WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Results: New Champions!

This is the Fightful.com live viewing party for WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio! Tonight is set to be a great night of action as in our main event we have the reigning NXT World Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura defending his title against the veteran challenger, Bobby Roode! In our co-main event NXT Women's Champion Asuka faces her toughest challenge yet as she has to somehow try and survive a fatal four-way match when she takes on Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross! We also have the NXT World Tag Team Championship on the line as The Authors of Pain look to snatch the gold away from the champions, #DIY and much more so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST what is shaping up to be a great show!

-We open with a video for all of the matches tonight and how we got here. 

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Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young

Eric tries to get Tye to take the jacket again, but Tye throws it at EY and attacks him before EY goes to the outside to regroup. EY tosses Tye out of the ring, Wolfe and Dain going after him, but Tye gets right back in when he ses them coming then Tye whips EY over the top turnbuckle and out of the ring. Tye gets EY back into the ring and hits him several times before EY rakes his eyes then sends him out of the ring. Dain runs and hits a cross body before EY puts Tye back into the ring and hits an elbow drop to the back of the neck of Tye. EY hangs Tye in the corner for a quick 2 count then follows up with a neckbreaker for another quick 2 count. Tye chops EY on the top rope then goes for a superplex, but EY counters and Tye dropkicks him in mid-air. They then exchange strikes in the center of the ring until EY drops Tye with a right hand. Tye grabs EY's beard and headbutts him before dropping him repeatedly. Tye hits a belly to belly suplex off the top rope when he catches EY on the top rope for a near fall then stomps on EY in the corner. Wolfe distracts Tye and Tye pulls him in the ring, hitting him with a Tye Breaker then Dain comes in and gets superkicked. Tye then hits EY with the Tye Breaker for a near fall, but Wolfe gets his foot on the ropes. Tye dives over the top rope and takes Dain and Wolfe out then EY hits Tye with Youngblood when he tries to get back into the ring, grabbing him through the ropes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eric Young via pinfall

Andrade Almas vs Roderick Strong

They roll around after Strong takes Almas down then Strong dropkicks Almas before hitting a backbreaker. Almas catches Strong in the ropes then they exchange strikes in the corner, but Almas gets the upper hand and slaps Strong in the face. Almas catches Strong in the ropes and applies an armbar in the ropes while standing on his head, a trademark of Minoru Suzuki who Almas knows from his time in Japan. Almas puts on a Fujiwara armbar, but Strong gets out then hits an Olympic slam, both men falling to the mat, exhausted. They go back and forth and Strong hits a backbreaker off the top rope before Almas hits a snap straight jacket suplex for a quick 2 count. Almas puts on a submission, but Strong gets his foot to the ropes then Almas hits him with a series of elbow strikes. Strong catches Almas on the top rope then hits a backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Almas then hits double knees to Strong in the corner and goes for a DDT, but Strong counters with a slam then a shining wizard for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall

-We then get a video package for #DIY and the Authors of Pain.

#DIY vs Authors of Pain NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Razar tries to take out both members of #DIY immediately, but Ciampa gets him under control. Gargano comes in and goes for his spear through the ropes, but Rezar just knocks him away in mid-air. All four men get in the ring then #DIY clear the ring before Gargano dives through the ropes on opposite sides. Razar sends Gargano face first into the barriacde then Akam gets tagged in. Akam powerslams Gargano back into the ring then Rezar comes back in, the two tagging in and out frequently and stomping on Gargano. Gargano tries to tag in Ciampa, but cannot and Rezar gets tagged in, AOP hitting a stomping backbreaker off the top rope for a quick 2 count. Gargano finally tags in Ciampa who takes out both members of AOP, hitting both of them with a German suplex. Ciampa then hits a running knee for a near fall on Akam. Ciampa tries to keep him down, but he gets right back up and turns Ciampa inside out with a lariat for a near fall. #DIY hit a double spear through the ropes to Rezar for a near fall then Akam takes out Gargano on the apron before AOP hit Ciampa with a sit out powerbomb neckbreaker for a very close near fall. Ciampa puts an armbar on Akam and Gargano puts a submission on Rezar, but Rezar picks Gargano up and drops him on Ciampa to break up the armbar. #DIY then go for Meet in the Middle, but AOP hit a double powerbomb then The Last Chapter for the pin and the win.

Winner: Authors of Pain via pinfall

-Seth Rollins comes out of no where and demands that Triple H come out to the ring and he comes out, but only to the ramp then leaves and has security escort Seth to the back. 

-We then get a video package for the women's fatal four-way.

NXT Women's Championship Fatal Four-Way Match

Billie and Peyton leave the ring immediately allowing Asuka and Nikki to swear off then take advantage and double team both Cross and Asuka. Asuka then hits a double bulldog to them before Nikki and Asuka grab each others hair and scream at each other, only for Kay and Royce to get back in and try to attack them. Asuka hits a double German suplex on both Kay and Royce to send them out of the ring then exchanges strikes with Nikki. Asuka hits a snap, bridging German suplex to Nikki for a near fall then Nikki hits a straight jacket neckbreaker. Asuka sends Nikki out of the ring then Nikki pulls Asuka's feet out from under her before hitting a spinning neckbreaker onto the floor. Nikki then dives off the top rope and takes out both Kay and Royce. Peyton and Billie beat on Nikki on the ramp and by the stage as Asuka lies down at ringside. Peyton and Billie put Nikki through a table then get back into the ring and get a near fall on Asuka. Asuka drops Billie then Peyton kicks Asuka before hitting a Widow's Peak for a close near fall that Asuka bridges out of. Asuka then takes out both of them with a flurry of offense for the pin and the win.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode NXT World Championship Match

Shinsuke kicks Roode a few times then they exchange locks and holds before getting a clean break. They mock each other then after a few minutes of stalling, Roode focuses on the arm of Shinsuke. Shinsuke then hits Roode with a series of knees then Roode counters Good Vibrations, but Shinsuke hits a wheel kick that sends Roode to the outside. They get back into the ring and Roode catches Shinsuke on the top rope and flips him off of it and onto the floor backwards. Roode tosses Shinsuke into the stairs then splashes him in the corner once they're back in the ring, following up with a double axe handle off the second rope for a quick 2 count. Roode then hits Shinsuke with a knee before dropping him then stomping him in the corner. before hitting Glorious Vibrations. Shinsuke then hits a series of knees once he has Roode hung out over the apron. Shinsuke hits Roode with a series of strikes then knees in the corner before hitting Good Vibrations. Shinsuke misses running double knee in the corner then Shinsuke catches him and does it again before hitting an inverted exploder suplex. Shinsuke wants to hit the Kinshasa, but Roode is dead or so we think, just playing opossum then rolls Shinsuke up for a near fall. Roode then hits Shinsuke with a backstabber for a quick 2 count. Roode hits Shinsuke with a spinebuster for a close near fall then sets Shinsuke on the top rope, going for a superplex, but Shinsuke counters it. Shinsuke then hits a kick off the second rope before going for the Kinshasa, but Roode hits a double foot stomp then rolls Shinsuke up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee catches it and stops. Shinsuke hits Roode with a series of kicks and stomps after Roode chops him in the corner then hits a flying armbar then transitions into a triangle choke, but Roode powers out of it then they roll through with Shinsuke hitting a sliding knee for a very close near fall. Shinsuke hits a knee to Roode off the top rope when Roode escapes to the apron then they get back into the ring where Shinsuke hits the Kinshasa, but falls to the mat holding his knee. Roode is finally up then the medical staff come out to check on Shinsuke. Once they get back into the ring Roode hits the Glorious DDT for a very close near fall that shocks everyone in the crowd. Roode puts Shinsuke in a half Boston Crab, but he powers out then Roode hits another Glorious DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall


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