WWE NXT Results for 7/8/20 The Great American Bash Night 2 Keith Lee Makes History

Good evening Fight Fans and welcome to our coverage for tonight's special edition of WWE NXT with The Great American Bash Night 2!

- We open the show with a video package recapping night one of The Great American Bash as well as tonight's show before we go to the ring for our first match between Mia Yim and Candice LeRae in a street fight.

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Street Fight Match

Candice LeRae vs Mia Yim

Mia attacks Candice from behind when she comes out for her entrance before bringing several weapons into the ring and the match officially starts when the two are in the ring. Candice hits Mia with a kendo stick before Mia takes it from her and wears the stick out on her until it bends. Mia brings a table into the ring before Candice dropkicks her through the ropes and brings her back into the ring before Mia goes for a dragon suplex that Candice counters before Mia dumps her out of the ring. Candice sends Mia into the post and rains down right hands in mount on the floor before sending Mia shoulder first into the post repeatedly. Mia sends Candice into the post before they end up in the chairs in the crowd and brawl at the catering table before Candice sprays Mia with a fire extinguisher. Mia then counters a suplex attempt by Candice and dropkicks her off of a platform and through the catering table as we go to commercial.

We come back to Candice in control with the two women back in the ring, getting two off of a running dropkick before tossing several chairs into the ring and bends a trash can lid over Mia's back. Candice sets the table on the top turnbuckle and Mia counters a suplex into one of her own before Candice rocks her with an enzuigiri and Mia drops Candice with a roundhouse kick before they both collapse onto the mat. Mia sends Candice into the corner and hits a running clothesline into a running chop before putting a trash can over Candice and hitting a running boot into a cannonball for two. Mia takes out a pair of brass knuckles and accidentally punches a chair before Candice drops her with chair strikes to the back and piles chairs on top of her before struggling to climb to the top and Mia boots her once she does. Mia then piles the chairs up and gets on top of the table with Candice before Candice takes the brass knuckles from Mia and hits her with them before hitting a diving, swinging neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae defeats Mia Yim via pinfall.

- After the match we get a video package where Mark Henry talks about how powerful Keith Lee is ahead of his Winner Take All match later tonight as we go to commercial.

Bronson Reed vs Tony Nese

They lock up and Reed shoves Nese away before Reed locks in a straight armbar and takes Tony down to the mat before Tony grabs his hair and backs Bronson into the corner. Tony runs into Reed who hits a military press and a running senton before Tony rolls out of the ring and Bronson gives chase before hitting Tony with clubbing blows at ringside. Nese blinds Reed with the skirt on the apron before beating him down once he's back in the ring and gets two off of a headbutt to the midsection before Reed drops Nese with several right hands into a bionic elbow. Reed hits a running splash into the corner before catching Tony coming off of the top turnbuckle before Tony gets free and chops Bronson in the throat before hitting a triangle moonsault for two. Reed then turns Nese inside out and climbs to the top before hitting a diving splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed defeats Tony Nese via pinfall.

- We get a video package for Mercedes Martinez ahead of her return to the ring later tonight.

- We go backstage to Robert Stone and Aliyah where Robert tries to recruit Shotzi Blackheart, but Shotzi says that she doesn't want to be a part of the Robert Stone brand and that she rides alone. Killian Dain then throws Robert into a wall when Robert accidentally throws his coffee backwards onto him before Shotzi then parks her tank on Robert's foot. Robert then starts screaming for help as we go to commercial.

Isaiah Scott vs Johnny Gargano

Johnny and Isaiah grapple on the mat to get things started, Johnny showing off his superior wrestling by staying on top of Isaiah and keeping him grounded while focusing on joint manipulation. They run the ropes and Isaiah lands on his feet when Johnny goes for a head scissors and sends Johnny out of the ring before they counter each other and dodge one another until they get back into the ring at the counter of seven. Scott then counters One Final Beat and sends Johnny back out of the ring before hitting a Fosbury flop as we go to commercial.

We return to Johnny in control, dropping Isaiah with a buzzsaw kick before Isaiah rocks him with a strikes and hits a diving elbow drop to the spine of Johnny who rolls out of the ring. Isaiah hits a PK from the apron and rolls Johnny back inside before Isaiah punches Johnny in the midsection and hits a jumping flat liner for two. Johnny sends Isaiah out onto the apron before Johnny hits a slingshot spear for a two before hitting mounted punches in the corner and countering The House Call before they exchange strikes. Isaiah hits the House Call on the second attempt and counters a full nelson before Johnny locks in an STF that Isaiah counters into a pinning predicament. Isaiah counters the set up for the Gargano Escape before Isaiah hits the JML Driver for a near fall and Johnny rolls out of the ring before Isaiah misses a diving stomp and hits a poison hurricanrana onto the floor.

Isaiah then gets back into the ring before Johnny hits The One Final Beat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano defeats Isaiah Scott via pinfall.

- We get a video package for Tegan Nox that NXT Women's champion Io Shirai talks over, Io saying that Tegan needs friends to lift her up and that she only needs herself, Tegan talking about their similar journeys getting to NXT and to the title. Io then tells Tegan that if she thinks it's her destiny to take the title from her, she will be waiting for her next week.

- We see Keith Lee getting ready for his match against Adam Cole later tonight in our main event before we get a tale of the tape for the two competitors.

Legado Del Fantasma vs Breezango & Drake Maverick

Fandango and Joaquin start things off by running the ropes and exchanging wrist locks before Fandango hangs Joaquin over the top rope before tagging Tyler in. Joaquin backs Tyler into the corner and Raul comes in and chops Tyler before Tyler comes back with a thrust kick into a swinging neckbreaker for two. Drake comes in and drops Raul with an enzuigiri before he gets distracted by Santos momentarily and Tyler comes back in. Raul comes back with an enzuigiri and tags in the Cruiserweight champion before LDF triple team Tyler for two and Joaquin stomps Tyler before putting him in a straight armbar. Tyler hits a jawbreaker and tags in Fandango who takes out Wilde and Mendoza before Santos scrambles out of the ring to avoid Drake and Fandango tosses Drake over the top rope and onto LDF at ringside.

Fandango gets sent into the steps before Joaquin rolls him back into the ring for two and keeps him away from Breeze and Maverick until Santos comes in. Santos rocks Fandango with an elbow before hitting a kitchen sink and an abdominal stretch before driving Fandango back into the corner where Raul comes in. Raul starts focusing on the leg of Fandango and drags him away from his corner before Fandango sends Joaquin into the plexiglass at ringside. Santos and Drake get the tag and Drake hits Santos with a flurry of strikes and a bulldog before all six men brawl in the ring and at ringside before Santos catches Drake on the top turnbuckle. Santos then hits Drake with the Phantom Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Legado Del Fantasma defeat Drake Maverick and Breezango via pinfall.

- Candice and Johnny are interviewed backstage about their victories tonight before Johnny says that he will deal with Finn Balor who is the reason he's not in the main event when the time comes. Candice then says that they have a few wrongs they will have to right before Johnny agrees and they leave to go set off fireworks as we go to commercial.

Mercedes Martinez vs Santana Garrett

Mercedes immediately beats Santana down and Santana wrings her arm before locking in an octopus stretch that Mercedes easily gets out of. Santana hits a hand spring back elbow that just angers Mercedes who hits a running boot and punches Santana in mount before Santana counters a butterfly suplex. Santana then hits Mercedes with forearms and a superkick before Mercedes clotheslines her and hits a fisherman's buster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez defeats Santana Garrett via pinfall.

- We get a video package for Damian Priest and Cameron Grimes where Damian Priest says that he will make Cameron pay when they clash next week.

- We get Mick Foley talking about our main event between Keith Lee and Adam Cole, saying that it could go one of two ways before we get a graphic for the match which is up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a graphic for the Women's Championship match and Priest and Grimes as we go back to the ring for our main event.

Winner Takes All North American/NXT World Championship Match

Keith Lee (c) vs Adam Cole (c)

Adam locks in a standing side headlock that Keith struggles to get free of until he breaks Adam's grip and crushes his hand while man handling Adam around the ring with a knuckle lock. Keith runs Adam over and sends him out of the ring before Adam sends Keith through the plexiglass on the ramp before Adam breaks the count and smashes Keith's face into the stairs. Adam hits Keith with a bicycle kick and rocks Keith with an uppercut before Keith shoves Adam away and rolls back inside before Adam gets back inside and mocks the North American champion. Adam rocks Keith with forearms and drops him with another bicycle kick before Adam hits a neckbreaker for two and drives his knee into the spine of Keith. Adam locks in a head scissors before Keith breaks free and Adam rocks him with more strikes before hitting a second hangman's neckbreaker for two.

Keith counters The Last Shot and hits Adam with a powerslam for two before hitting Adam with open hand palm strikes across the chest and climbs to the top before Adam kicks his leg out and hits a back stabber for a two count that Keith breaks up by nearly sending Adam out of the ring. Keith knocks Adam down onto the apron and hits a Struggleplex for two before Adam rocks him with an enzuigiri and hits a thrust kick before Keith hits a sit-out powerbomb for a deep two count, Adam getting his finger on the bottom rope. Cole rolls out of the ring and gets nearly launched out of it once he gets back in when Keith sends him flying backwards with a running shoulder tackle for two. Keith hits a moonsault for two and Adam counters the Big Bang Catastrophe before superkicking him repeatedly and angering Keith before hitting the Last Shot for a two count that shocks Adam. Adam goes for another Last Shot and gets turned inside out before kicking Keith in the midsection and hitting Keith with the Panama Sunrise for a near fall.

Adam superkicks Keith repeatedly for a near fall and takes his knee pad down before hitting another Last Shot and Keith counters a second Panama Sunrise into a Spirit Bomb. Keith then hits the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pin and the win.

Winner: Keith Lee retains his North American Championship and becomes the new NXT World champion by defeating Adam Cole via pinfall.

- We see Karrion Kross and Scarlett looking on from the top of the arena and smiling before Scarlett leaves and Karrion's face becomes a scowl before he leaves as we go off the air.

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