WWE NXT UK Results for 12/19/18 NXT UK Women's Championship Match

Moustache Mountain vs Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone

Tyson and Tyler start the match by brawling until Tyson drives Tyler into the corner and Saxon comes in before Tyler hits a diving back elbow. Tyler tags in Trent who hits Saxon with chops in the corner before Saxon hits a jumping Thesz press and tags in Tyson. Trent drops Tyson with a DDT before Tyson nearly knocks him out with a forearm and Saxon comes back in. Saxon and Tyson cut the ring in half and make frequent tags with occasional double team moves until Trent hits a snap dragon suplex and an enzuigiri before Tyler gets the tag. Saxon accidentally boots Tyson off of the apron before Tyler catches him in midair and hits an exploder suplex into a standing shooting star for a near fall, Tyson accidentally elbow dropping Saxon.

Trent then gets a blind tag and Tyler hits a rebound lariat as Trent hits a snap dragon suplex for the pin and the win.

Winner: Moustache Mountain defeats Saxon Huxley and Tyson T-Bone when Trent pins Saxon with a snap dragon suplex.

-Dave Mastiff is interviewed backstage before he's attacked by Eddie Dennis.

NXT UK Women's Championship Match

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Isla Dawn

Rhea muscles Isla into the corner, but she turns it around before Isla puts Rhea in a side headlock and trips Rhea when she gets free. Isla hits a jumping stomp for a quick two count and reapplies the side headlock before Rhea gets to her feet and backs Isla into the corner for the break. Rhea dropkicks Isla and beats her down with clubbing blows before suplexing her for a two count. Rhea locks in a rear chin lock before Isla gets to her feet only for Rhea to clothesline her for a two count. Isla counters the Riptide before Rhea locks in an inverted Texas cloverleaf, Isla getting to the bottom rope right before she taps.

Rhea misses several moves and goes shoulder first into the ring post before Isla hits a Saito suplex and a roundhouse kick into a float over suplex for a very close near fall. Rhea then hits the Riptide for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley retains her NXT UK Women's Championship by defeating Isla Dawn via pinfall with the Riptide.