WWE NXT UK Results for 3/6/19 Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

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Ligero vs Joseph Conners

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They start the match off by locking up before taking each other down and Ligero hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick. Joseph dumps Ligero over the top rope and down onto the floor before he rolls him back into the ring and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count. Joseph hits an xplex for a two count and clotheslines him for another two count before hitting a scoop slam and an elbow drop for yet another two count. Ligero comes back with a combination of strikes and a leg lariat before Ligero hits a springboard stunner for a near fall. Joseph then hits a DDT for a near fall before hitting a sit-out double underhook face buster and Ligero gets the pin and the win off of a back slide.

Winner: Ligero defeats Joseph Conners via pinfall.

-We get a taped promo by Gallus.

Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley vs European Union

Fabian and Sam start the match off with Fabian taking Sam down and slapping him in the head before hitting a powerslam and locking in a butterfly hold. Lewis comes in and Fabian chops him in the corner before Marcel comes in and Lewis and Sam double up on the German. Marcel comes back with a butterfly suplex and beats on Lewis before Fabian comes back in and they stomp on him in the corner before Sam comes back with chops inky for Fabian to hit a spine buster and Marcel a PK. EU then an assisted powerslam into a diving European uppercut powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: European Union defeats two local performers via pinfall with a combination diving European uppercut into a powerbomb.

 Nina Samuels vs Charlie Morgan

Nina takes Charlie down before they do flips and wring each other's arms, Nina countering a sunset flip and hitting a snapmare into a neckbreaker. Charlie rocks Nina with a kick and hits an enzuigiri before Nina catches her going for a springboard cross body. Nina then hits an ushigaroshi for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nina Samuels defeats Charlie Morgan via pinfall with an ushigaroshi.

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Jordan Devlin vs Travis Banks

They brawl at ringside and into the crowd before they get into the ring and Travis kicks Jordan repeatedly until he falls out of the ring. Jordan hits Travis with a chair when he goes for a suicide dive for a two count before Jordan rolls him back into the ring and hits him with right hands. Jordan chokes Travis with his boot in the corner and plays to the crowd before he nearly whips Travis over the top rope and out of the ring. Jordan misses a Spanish fly and lands on the chair at ringside before Travis gets a near fall and sets up a table at ringside. Travis sends Jordan into the official and Travis hits a falcon arrow for a near fall before Jordan hits a moonsault for a near fall of his own.

Travis  hits another falcon arrow for a near fall before they exchange strikes and Travis beats Jordan down with clubbing blows. Travis hits a Slice of Heaven before Jordan rolls out of the ring and Jordan gets a near fall off of a roll up before Travis does to Jordan what he did to his knee with the steps by stomping on it repeatedly. Jordan then hits a Spanish fly off of the apron and through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin defeats Travis Banks via pinfall with a Spanish fly through a table.

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