WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV Results 08/18/18

NXT Championship Last Man Standing Match

Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs Johnny Gargano

Johnny attacks Ciampa during the introductions before beating on him until Ciampa sends Johnny out of the ring, then they end up outside and Ciampa pushes Johnny into the ring steps. Johnny sends Ciampa into the barricade before pulling up the padding at ringside and exposing the concrete. Ciampa rakes the eyes of Johnny before Johnny backs him into the ring post and sends him over the announce table. Ciampa hits an air raid through an announce table before they get back in the ring and Ciampa rocks Johnny with a kick before hitting a running knee in the corner. Johnny throws a chair at the knee of Ciampa before attacking him with the chair until he wedges it in the ropes and Ciampa counters a lawn dart into a sleeper.

Johnny gets back up at the count of six before Ciampa applies the sleep once more, then Johnny gets to his feet before Johnny hits a lawn dart and sends Ciampa face first into the chair in the corner. Ciampa gets up at the count of six before falling back down, then Johnny sets several tables up at ringside before Ciampa hits a series of German suplexes. Ciampa drops Johnny with a running knee strike before hitting him with the chair repeatedly; Johnny getting up at the count of five before Ciampa hits three Project Ciampas. Ciampa sits on the chair before Johnny gets up at the count of nine and superkicks Ciampa out of the chair. The former best friends exchange strikes until Ciampa catches Johnny with a knee when he goes for a spear through the ropes.

They exchange German suplexes clotheslines and strikes until they knock each other down, both of them getting to their feet at the count of nine. Johnny hits a superkick on the apron before missing a cannonball, then Ciampa sends Johnny into the barricade before hitting an angels wings onto the ring steps. Johnny gets up at the count of nine before Ciampa cuts away the tarp of the apron and exposes the wood of the ring underneath the mat and the padding. Johnny sprays Ciampa with a fire extinguisher before Johnny attacks him with a crutch and Johnny DDTs Ciampa onto the wood of the ring. Ciampa rolls out of the ring to get to his feet at the count of nine before Johnny spears him through the ropes and sends him into the announce table.

Johnny takes out a member of the production crew before Ciampa sends him face first into a monitor and spears Johnny through the time keepers area. Ciampa piles stuff on top of Johnny before Johnny gets up at the count of nine and they get back in the ring before Johnny handcuffs Ciampa. They tease DVDs on the apron before Johnny superkicks Ciampa off of the apron and through two tables set up at ringside. Ciampa uses the destroyed crutch to get to his feet at the count of nine before Ciampa leads Johnny up the ramp and Johnny beats on him. Johnny sends Ciampa into the LED board on the stage before Johnny locks in the Gargano Escape and handcuffs Ciampa to a grate on the stage and smashes his head into it repeatedly before superkicking him. Johnny superkicks Ciampa repeatedly before hitting a running knee attack that sends Johnny off of the stage.

Ciampa then manages to fall off of the stage landing on his feet, Gargano being unable to stand and answer the ten count, Ciampa retaining his NXT Championship in the process.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa defeats Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT Championship when he answers the ten count and Johnny doesn't.

-Johnny is then helped to the stage before Ciampa comes back out and holds up the belt as we go off the air.