WWE NXT Results for 7/22/20 Kross Victorious, Reed Qualifies for North American Title Ladder Match

Good evening Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE NXT!

- We open tonight's show with NXT General Manager William Regal who introduces Keith Lee. Keith talks again this week about his trainer whose passed away, Tim Brooks and how he helped prepare him for opportunities in his career. Keith says that he always makes the most of his opportunities and will defend the NXT title as much as he can before subsequently vacating the North American title. William then announces a set of triple threat qualifying matches for the North American title on the line in a ladder match at Takeover next month.

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Dexter Lumis vs Killian Dain

They lock up before Dexter puts Dain in a standing side headlock and Dain easily gets free before knocking Lumis over. Dexter slides out of the ring before Dain follows him and Dain sends Dexter into the steps, but he leaps over them and rocks Dain with an uppercut before Dain hits a running cross body. Dain then sends Dexter into the plexiglass before hitting him with clubbing blows and hitting a draping leg drop once they're back in the ring for two as we go to commercial.

We come back to Dain in control until Lumis comes back with a spinebuster and hits a running clothesline in the corner before missing a swanton bomb and Dain hits a shotgun dropkick into the corner. Dain hits a cannonball before following up with a powerbomb into an elbow drop for two before Dexter hits a uranage and Dain goes for another powerbomb that Dexter counters. Dain sends Dexter out onto the apron before Dain lifts him onto the top turnbuckle and Dexter shoves him off before hitting a swanton bomb, but Dain is right back up. Dexter then hits another uranage into a kata-gatame for the referee stoppage and the win.

Winner: Dexter Lumis defeats Killian Dain via referee stoppage.

- We go backstage to an interview with Roderick Strong where he says that the North American title being vacated is the perfect opportunity for Undisputed Era to get back to the top of NXT. Roddy is next soon interrupted by Bronson Reed who is interrupted by Johnny Gargano soon after. Reed then says that he's confident about his chances tonight before Johnny mocks them and how he will make history and win the North American title for a second time.

- We then see a recap of Dakota Kai attacking Io Shirai at the end of NXT last week before Kai mocks Shirai and tells her that she'll be waiting for her return and to be sure to bring the title with her as we go to commercial.

Ever-Rise vs Breezango

Tyler and Matt starts with off with Tyler dropping Chase and reclining on the top turnbuckle before they run the ropes and Chase falls when Tyler teases a Supermodel Kick. Breeze attacks Matt on the apron before Chase attacks him from behind and Matt gets the tag before sending Tyler into the plexiglass and tosses him back into the ring before Chase comes back in. Tyler then falls backwards into a tag to Dango who hits a back drops to both of Ever-Rise and hits a dive to the outside before Breezango hit both members of Ever-Rise with superkicks for the pin and the win.

Winner: Breezango defeat Ever-Rise via pinfall.

- We get a backstage interview with Dominik Dijakovic where Dom talks about his brawl with Kross last week and that he's fresh this week and that he's going to smash Kross. Dom then says that he thought all last week about what is next for him before he says that he's going to knock Kross unconscious as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a tweet by the NXT Women's champion where Shirai says that actions have consequences.

Aliyah vs Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi lays into Aliyah with forearms before taking her down with a single leg and hitting a leg drop into a reverse senton. Shotzi goes through the ropes before Aliyah comes off of the apron and hits a bulldog before rolling Shotzi back inside for two and hits a northern lights suplex for two. Aliyah locks in a camel clutch before Shotzi gets to her feet and hits a running splash in the corner into a sling blade and rocks Aliyah with several kicks. Shotzi hits a snap suplex for two before Aliyah counters a butterfly suplex and gets a near fall off of a leverage pin using the ropes before Shotzi hits her from behind with an enzuigiri. Shotzi then hits a snap dragon suplex before Robert gets onto the apron and Shotzi boots him off and down onto the floor before hitting a diving senton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart defeats Aliyah via pinfall.

- Shotzi drives her tank over the other foot of Robert after the match before she's kicked out of nowhere by Mercedes Martinez who decides to leave without helping Robert and Aliyah.

- We come back to a video package for Isaiah Scott where he talks about music career as well as his wrestling career and sends a message to the current Cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar, telling the leader of Legado Del Fantasma that he's taking the gold the next time they face each other.

North American Championship Ladder Match Triple Threat Qualifier Match

Johnny Gargano vs Roderick Strong vs Bronson Reed

Reed sends both Gargano and Strong out of the ring before they briefly argue and tease working together before Reed stomps the hand of Gargano and pulls Strong back into the ring. Gargano then counters a powerbomb only to be hit with a scoop slam before Johnny superkicks Strong and Reed launches Johnny into Strong and sends him out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to Reed hitting running hip attacks in both corners to Strong and Gargano before he goes for a dive and Strong boots him before punching Reed in mount in the corner. Gargano and Strong take turns punching and stomping Reed in the corner before Reed drops Johnny and Roddy dropkicks Reed before Johnny slingshots Strong into the groin of Reed. Reed is sent out of the ring before Gargano hits a slingshot spear to Roddy and a suicide dive to Reed before Roddy grabs Johnny when he comes back in and hits a twisting backbreaker for two. Reed comes back with a double uranage and hits a running splash in the corner to Johnny before hitting Roddy with a running senton for two. Reed headbutts Johnny and lifts him over his head before Roddy chop blocks Reed and Johnny hits an enzuigiri into an Olympic slam by Roddy before Johnny sends Roddy out of the ring and covers Reed for two. Johnny traps Reed in the ropes and superkicks him before Roddy comes out of nowhere with a backbreaker to Johnny and hits Reed with running elbows before Johnny sends Roddy out of the ring. Johnny and Roddy then go at it at ringside before Reed hits a suicide dive and takes them both out as we go to commercial.

They go for a doomsday that Johnny ends up turning into a poison hurricanrana to Reed before Roddy drops Johnny with a knee lift and Johnny superkicks Strong to break up the pin for a near fall. Johnny powerbombs Reed onto the floor Roddy hits a suicide dive to Johnny and tosses him back into the ring before slamming him down to the mat for two. Johnny and Roddy counter each other until Johnny rolls Roddy up for two and lawn darts him into the corner before Roddy hits a bloody cross and Johnny a slingshot DDT for a near fall that Reed breaks up with a huge diving splash for the pin onto Roddy and the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed defeats Roderick Strong and Johnny Gargano via pinfall to gain entry into the ladder match at Takeover.

Oney Lorcan vs Timothy Thatcher

Oney tries to take Tim down, but Tim grabs a front head lock and hits a gator roll before they grapple on the mat and Tim goes for a traditional armbar before Oney gets free and chops Tim across the chest. Tim hits a belly to belly suplex before locking in a rear chin lock and knees Oney in the midsection before hitting a half nelson suplex. Tim locks in a bow and arrow before turning it into a pin attempt for two and Oney takes him down with a single leg before Tim goes for a double wrist lock and Oney gets his foot on the bottom rope for the break. Tim chops Oney across the chest and Oney comes back with running uppercuts that send Tim out of the ring before Tim drags Oney under the bottom rope. Tim then goes for another double wrist lock before Oney sends him into the post as we go to commercial.

We come back to Tim in control back in the ring, beating on Oney and goes for a half nelson before Oney hits a diving uppercut and Tim counters a half and half suplex into a straight armbar with a chin bar. Oney takes Tim down and goes for a double wrist lock before they get back to their feet and Tim hits Oney with open hand palm strikes, slaps and forearms. Oney takes Tim down with a single leg and locks in a single leg Boston crab before Oney goes for a Fujiwara armbar and Tim fish hooks him to get free before Oney chops Tim across the chest. Oney then hits a half and half suplex for a near fall and goes for a standing double wrist lock before Tim sweeps Oney and covers him with the hold still locked in for the pin and the win.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher defeats Oney Lorcan via pinfall.

- We get a very brief interview with Robert Stone backstage before Mercedes comes up to them and cuts Robert off before he can talk and says that she needs someone to handle everything out of the side ring. Mercedes then warns Robert to know his place before they shake hands and she leaves as Robert and Aliyah celebrate.

- The next ladder match qualifier is announced for next week after a promo by Finn Balor with the aforementioned Balor, Timothy Thatcher and Dexter Lumis announced to be competing as we go back to the ring for our main event.

Karrion Kross w/Scarlett vs Dominik Dijakovic

They go toe to toe before locking up and breaking after a stalemate that sends them all over the ring before locking up again and Dom backs Kross into the corner for a clean break on Dom's part. Kross kicks Dom in the midsection and locks in a front headlock before Dom drives him back into the corner to get free, but Kross won't break the hold. Dom goes for Feast Your Eyes before Kross counters it and Dom counters a Saito suplex before sending Kross through the ropes and down onto the floor before Kross nearly punches through the plexiglass and Dom drops him with a running boot. Back in the ring Kross then catches Dom with a boot before hitting a snap DDT as we go to commercial.

Kross is in control as we come back from the break, having Dom in a shoulder lock before he gets to his feet and Kross hits a Saito suplex. Kross goes for the Kross Jacket, but Dom tosses him off and Kross counters Feast Your Eyes before Dom hits a choke bomb. Kross rolls out of the ring and Dom hits a tope before Kross sends Dom into the steps and chokes him against them before kicking them when his head is stuck between them. Kross lifts Dom and rolls him back into the ring before hitting him with forearms in mount as the NXT champion Keith Lee comes down to ringside. Keith then tries to get Dom to stop the match, but he refuses before Kross hits another forearm in mount and locks in the Kross Jacket before choking Dom unconscious for the referee stoppage and the win.

Winner: Karrion Kross defeats Dominik Dijakovic via referee stoppage.

- Keith immediately gets into the ring and helps Dom after the match before stares down Kross and Kross and Scarlett leave as we go off the air.

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