring and allowing Io to hit a moonsault.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Cameron Grimes

The two lock up before Ciampa takes Grimes down with a side headlock before wrenching his arm and taking him down with a straight arm bar. Timothy Thatcher comes out to the ring and has a seat at ringside before Grimes backs Ciampa to the ropes and Ciampa turns it around. Ciampa drops Grimes with a back elbow before Grimes hides behind Tim and Ciampa sends him back into the ring. Grimes then hits a kitchen sink for two once they're back in the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Grimes now in control as we see he retook control with a spinning sit-out side slam during the commercial. Ciampa comes back with a knee and several clotheslines before hitting a running knee in the corner for two as Tim looks on at ringside. Ciampa chops Grimes across the chest and lifts him up for the Fairytale Ending, but Grimes crawls away and out onto the apron before countering the Willows Bell. Grimes gets a near fall before hitting a running Spanish fly for a second near fall and gets caught on the top rope before Ciampa sends him down and onto the floor. Tim's student then distracts Ciampa before Ciampa slides out of the ring and Grimes goes after him before Ciampa gets back in and hits the Willows Bell for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa defeats Cameron Grimes via pinfall.

- After the match Ciampa and Thatcher have a face off where Tim tells Tommaso he had nothing to do with the distraction before Ciampa leaves. Cameron then gets in Tim's face and yells at him before Tim picks his ankle and twists it before leaving.

- Backstage Raquel Gonzalez is interviewed ahead of her match against Ember Moon later tonight where she vows revenge for Ember taking Dakota Kai out of action.

- We see the Garganos and Austin Theory backstage as we're told that they're going to have a celebration up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Xia Li and BOA training, Xia hitting wood until she bleeds and BOA being hit with a kendo stick until he's bloodied and bruised. We then see the long haired woman with corpse paint on her face and a red stripe of war paint across her face along her eyes.

- We go back to the CWC where the newly crowned NXT North American champion, Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory come out to the ring. Johnny and Candice talk about Johnny winning the North American Championship for a third time and Candice leading her team to a victory at WarGames before declaring that they are The Way. Johnny talks about making history by becoming the first three time North American champion and Candice making history by leading her team to winning the women's WarGames match two years in a row. Johnny then unveils a trophy with a doll version of Shotzi Blackheart's head on it before they're interrupted by Damian Priest. Priest then congratulates Johnny before making his way out to the ring only to be attacked by the returning Karrion Kross who powerbombs him through a table and leaving the arena as we go to commercial.

- Backstage Tyler Rust meets with Malcolm Bivens who gave him his business card last week before they leave together off screen to discuss business and we go back to the CWC.

Killian Dain w/Drake Maverick vs Pete Dunne

Dain beats Pete down in the corner and tosses him across the ring before dropping Pete with a boot and nearly knocking him over the top rope with a pump kick. At ringside Dain drops Pete with another pump kick before smashing him across the apron before Pete sends him head first into the post. Back in the ring Pete beats Dain down in the corner before kicking the side of his face and Dain hits an elevated overhead belly to belly suplex. Pete then hits a snap German suplex into a roundhouse kick before Dain rolls out of the ring and onto the apron as we go to commercial.

We come back to Pete still in control until Dain hits a running splash in the corner and winging punches before Pete sends him through the ropes. Dain hits a uranage into a slingshot senton before powerbombing Pete and following up with a senton for two. Pete counters the Ulster Plantation before Dain hits a sit-out powerbomb and a shotgun dropkick before missing a cannonball in the corner. Pete stomps Dain's face before Dain meets Pete up top and hits a fisherman's superplex for a near fall before Pete comes back with an enzuigiri. Dain turns Pete inside out with a lariat before slamming him down and hitting a senton before Oney and Danny come out and attack Drake Maverick at ringside.

Pete then capitalizes off of the distraction kicking Dain when he's getting back into the ring before hitting the Bitter End for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne defeats Killian Dain via pinfall.

- Backstage Leon Ruff is interviewed before he's interrupted and mocked by Johnny and Austin now that Priest has been taken out and he has no partner for their tag match next week. KUSHIDA then shows up and says that he'll team with Leon as we go to commercial.

Raquel Gonzalez vs Ember Moon

Ember uses her speed to be one step ahead of Raquel before Raquel pancakes Ember onto the mat and woman handles her before backing her into the corner. Raquel hits Ember with a back elbow and tosses her across the ring before hitting a running splash in the corner. Ember kicks Raquel in the face before Raquel sends her down by her hair and hits several elbow drops for two. Raquel gets hung up on the top rope before Ember rocks her with a trio of dropkicks and a flat liner before Raquel rolls out onto the apron. Ember then hits a suicide dive that knocks Raquel off of the apron as we go to commercial.

We come back to Raquel having Ember in a Gory stretch before booting her out of the air and locking in a straight arm bar. Ember hits a head scissors that sends Raquel face first into the middle turnbuckle before hitting a suplex into a flurry of strikes. Ember hits a running forearm in the corner into a tornado DDT for two before kicking her through the ropes and hitting a suicide dive. Ember climbs the lighting rig and Raquel rips her down before lawn darting her into the post for a near fall before Raquel goes shoulder first into the post. Ember gets a near fall before Raquel counters The Eclipse and clotheslines her before Ember counters a single arm powerbomb into a roll through for a very close near fall.

Raquel then hits the single armed chokeslam on the second attempt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Ember Moon via pinfall.

- After the match Toni Storm comes out and goes to attack Ember before she's saved by Rhea Ripley and Rhea and Toni face off. Raquel then tells Toni to leave before Rhea and Raquel face off and exchange words as we go off the air with Raquel leaving.

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