-When she leaves up the ramp Candy is attacked by Kay Lee Ray who runs off when Toni goes after her as we go to commercial.

-We get a video package for Ligero before Trent Seven comes out to the ring to address the attack by Imperium last week and an update on Tyler's condition. Trent talks about how NXT UK was built on British Strong Style with the help of Moustache Mountain, Pete Dunne and others before saying that the mat Imperium says is sacred is theirs and that he is coming for WALTER and that he will be doing it for Tyler and Pete and that he doesn't care about the title.

-Mark Andrews cuts a promo outside about Kassius Ohno before it's announced that he will face Ohno next week.

The Hunt & Dave Mastiff vs Gallus

Everyone brawls to start the match before Dave and The Hunt clear the ring and Mark comes in and gets the advantage on Primate before Wolfgang comes in and whips him into the corner. Wolfgang lifts Primate to his corner by his beard and Joe tags in before locking in a straight jacket hold and tosses him into the corner, Gallus cutting the ring in half and making frequent tags until Primate gets the tag to Mike Hitchman who is now just Wild Boar. Mark chokeslams Wild and Wolfgang hits a flying cross body for a two count before Joe picks Wild up and drives him into the corner repeatedly. Joe hits a spine buster for a near fall and Wild knocks Mark and Wolfgang off of the apron before Joe runs into him. Gallus cut the ring off again and chain together offense until Joe hits a power slam for a near fall and mocks Wild before locking in a bear hug.

Wild rips at the face of Joe and gets tossed towards Gallus corner before Wild hits a jawbreaker and Mark dives for his ankle to keep him from making the tag to Dave. Wild hits an overhead suplex and tags in Dave who hits a high back body drop to Mark before hitting a running cross body and suplexing Joe and Wolfgang. Mark drops Dave with an enzuigiri before Joe comes in and Dave hits a fall away slam to Joe for a near fall that Wolfgang breaks up. Dave hits a Finlay roll with Mark onto Wolfgang before Joe hits a powerslam to Dave and an overhead suplex to Primate before he spears Wild. Dave then hits a German suplex to Mark before hitting a cannonball and Primate hits a diving headbutt to Joe before Joe hits Wild with All the Best for the Bells for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gallus defeat The Hunt and Dave Mastiff when Joe pins Wild Boar with All the Best for the Bells.