WWE NXT Results for 9/23/20 Candice LeRae & Kyle O'Reilly Earn Title Opportunities at Takeover

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to tonight's edition of NXT! 

- We open tonight's show with all of the female Superstars competing in the NXT Women's Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal except for Candice LeRae. Candice then makes her entrance before we see that Candice attacked Tegan Nox before the match.

Beastman Signs With MLW

NXT Women's Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal Match

Rhea gets the first elimination before Raquel eliminates Raven and Rhea gets two more eliminations. Raquel gets her third and fourth eliminations not to be outdone by Rhea before Rhea gets her fourth elimination. Raquel and Rhea have done all of the eliminating in the match to this point as we go to commercial.

We come back to Kacy having been knocked out of the ring and over onto the barricade before Kayden tries to help Kacy who gets eliminated by Raquel. Kacy gets back into the ring before Rhea and Raquel exchange strikes before Rhea hits a head scissors over the top rope and both are eliminated. Shotzi nearly eliminates Candice on one side while Kacy eliminates Indi Hartwell and Kai and LeRae double up on Kacy. Kacy gets eliminated by Kai before Kai and LeRae team up against Shotzi before Shotzi eliminates Kai out of nowhere. It then comes down to Candice and Shotzi as the final two before Shotzi and Candice end up on the stairs before Candice last eliminates Shotzi.

Winner: Candice LeRae wins the battle royal to earn an opportunity to face Io Shirai for her NXT Women's Championship.

- NXT North American champion Damian Priest is interviewed backstage about his defending his title against Johnny Gargano at Takeover. Priest then talks about his match against Austin Theory later tonight.

- We then get a graphic for Tommaso Ciampa versus Jake Atlas up next as we go to commercial.

- We get a video from earlier today where a confused William Regal made a series of tag matches with swapped partners where the winners will challenge for the tag belts. This was all pitched by Fandango

Tommaso Ciampa vs Jake Atlas

Jake starts off aggressive, all over Ciampa before countering the Willows Bell and beating Ciampa down at ringside. Jake tries to slingshot Ciampa into the bottom of the apron before Ciampa comes back with a lariat. Jake rocks Ciampa with forearms before beating on him in mount and dropping him with a boot in the corner. Jake hits a diving blockbuster for a near fall before Ciampa hits the Willows Bell for a near fall that Ciampa breaks up himself. Ciampa then pins Jake with a modified version of the Fairytale Ending for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall.

- We get a video package for Ridge Holland as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package promo by the five men involved in the NXT Championship Number One Contender Gauntlet match in tonight's main event.

Roderick Strong & Danny Burch vs Fabian Aichner & Raul Mendoza

Fabian and Roddy start things off before Raul and Danny come in almost immediately and Danny grounds Raul with a rear chin lock. They then run the ropes before Danny picks the ankle and Fabian distracts Danny before Raul drops him as we go to commercial. 

We come back to Fabian and Danny in the ring, Fabian hitting a back suplex and stepping across the back of Burch before sending him into the corner. Raul comes in and stomps Danny down before grounding him with a side headlock.  Danny gets to his feet and hits a sunset flip, but Fabian gets the blind tag and takes out Roddy on the apron. Danny gets the hot tag to Roddy who drops Fabian and tosses him into Raul before hitting an Olympic slam. Roddy gets two off of the Olympic slam before Fabian hits a spine buster for two and Raul takes out Danny on the apron.

Danny then pins Raul with a draping cutter for the pin and the win.

Winner: Danny Burch and Roderick Strong defeat Raul Mendoza and Fabian Aichner via pinfall.

- Backstage Austin Theory is interviewed ahead of his match against Damian Priest before Johnny Gargano walks up and gives Austin a pep talk before leaving as we go to commercial.

Damian Priest vs Austin Theory

Austin gets out of the ring and mocks Damian as soon as the match starts before they exchange wrist locks and Priest hits an arm drag. Damian and Austin exchange standing switches before Austin rocks the champion with a back elbow and Damian drops Austin with one of his own. Damian hits a deep arm drag into a straight armbar before Austin gets to his feet and sends Priest face first into the middle turnbuckle. Austin hits a back suplex for two before hitting a standing moonsault for another two count and hitting Priest across the back with clubbing blows. Priest then counters the ATL into a flat liner before Austin dumps Priest over the top rope and down onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Austin catches Priest in the ropes before hitting a somersault dropkick for two before locking in a straight armbar with a chin bar. Priest comes back with kicks and turns Austin inside out with a lariat before hitting a jumping back elbow in the corner. Priest hits a falcon arrow for two before rocking Austin with a back elbow and Austin hits an Argentine backbreaker into a blue thunderbomb for a near fall. They end up outside where Austin counters a chokeslam onto the apron and Priest rocks him with a cyclone kick. Priest then hits a Razor's Edge onto the edge of the apron before hitting the Reckoning for the pin and the win.

Winner: Damian Priest defeats Austin Theory via pinfall.

- We get a video for a mysterious new Superstar who will debut next week before we get a graphic for Ridge Holland in action up next as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a video package promo by Isaiah Scott who requests to face Santos Escobar one on one for the Cruiserweight title.

Ridge Holland vs Antonio De Luca

Ridge nearly launches Luca out of the ring with a shoulder block before hitting a high angle overhead belly to belly suplex. Ridge then repeatedly headbutts Luca in the corner before finishing Luca with Northern Grit for the win.

Winner: Ridge Holland defeats Antonio De Luca via pinfall.

- We go backstage to a bilingual interview with NXT Women's champion Io Shirai before she's interrupted by Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano. Gargano then gets in Io's face before Damian Priest comes out of nowhere and lays Johnny out before they're separated.

- We see KUSHIDA and Kyle O'Reilly getting ready for the Gauntlet match up next as we go to commercial.

- We get the announcement of Shotzi Blackheart versus Dakota Kai for next week.

NXT Championship Number One Contender Gauntlet Eliminator Match

KUSHIDA and Kyle start things off by grappling on the mat before they make their way back up to their feet. KUSHIDA takes Kyle back down before Kyle locks in a double wrist lock and transitions to a heel hook. KUSHIDA rolls to the ropes for the break before KUSHIDA hits a hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick. KUSHIDA starts focusing on the arm of Kyle as the time ticks down to the next entrant in the gauntlet. Bronson Reed is next to enter the match, dropping both KUSHIDA and Kyle repeatedly before hitting a double running splash in the corner.

Reed sets KUSHIDA and Kyle on his shoulders before Kyle locks in an armbar on KUSHIDA. Reed stomps Kyle before Kyle locks in a heel hook on Reed and KUSHIDA hits a standing moonsault to break up the hold. Reed hits Kyle with a running senton before slamming him to the mat and climbing to the top. Velveteen Dream then shows up out of nowhere and hits KUSHIDA with a Dream Valley Driver before Reed hits a diving splash for the pin and elimination. Timothy Thatcher then comes out to the ring before he's knocked off of the apron by Reed when he tries to enter the match as we go to commercial.

We come back to the three trying to hit a triple German suplex that Tim avoids so Reed just suplexes Kyle before Cameron Grimes enters the match. Grimes takes everyone out before Reed runs him over and everyone drops each other. Reed slingshots Grimes out onto Kyle and Tim at ringside before Kyle and Reed exchange in the ring. Reed counters a takedown by Kyle and powerbombs him for two before Grimes drops Reed with a boot. Reed then hits a suicide dive and takes everyone out on the floor as we go to commercial.

Tim, Reed and Grimes exchange strikes in the ring before Kyle comes back in and gets hit with a powerslam by Reed. Reed tosses Tim into Cameron for to on Tim before climbing to the top and missing a diving splash. Kyle takes out Reed with a knee for the pin and the win elimination before Tim and Kyle exchange submission attempts. We're informed during the match that Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano will team up to face Io Shirai and Damian Priest next week before a double submission is applied by Tim and Kyle. Cameron is dumped out of the ring before Kyle and Tim exchange strikes in the center of the ring.

Kyle gets a near fall off of a crucifix before rolling Tim up for the pin and the elimination. Cameron then immediately hits Kyle with the Cave In for a near fall before Grimes hits a Spanish fly for a near fall. Kyle then hits a dragon screw before Grimes hits an enzuigiri and Kyle ducks the Cave In before Kyle submits Grimes with a heel hook to win the gauntlet.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly defeats Cameron Grimes, Bronson Reed, KUSHIDA and Timothy Thatcher to earn a shot at Finn Bälor's NXT title at Takeover.

- Finn Bälor then comes out onto the stage and points at Kyle in the ring as we go off the air.

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