WWE NXT Results for 5/6/20 Cole & Flair Retain, NXT Tag Team Championship Match Announced

Good evening Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE NXT headlined by the NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream!

Johnny Gargano vs Dominik Dijakovic

Two New Matches Added To 5/11 WWE NXT, One Match Pulled; Updated Lineup

Johnny tries to use his speed early, but it doesn't last long as Dom catches a kick and drops him before hitting him with a forearm in the corner and clubbing him across the back before hitting his signature knees and tossing Johnny behind him for two. Dom chops Johnny in the corner before whipping him across the ring and Johnny catches him with a back elbow before Johnny fakes a knee injury and chop blocks Dom before stomping him in the corner. Johnny drives his boot int the throat of Dom and chokes him before elbowing the back of his head and Dom drops Johnny with a discus clothesline for two before hitting a throwing slam for two. Dom drops Johnny with a stiff forearm before smashing his face into the top turnbuckle and hits him with back elbows and a backbreaker before he's distracted by Johnny's wife Candice who comes out and distracts him. Johnny then sends Dom out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive and Candice checks on her husband as we go to commercial.

We come back to Johnny in control of a grounded Dijakovic before he gets back to his feet and knees Johnny before he catches a kick, but Dom drops him with a cyclone kick for two before Candice tries to pull Johnny out of the ring and Dom brings him back in before Johnny rolls him up with the tights for a near fall. Johnny counters Feast Your Eyes and superkicks Dom for a near fall before pulling off the turnbuckle pad and Dom hits a choke bomb for a near fall before Dom superkicks Johnny and sets Gargano on the top turnbuckle backwards. Johnny then gets the pad off and counters a powerbomb into a head scissors and sends Dom face first into the exposed turnbuckle before hitting a slingshot DDT he now calls One Final Beat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano defeats Dominik Dijakovic via pinfall.

- After we match we get a recap of Imperium attacking Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher before we get a promo by Aichner and Barthel of Imperium in front of a cloud of smoke where they issue a challenge to the tag champions before we go to a video package for Akira Tozawa and Jack Gallagher ahead of their match in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament as we go to commercial.

Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Group B Match

Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher

Jack rushes Akira before countering an octopus stretch and hitting a Samoan drop before Akira hits a snap German suplex before screaming and dragging Jack to the corner. Jack rolls out of the ring and catches Akira with a forearm when he goes for a suicide dive before kicking him in the spine and driving his knee into his spine before stretching him out. Akira dodges a clothesline and hits a body scissors before Jack locks in a rear choke and they spill out of the ring before they exchange strikes on the apron and Akira hits a piledriver onto the apron. Akira then tosses Jack back into the ring and hits a high angle senton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa defeats Jack Gallagher via pinfall to go up 2-0 in the tournament, Jack dropping to 0-2.

- After the match Akira is interviewed and says that he has two more matches to go and El Hijo Del Fantasma is his next challenge before telling Fantasma that he will beat him as the camera zooms in on his face before we get a graphic for our NXT Championship main event between the champion Adam Cole and the challenger The Velveteen Dream before we get a graphic of Finn Balor who will be returning later tonight as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package of admiration for doctors and nurses before we see Charlotte getting ready backstage and go to the ring for our next match between Xia Li and Chelsea Green.

Xia Li vs Chelsea Green w/Robert Stone

Chelsea tries to take advantage early by throwing her skirt in Xia's face before Xia hits an arm drag and gets distracted by Aliyah before knocking her off of the apron. Chelsea then capitalizes off of the distraction and hits I'm Prettier for the pin and the win.

Winner: Chelsea Green defeats Xia Li via pinfall

- After the match we go backstage to a promo by The Velveteen Dream ahead of him challenging for the NXT championship before we get a graphic for the debuting Karrion Kross and Scarlett who will be debuting up next as we go to commercial.

Karrion Kross w/Scarlett vs Leon Ross

Kross immediately hits two Doomsday Saito suplexes before locking in the Kross Jacket for the tap and the win.

Winner: Karrion Kross defeats Leon Ross via submission.

- After the match we get a video package narrated by the NXT Women's champion Charlotte and Io Shirai in Japanese with subtitles ahead of their title match up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a backstage interview with Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher where Matt does all of the speaking until he asks Tim what they should do before he tells Matt that Matt can knock them out and he'll tap them out before we go to the ring for our co-main event of the evening.

NXT Women's Championship Match

Charlotte (c) vs Io Shirai

They lock up before Charlotte puts Io in a standing side headlock before dropping her with a shoulder block and Io does a Matrix move dodge and drops Charlotte with a kick before Charlotte smashes Io's face into the mat and applies a head scissors choke. Charlotte sends Io face first into the top turnbuckle before chopping her and blocking a sunset flip before hitting Io with a forearm in mount. Io then comes back with forearms and chokes Charlotte in the corner before Charlotte clotheslines her as we go to commercial.

We come back to Io hitting a springboard dropkick before Charlotte catches her coming in with a back elbow and a frankensteiner for two before Charlotte misses a moonsault and Io hits a 619 into running knees in the corner for two. Io goes up top and Charlotte gets her boots up when Io goes for a moonsault before dropping her with a boot for two, Charlotte following up with an attempted powerbomb before Io sends her into the middle turnbuckle and Io landing on her feet when she misses a moonsault before Charlotte attacks Io with a kendo stick for the disqualification.

Winner: Io Shirai defeats Charlotte via disqualification, but Charlotte retains her NXT Women's Championship due to champions advantage.

- After the match Charlotte goes to assault Io more before she's saved by Rhea Ripley who sends Charlotte to the back as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a backstage interview with Rhea Ripley who says that Charlotte can't beat her again before Io walks up and they start brawling until they're separated by security before we go to the NXT champion Adam Cole getting ready ahead of his title defense in our main event.

Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Group A Match

KUSHIDA vs Jake Atlas

KUSHIDA immediately goes for a body lock before they exchange wrist locks and Jake hits an arm drag before they run the ropes and Jake stands on his hands before KUSHIDA kicks his arm and Jake rolls out of the ring. KUSHIDA hits a flipping senton to the outside before tossing Jake back into the ring and hits a hip toss into a cartwheel basement dropkick before following up with a running shotei palm strike in the corner. Jake hits a German suplex into an enzuigiri for two before KUSHIDA kicks his arm several times and Jake hits a jumping neckbreaker before hitting a suicide dive when KUSHIDA rolls out of the ring. KUSHIDA then locks in a flying armbar when Jake comes off of the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: KUSHIDA defeats Jake Atlas via submission to go up 2-0 and Jake drops down to 1-1.

- After the match KUSHIDA is interviewed where he says that he's going to win it all before we get a graphic for the return of Finn Balor up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Finn Balor coming out onto the perch in the back of the arena where he says that there's nowhere to hide when you're in the ring with him before saying that whoever attacked him won't be getting a pushed, that they'll be squashed before leaving. We then get a graphic and the official announcement of Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher defending their NXT Tag Team championships next week against Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium before we go to the ring for our next match.

Cameron Grimes vs Local Talent

Denzel counters The Cave-In and hits several overhead belly to belly suplexes before Cameron hits The Cave-In for the pin and the win in under a minute.

Cameron Grimes defeats a local performer via pinfall.

- After the match Cameron gets on the mic and says that he deserves more than he's getting right now before making reference to Finn Balor, saying that someone beat him to him before saying that he'll look Finn dead in his eyes and slap him before Finn comes out from behind him and slides into the ring before he gets in Grimes' face and takes him down before hitting a stomp and a sling blade before Grimes leaves. Finn then gets up to the camera and says that there is a snake in the tall grass in the locker room and that he'll cut off it's head when he finds out whoever it is before posing. We then get a video package for Adam Cole and The Velveteen Dream ahead of their NXT championship match up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a graphic and the announcement of Finn Balor and Cameron Grimes facing off on next week's show as we go to the ring for tonight's main event.

NXT Championship Match

Adam Cole (c) vs The Velveteen Dream

Dream backs Adam into the corner before Adam turns it around and Dream shoves him away before dropping Adam with a right hand and Adam rolls out of the ring before Dream hits him across the back and sends him into the steps. Dream tosses Adam back into the ring before Adam drops him with a pair of superkicks before Dream counters The Last Shot into a high angle spinebuster for two, Dream following up by sending Adam into the corner and hitting him with right hands before setting him up on the top turnbuckle. Adam then counters an avalanche DVD before Dream counters a Panama Sunrise into a DDT for two as we go to commercial.

We come back to Cole in control of Dream before he gets to his feet and punches Adam in mount in the corner and Adam drops him with a kick before Dream comes back with clotheslines and a back elbow before punching Adam in the corner until the referee backs him off. Dream hits a diving cross body off of the second rope for two before Adam counters a fireman's carry and Dream drops him with a superkick for two before Dream climbs to the top and lands on his feet before Adam hits a boot into a back stabber for two. Adam puts Dream on his shoulders, but Dream counters it and hits Adam with uppercuts before Adam hits an ushigaroshi for two, the two following up with punches before Adam knocks Dream off of the apron and down onto the floor. Adam superkicks Dream in midair when he comes off of the top before Dream falls on top of Adam for two before Kyle and Bobby try to interfere and Dexter Lumis comes out from under the ring and attacks them before Kyle takes out the referee. Dream then hits the Purple Rainmaker, but there's official to count the pin before Dream takes out UE at ringside and Adam hits a superkick into The Last Shot for the pin and the win.

Winner: Adam Cole retains his NXT championship by defeating The Velveteen Dream via pinfall.

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