NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match

The Revival and #DIY go right after AOP, beating on them in and out of the ring before #DIY bring a table out from under the ring. #DIY send Akam into the steps, then double team Wilder in the ring before Gargano dropkicks the back of his neck for a quick two count. AOP come back in and double team Ciampa who tries to tag in The Revival, but they won't accept the tag. AOP tag in and out as The Revival looks on, then Dawson comes in and hits a DDT to Rezar and puts Gargano on top of him for a quick two count while the referee is busy with Gargano. Dawson goes to tag in #DIY, but they hop off of the apron before Dawson takes down Akam with a dragon screw, then Gargano tags himself in before he hits Dawson with a spear through the ropes for a near fall.

#DIY take out AOP on the outside, then Gargano hits a leaping DDT for a near fall on Dawson before he tries to dive out onto everyone, but AOP catch him, then tosses him into Ciampa when he tries to dive through the ropes, then tosses him into Dash. Rezar comes in and chokes Gargano before AOP double team Johnny for a near fall. Gargano tags in Ciampa finally who takes out Akam in the ring, then Rezar on the apron before hitting Akam with a snap German suplex, then a series of chops and knees before he hits a second German suplex. Ciampa hits a running knee for a near fall, then #DIY powerbomb Rezar through a table with the help of The Revival. The Revival and #DIY go right after Akam, but he fights them all off, The Revival tagging themselves in and Dawson hits a reverse figure four before Gargano locks in a cross face as well.

Rezar comes back in after being put through a table and breaks up the submission attempts before Rezar is dropped with a series of strikes and Dawson and Gargano hit a Meet in the Middle and Dash and Ciampa hit Akam with a Shatter Machine. #DIY and The Revival then brawl in the ring before it's just Dash and Gargano before they dive through the ropes and take out AOP. Dawson then superplexes Gargano off of the top rope and onto everyone at ringside before AOP come in and double team Ciampa before hitting him with The Last Chapter, eliminating #DIY from the match. AOP then double team Dash before The Revival hit Akam with an electric chair clothesline, then Dawson hits Rezar with a German suplex for a near fall. Rezar chokeslams Dawson, then they go to hit him with The Last Chapter, but Wilder gets in the way before Rezar hits him with a boot. AOP then hit double powerbombs before Rezar and Wilder go out of the ring before Akam goes to powerbomb Dawson, but he collapses to the mat. AOP then hit the Super Collider for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Authors of Pain via pinfall

Asuka vs Ember Moon NXT Women's Championship Match

They lock up for a clean break, then take each other down before trying to knock each other down, running the ropes and running into each other before Asuka takes Ember down with a hip attack. Ember dropkicks Asuka, then hits her with a series of kicks that sends her out of the ring before Asuka comes back in and hits a running hip attack that sends Ember off of the apron and into the railing. Asuka hits her with a series of spinning back fists, then hits more hip attacks before she tries to German Ember, but she fights out of it and sends Asuka out of the ring with a forearm. Ember hits a springboard cross body out of the ring, then sends Asuka back into it before Asuka hits a shining wizard for a quick two count. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock, but Ember counters before Asuka drags her down and locks in a sleeper.

Ember fights out of it, then they both miss kicks before Ember hits a huricanrrana and a basement dropkick before she hits a fall away slam. Ember hits a front flip forearm, then Asuka catches her on the ropes and hits a German suplex for a quick two count. They exchange forearms until Moon hits a suplex for a near fall and Asuka sends the referee into Moon before Asuka hits a roundhouse kick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall

Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura NXT World Championship Match

They exchange kicks with Shinsuke winning the exchange, then Shinsuke gets out of a headlock before Roode plays to the crowd. Shinsuke kicks him backwards repeatedly and tells Roode to bring it before he hits a diving knee and several kicks and knees, backing Roode into the corner. Shinsuke goes for Good Vibrations, but Roode counters it before Shinsuke hits a enzuigiri and hits Good Vibrations before Roode rolls out of the ring. Shinsuke hits Roode with knees on the outside, then rolls him back into the ring before Roode sends him off of the apron and to the floor. Shinsuke gets back in and Roode stomps him in the corner before playing to the crowd, then hits a neckbreaker for a quick two count.

Roode keeps Shinsuke grounded before Shinsuke comes back with his signature double knees in the corner, then kicks Roode out of the ring with a baseball slide. Shinsuke drapes Roode on the apron and hits a running knee and a diving one before rolling him back into the ring for a near fall. Shinsuke hits a leg lariat, then goes for the Kinshasa, but Roode chop blocks him, then locks in a figure four. Shinsuke then counters with an armbar, then a triangle before transitioning into another armbar, but Roode gets to the ropes for the break. Shinsuke misses a running knee in the corner as Roode rolls to the outside, then Shinsuke hits him with a series of kicks in the shoulder before Roode hits a backstabber for a near fall.

They exchange forearms, then Roode goes for a DDT, but Shinsuke counters with a suplex and a sliding knee for a near fall before he goes for a Kinshasa, Roode rolling out of the ring immediately. Shinsuke goes after him and rolls him back into the ring before Roode hits his DDT for a near fall. Roode goes to the outside and walks around the ring, then grabs the ring bell, but the referee stops him, then Shinsuke hits an exploder and goes for a Kinshasa, but Roode counters with a spinebuster for a near fall. Roode picks Shinsuke up for another DDT, then Shinsuke backs him into the corner, hitting him with a series of shoulder blocks, then Roode chops his knee out before he hits another DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall

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