WWE NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Results: New Champions!

-Seth Rollins comes out of no where and demands that Triple H come out to the ring and he comes out, but only to the ramp then leaves and has security escort Seth to the back.

-We then get a video package for the women's fatal four-way.

NXT Women's Championship Fatal Four-Way Match

Billie and Peyton leave the ring immediately allowing Asuka and Nikki to swear off then take advantage and double team both Cross and Asuka. Asuka then hits a double bulldog to them before Nikki and Asuka grab each others hair and scream at each other, only for Kay and Royce to get back in and try to attack them. Asuka hits a double German suplex on both Kay and Royce to send them out of the ring then exchanges strikes with Nikki. Asuka hits a snap, bridging German suplex to Nikki for a near fall then Nikki hits a straight jacket neckbreaker. Asuka sends Nikki out of the ring then Nikki pulls Asuka's feet out from under her before hitting a spinning neckbreaker onto the floor. Nikki then dives off the top rope and takes out both Kay and Royce. Peyton and Billie beat on Nikki on the ramp and by the stage as Asuka lies down at ringside. Peyton and Billie put Nikki through a table then get back into the ring and get a near fall on Asuka. Asuka drops Billie then Peyton kicks Asuka before hitting a Widow's Peak for a close near fall that Asuka bridges out of. Asuka then takes out both of them with a flurry of offense for the pin and the win.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall

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