WWE NXT UK Results for 11/7/18 Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch, Zack Gibson vs Trent Seven

Good afternoon Fight Fans, it's time for an hour showcasing the WWE NXT UK brand; two back to back episodes featuring the best young talent across the pond, so feel free to leave a comment below and enjoy the show!

Episode 1

Don Callis Family Beat Golden Lovers And Chris Jericho At AEW WrestleDream; Sammy Guevara Pins Jericho

Dave Mastiff vs Damien Weir

Dave runs Damien over before hitting a side slam and a delayed suplex. Dave then hits a cannonball in the corner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dave Mastiff defeats Damien Weir via pinfall with a cannonball.

-We get a video package for El Ligero and James Drake ahead of their match up next.

El Ligero vs James Drake

Ligero backs James up before James takes Ligero down with a side headlock, Ligero quick to his feet and hitting a single leg dropkick for a quick two count. They exchange standing switches before James beats Ligero down and stomps him in the corner until the referee pulls him back. Ligero sends James through the ropes and comes back with chops and forearms before hitting a code red for a near fall. James then trips Ligero and hits a running dropkick in the corner for a near fall before Ligero hits a springboard tornado DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: El Ligero defeats James Drake via pinfall with a springboard DDT.

-Ashton Smith is attacked by the Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang when he comes out for a match.

Sid Scala vs Eddie Dennis

Eddie kicks Sid down before Sid kicks his knees and Eddie drops him with a stiff forearm. Eddie then gets a couple of early near falls before hitting a jumping knee for another near fall and finishing with The Seven Bridge and a reverse DDT he calls the Next Stop Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Dennis defeats Sid Scala via pinfall with the Next Stop Driver.

United Kingdom Championship Match

Pete Dunne (c) vs Danny Burch

They grapple to start the match before Danny hits a snapmare and chops the back of the neck of Dunne. Pete starts focusing on his signature joint manipulation until Danny comes back with a half hatch suplex, but Dunne immediately drops him with a forearm. Danny hits a drop toe hold before they end up at ringside and Pete hits an x-plex onto the apron. Danny gets back in the ring and Pete takes him back down before bending and kicking his arm before stomping on it. Pete stomps the head of Burch repeatedly before Danny comes back with a series of chops and European uppercuts. Danny hits a missile dropkick before hitting a powerbomb into a bicycle knee for a near fall.

Pete sends Danny back with a forearm before hitting a shotgun dropkick and stomping on the injured arm of Burch on the apron. Danny gets his hand out of the way when Pete tries to stomp on his hand on the ring steps before hitting a release German suplex into the floor. Back in the ring Danny hits a buckle bomb to get out of a triangle armbar by Pete, Danny going for a spider suplex, but Pete counters before Danny hits an avalanche overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. They exchange strikes, submission attempts and pin falls before Danny turns Pete inside out with a clothesline. Pete mocks Danny before Danny headbutts him and hits a draping DDT for a very close near the fall before Pete snaps his fingers to get out of a cross face and hits the Bitter End for a near fall. 

Pete then locks in a straight armbar while trying to break the fingers and arm of Burch for the tap and the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne retains his United Kingdom Championship by defeating Danny Burch via submission.

Episode 2

Toni Storm vs Dakota Kai

They lock up for a clean break several times to get the match started before shaking hands and catching each other's kicks. Kai takes Toni down and hits a jumping foot stomp for a quick two count before Toni drops Kai with a boot, Toni hitting a float over suplex for another quick two count. Toni locks in a variation of an STF, Kai getting to the bottom rope for the break before they rock each other with forearms, Kai dropping Toni with a headbutt. They exchange strikes before Kai drops Toni with a variety of kicks and Toni hits a snap German suplex into a running European uppercut. Kai follows Toni into the corner and hits a helluva kick before Toni hits another German suplex into a running knee strike in the corner and Storm Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Toni Storm defeats Dakota Kai via pinfall with Storm Zero.

Amir Jordan vs Zack Gibson

Zack immediately goes for a double wrist lock, but Amir gets to the ropes before Zack applies a cravat and wrings the arm of Amir. Zack hits a flat liner and drops Amir with a lariat before hitting an arm lever into a release northern lights suplex. Amir comes back with a missile dropkick into a diving cross body for a quick two count before Zack turns him inside out with a lariat. Zack then hits Helter Skelter before locking in the Shankly Gates for the tap and the win.

Winner: Zack Gibson defeats Amir Jordan via submission with the Shankly Gates.

-After the match Zack cuts a promo before Trent Seven comes out and sets up a match between the two.

Jordan Devlin vs Kenny Williams

Jordan takes Kenny down and puts him in a side headlock before they do several flips and Jordan hits a uranage into a standing moonsault for a quick two count. Jordan rakes the eyes of Kenny and sends him off of the apron and down to the floor with a forearm to the back of the neck. Kenny hits a wrecking ball dropkick into a suicide dive before hitting a diving back elbow for a near fall. Jordan then hits a spinning fireman's carry slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin defeats Kenny Matthews via pinfall with a spinning fireman's carry slam.

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews & Ashton Smith vs Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey & Wolfgang

Flash and Wolfgang get the match started off by showing a contrast in styles, Flash using his speed and athleticism until Wolfgang drops him with a stiff forearm. Mark and Joe come in next and Mark kicks the legs of Joe before Joe hits a swing into a sit-out face buster for a quick two count. Mark Coffey gets the tag as Mark Andrews tags in Ashton and all six men get in the ring and scream at each other. Once order is restored Ashton hits a springboard double ax handle and Mark drops him before tagging his brother in, Joe beating Ashton down with punches to the face and midsection of Ashton. Joe hits swings Ashton and hits a butterfly suplex before Wolfgang comes in and Ashton tags in Mark Andrews. Mark hits an enzuigiri into a huricanrrana Wolfgang sends him out of the ring and Joe beats on him at ringside as the referee is distracted. Joe tosses Andrews back into the ring and Coffey locks in a straight jacket hold before dropping him with a running back elbow. Wolfgang gets the tag and nearly knocks Mark out with a knee to the face for a near fall, Mark fighting out of a rear chin lock before Wolfgang immediately drops him with a lariat for another near fall. Mark Coffey keeps the high flying Andrews grounded with a front choke before Mark Andrews comes back with Stundog Millionaire. Both Marks get the tag as Flash and Wolfgang come in, Flash hitting a jumping knee into a whisper in the wind for a near fall. Flash tags Ashton in and Ashton hits a bicycle knee into a running dropkick in the corner and Ashton gets distracted by the Coffey Brothers. The Coffeys and Wolfgang triple team Ashton for a near fall before Andrews gets the blind tag and hits a tornado DDT to Wolfgang. Ashton and Mark hit topes to the outside after Mark tags Flash in who hits a flipping senton to the outside, taking everyone out at ringside. Flash then gets a near fall before Wolfgang spears him and tags in Joe who turns Flash inside out with a discu lariat.

Winner: The Coffey Brothers and Wolfgang defeat Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews and Ashton Smith via pinfall when Joe pins Flash with a discus lariat.

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