WWE NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Results

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WWE NXT TakeOver: New Orleans! Tomorrow night is WrestleMania, but the stars of NXT look to continue their streak of arguably the best matches of the weekend when Andrade Almas defends his NXT Championship against Aleister Black, history will be made as we crown the first ever WWE North American champion when six men go head to head in a ladder match, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa look to end their heated rivalry in an unsanctioned match and if that weren't enough Undisputed Era defends their NXT Tag Team Championship and Shayna Baszler looks to become the new NXT Women's champion and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST for all of the action exclusively on the WWE Network!

WWE NXT North American Championship Ladder Match

Everyone brawls to start the match before ganging up on EC3, then Ricochet hits a springboard shooting star press that takes everyone out at ringside. Ricochet hits a huricanrrana before Adam hits an ushigaroshi to Dream before EC3 hits flat liner to Adam and sends Lars off of the apron. Lars comes in and kills everyone before Dain comes in and sends him out of the ring before hitting a tope to the outside. Adam and Ricochet exchange forearms until everyone gets in the ring and get killed by a ladder thrown by Lars. Lars attacks everyone with the ladder before dropping Dream across one of the ladders, then everyone besides Adam powerbombs Lars and Adam goes to get the belt bes brought down by Dain who nearly knocks him out.

Dain sends Ricochet into a ladder in the corner before EC3 and Adam attack Lars and form a momentary alliance before Adam starts a superkick party. Dream hits the Purple Rainmaker elbow drop to Ricochet before hitting one to Lars as well. EC3 takes everyone out before climbing the ladder before he starts fighting with Adam on the ladder. EC3 hits a TK3 off of the top and goes to climb the ladder once more before Dain yanks him off and drops him with a bicycle kick. Dain hits a Vader bomb to EC3 who has a ladder on top of him with Adam on his back before Lars and Dain take turns tossing Ricochet around and out of the ring.

Dain and Lars exchange forearms until Lars slams Dain and sends him out of the ring, then Ricochet hits a moonsault to the outside before finishing with a shooting star press onto EC3 onto a ladder. Dream and Ricochet fight on top of a ladder wedged between the turnbuckle and another ladder before Dream hits a DVD onto the ladder. Lars hits a uranage with EC3 onto Dream through a ladder at ringside before Dain puts Adam and Ricochet through another ladder. Dain and Lars fight on the ladder in the center of the ring before EC3 and Adam set one up beside them just as Dream sets up a third. Everyone brawls on the ladders until it's just Lars and Dain, then Lars hits a uranage off of the ladder before Ricochet takes Lars out and Adam takes Ricochet out before climbing the ladder and grabbing the belt to become the first ever WWE North American champion.

Winner: Adam Cole defeats Lars Sullivan, Velveteen Dream, EC3, Killian Dain & Ricochet to become the new WWE NXT North American champion.

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