WWE NXT UK Live Results for 10/17/18 WWE United Kingdom Championship Match, Toni Storm Debuts

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Mark Andrews vs Joe Coffey

Kurt Angle Talks About His Decision To Adopt The Ankle Lock, Renaming The Olympic Slam

They exchange standing switches and wring each other's arms before Joe pins Mark's shoulders down for a quick two count. Mark hits a huricanrrana and an enzuigiri into a springboard huricanrrana before Joe comes back with a series of chops and drops Mark with a running shoulder tackle. Joe swings Mark around before hitting a butterfly suplex for a quick two count and locking in a straight jacket choke. Joe sends Mark out of the ring before tossing him back in and Mark counters a rolling elbow into a flurry of wild strikes. Mark rocks Joe with an enzuigiri before hitting a jumping foot stomp and a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Joe drives Mark back into the corner before hitting a running splash in the corner and a pop-up powerslam for a near fall. Mark then hits a moonsault to the outside before Joe hits an overhead belly to belly once they're back in the ring and hits Mark with a spinning lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joe Coffey defeats Mark Andrews via pinfall with a spinning lariat.

-After the match The Coffey brothers attack Mark until Flash Morgan Webster saves him and runs them off.

-Moustache Mountain come out to the ring and talk how great it is that NXT is launching a sub-brand in the United Kingdom.

Sid Scalia vs Dave Mastiff

Dave drops Sid with a forearm before hitting a delayed suplex and tosses Sid across the ring. Dave hits Sid with a series of elbow strikes and a dropkick before hitting a release German suplex. Dave then hits a cannonball in the corner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dave Mastiff defeats Sid Scalia via pinfall with a cannonball.

Toni Storm vs Nina Samuels

They lock up before Toni takes Nina down with a side headlock and they slap each other once back to their feet. Storm goes face first into the middle turnbuckle before Nina hits a running knee attack to the back for a quick two count. Nina gets another quick two count off of a dropkick before putting Toni in a variation of a chin bar. Toni frees herself, but Nina slams her down to the mat by her hair for yet another quick two count and Nina hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Toni then hits a release German suplex into double knees in the corner and Storm Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Toni Storm defeats Nina Samuels via pinfall with Storm Zero.

WWE United Kingdom Championship Match

Pete Dunne (c) vs Noam Dar

They lock up for a clean break to get the match under way before Dar tries to shake Pete's hand and Pete shoves him away. They counter each other for several seconds until Dar gets a quick two count off of a back slide only for Pete to drop him with a lariat. Pete takes Dar down and bends his fingers and wrist before Pete jumps on the top turnbuckle and Dar chop blocks him down to the mat in a heap. Dar drags Pete out of the ring before slamming him onto the floor and tossing him back into the ring at the count of seven. Dar focuses on the right bicep of Pete before Pete comes back with an x-plex and beats on Dar in the corner until the official pulls him off.

Pete hits an enzuigiri into a PK and a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall before Dar kicks him off of the top turnbuckle a second time. Dar rocks Pete with a European uppercut before hitting a running back elbow in the corner and a float over suplex for a near fall. They go out onto the apron and slap each other before Pete bends the fingers of Dar who hits him with an enzuigiri and hits a release fisherman's suplex onto the apron. They get back into the ring at the count of nine before Pete snaps the fingers of Dar and Dar superkicks him before Pete locks in a flying triangle choke. Dar pins the shoulders of Pete down for a near fall for the break before they exchange strikes until they collapse to the mat.

Pete catches Dar coming in with a right hand before Dar counters The Bitter End into the Champagne Kneebar, but Dunne manages to get to the ropes right before tapping. Pete then stomps on the hand of Dar before hitting the Bitter End for the pin and the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne retains his United Kingdom Championship by defeating Noam Dar via pinfall with The Bitter End. 

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