WWE NXT UK Results for 6/26/19 NXT UK Championship Match WALTER vs Travis Banks

Good afternoon Fight Fans! We hope you are enjoying your day and are ready for NXT UK with a huge championship match main event!

-We open the show with a quick promo by Travis Banks about his title against WALTER in today's main event.

Scarlett Bordeaux: "I Felt Content At WWE, But Now I Feel Joy And Excitement"

Mark Andrews vs Joseph Conners

Joseph grounds the high flyer Andrews and hits him with a lariat for a quick two count before hitting a float over snap suplex for a quick two count. Joseph chokes Mark and hits a wrecking ball dropkick before Mark comes back with an enzuigiri and a northern lights suplex. Mark sends Joseph out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before rolling him back into the ring and hitting a standing moonsault for a two count. Mark hits a 619 before Joseph hits a bucklebomb and a sit-out burning hammer for a near fall, Mark getting a near fall off of an inside cradle. Mark then hits Stundog Millionaire and Fall to Pieces for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mark Andrews defeats Joseph Conners via pinfall with Fall to Pieces.

-We have Dave Mastiff meeting outside with The Hunt, the three forging an alliance to take on Gallus before leaving as we go to commercial.

-The NXT UK Tag Team champions The Grizzled Young Veterans come out onto the stage with plastic bags on their shoes and Zack proceeds to call the NXT UK Universe goats before saying that they'll be there next week for their title defense, but they'll go to a hotel until then before leaving.

-We get an extended video package for Piper Niven and Rhea Ripley, hyping up their match next week.

Killer Kelly vs Xia Brookside

Kelly rocks Xia with forearms before Xia hits a huricanrrana into a dropkick and Kelly hits a bridging German suplex for a quick two count. Kelly locks in a variation of an abdominal stretch gets a two count off of a crucifix before dropping Xia with a boot. Xia hits a jawbreaker into a facebuster before Jinny and Jazzy come out onto the ramp and distract Xia before Kelly hits her from behind. Xia then hits a code breaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Xia Brookside defeats Killer Kelly via pinfall with a code breaker.

-NXT UK Women's champion Toni Storm is interviewed outside where she addresses Kay Lee Ray becoming her new challenger before leaving as we go to commercial.

Noam Dar vs Ligero

Dar backs Ligero into the corner before rolling out of the ring and taking his time to get back into it before Dar trips Ligero and rolls back out of the ring. Back in the ring Ligero gets a near fall before Dar puts Ligero in a side headlock for several minutes. Ligero comes back with a flurry of kicks for a two count before Kenny Williams comes down to ringside with a chair before he sits down and watches the match. Dar drops Ligero with an uppercut for a near fall and Ligero hits a burning hammer into a PK for a near fall before countering an ankle lock. Dar hits a fisherman's buster for a near fall before Ligero comes back with a boot into an enzuigiri and Dar misses a diving stomp.

Dar then tries to coax Kenny to give him his chair before Kenny takes it away and Ligero pins Dar with a roll through for the win.

Winner: Ligero defeats Noam Dar via pinfall.

-We get a recap of Travis Banks confronting Imperium ahead of the NXT UK Championship Match up next.

NXT UK Championship Match

WALTER (c) vs Travis Banks

Travis tries to chop down WALTER with leg kicks before WALTER tosses him across the ring and misses a chop in the corner. Travis stays on the knee before WALTER rocks him with an elbow and sets him up on the top turnbuckle before bending Travis across it. WALTER chokes Travis as soon as he gets back into the ring and drops him with a boot before WALTER takes Travis down with a test of strength and hits a jumping stomp. Travis kicks WALTER's legs until he collapses and chops him before dropkick to the knee and a shining wizard. Travis hits a diving stomp for a near fall before WALTER locks in a Boston crab, Travis getting to the ropes for the break before WALTER ties him up in the ropes and hits him with clubbing blows.

TRAVIS hits A Little Slice of Heaven before WALTER immediately rolls out onto the apron and Travis dropkicks him off of the apron before hitting a suicide dive. WALTER then sends Travis off of the apron and chops him before powerbombing him onto the apron, WALTER hitting another powerbomb once he tosses Travis back into the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: WALTER defeats Travis Banks via pinfall with a powerbomb to retain his NXT UK Championship.

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