WWE NXT UK Results for 11/28/18 United Kingdom Championship Match, Women's Championship Finals

Good afternoon Fight Fans, it's time for two action packed hours of NXT UK with gold as the focus with both the United Kingdom Championship on the line and the finals of the NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament!

Episode 1

Xia Brookside & Millie McKenzie vs Killer Kelly & Charlie Morgan

Xia and Charlie lock up to start the match with Xia putting Charlie in a side headlock before taking her down and the two exchanging arm wringers. Xia hits a huricanrrana before Millie comes in and hits a neckbreaker for a quick two count. Kelly comes in before Millie takes her down and locks in a variation of the Fujiwara armbar, Millie following up with a clothesline for a quick two count. Kelly tosses Millie to the mat and stomps on her before locking in a surfboard stretch with her hair. Millie hits a high angle German suplex and tags in Xia who rocks Kelly with a knee and hits a face buster into a huricanrrana and running knees in the corner. Charlie then sends Xia into the corner before Xia gets the pin and the win out of nowhere with a small package.

Winner: Xia Brookside and Millie McKenzie defeat Killer Kelly & Charlie Morgan via pinfall.

Ashton Smith vs Eddie Dennis

Eddie drops Ashton with a shoulder block before Ashton dropkicks him out of the ring and goes for a tope, but Eddie catches him and hits a spinning uranage onto the apron. Back in the ring Eddie whips Ashton into the corner and takes him down with a judo throw for a quick two count. Eddie locks in a cravat before Ashton comes back and sends Eddie out of the ring before hitting a flipping senton over the top rope and a diving leg drop off of the top for a near fall. Eddie then hits the Southern Bridge into the Next Stop Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis defeats Ashton Smith via pinfall with the Last Stop Driver.