WWE NXT UK Results for 12/19/18 NXT UK Women's Championship Match

Episode 2

Toni Storm vs Charlie Morgan

They lock up several times before exchanging slaps and Toni drops Charlie before locking in a submission, Charlie crawling to the bottom rope for the break. Charlie hits an enzuigiri for a quick two count and follows up with chops and a running back elbow in the corner. Charlie locks in a variation of a camel clutch before Toni escapes out of the back and rocks Charlie with forearms before hitting a release German suplex. Toni then hits a running hip attack in the corner before finishing with Storm Zero for the pin and the win.

Winner: Toni Storm defeats Charlie Morgan via pinfall with Storm Zero.

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs Zack Gibson & James Drake

Zack backs mark into the ropes before Mark hits an arm drag and tags Flash in, the two hitting a double hip toss into a standing shooting star press and a standing moonsault for a quick two count. Zack drives Flash into the corner and James tags in before hitting a seated senton off of the top, but gets distracted by Zack before they hit a backbreaker/diving stomp on the outside. Back in the ring Zack keeps Flash grounded until James tags himself in and drops Flash with a stiff forearm for a two count. James locks in a headlock before backing into his corner where Zack can tag himself in and Flash counters a suplex and kicks the two away before tagging Mark in. Mark hits a huricanrrana and a double Pele kick before hitting a tornado DDT for a two count before Zack hits the Ticket to Ride for a near fall.

Flash hits a reverse huricanrrana for a near fall that Zack breaks up before Mark hits a double Stundog Millionaire and goes for Fall to Pieces, but gets distracted by Fabian Aichner who attacks Flash. Zack then locks in the Shankley Gates for the tap and the win.

Winner: Zack Gibson and James Drake defeat Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster when Zack submits Mark with the Shankley Gates.