WWE NXT UK Results for 1/2/19 Moustache Mountain vs Gallus, Travis Banks vs Jaime Ahmed

Dave Mastiff vs Eddie Dennis

Eddie goes right after Dave as the match starts and whips him in the corner repeatedly before stomping him until the referee makes him back off. The two exchange strikes until Dave hits a running cross body and a dropkick for a quick two count. Dave ties Eddie up in the ropes and elbows him in the side of the head before Eddie rolls out of the ring and catches Dave on the apron before Dave counters a crucifix bomb into a Finley roll onto the floor. Dave goes shoulder first into the ring steps before they get back in at the count of nine and exchange strikes on their knees and up to their feet. The two then brawl until they shove the referee away and he calls for the bell for the double disqualification.

Winner: No winner due to a double disqualification.

-They brawl after the match until NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint comes out and makes a no disqualification match between the two at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

-We come back from commercial to Johnny Saint and Sid Scalia in the ring for the contract signing for the NXT UK Championship Match between the champion Pete Dunne and the challenger Joe Coffey at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool. Joe and Pete come out and Joe talks about the match and how historic it will be before accosting the fans and trying to get into the head of Dunne before signing the contract. Pete then snaps the fingers of Joe and signs the contract before saying that Joe talks too much before Joe attacks him from behind and powerbombs him through the table before holding up the belt as we go off the air.