WWE NXT UK Results for 9/11/19 NXT UK Tag Team Championship Rematch

Good afternoon Fight Fans! It's time for NXT UK headlined by a huge championship rematch from NXT UK Takeover:Cardiff for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship!

-Imperium come out to the ring to start the show and Marcel says that they are necessary and that the roster and the UK symbolize weakness and that they'll learn. Wolfe says that they're there to protect the honor of the mat and professional wrestling before saying that they will pay if they rebel and that you will fall. WALTER talks about his victory against Tyler Bate at NXT UK Takeover:Cardiff and that they destroyed British Strong Style and that this is the Era of Imperium.

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Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner vs Danny Jones & Harry Green

Imperium rush their opponents before the match starts, then Marcel beats Danny down in the corner before Fabian hits several backbreakers to Danny and tosses him away so he'll tag in Harry. Imperium then hit a wheel barrow diving DDT and hit Danny with a double shotgun dropkick before they hit Harry with the European uppercut powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Imperium defeat a local tag team via pinfall with a European bomb.

-WALTER turns Danny inside out with a lariat after the match before we get a recap of Sid Scala and Kassius Ohno last week before Sid says that Johnny Saint has requested that they have a rematch before announcing that they will have a British rounds match next week.

Jordan Devlin vs Ashton Smith

Jordan is in control at first before Ashton comes back and dropkicks the Irish Ace before hitting a back drop and Jordan hits a uranage. Jordan goes for a standing moonsault, but Ashton gets his knees up before hitting a shotgun dropkick and a side slam for a two count before he catches Jordan in midair. Ashton hits a delayed suplex for a two count and teases a spinning neckbreaker before Jordan hits a slingshot cutter for a near fall and Ashton kicks him when he's upside down in midair when he goes for a moonsault off of the top. Jordan then hits several Kawada kicks and Devil Inside for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin defeats Ashton Smith via pinfall with Devil Inside.

-Nina Samuels is interviewed backstage where she says that the NXT UK Women's division is hers as we go to commercial.

Tegan Nox vs Shax

Shax slaps Tegan who drops her with a roundhouse kick and hits a fall away slam into a shining wizard for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tegan Nox defeats Shax via pinfall with a shining wizard.

-After the match the NXT UK Women's champion Kay Lee Ray comes out to ringside and makes a quick quip before she starts to leave and Tegan says she'll fight her anytime and anywhere before Kay scoffs and walks back up the ring as we go to Noam Dar's press conference.

-Noam talks about the last few weeks being the worst of his life and that he's announcing that he is the best star in the company before he answers several questions about things unrelated to him before Trent Seven interrupts and mocks Dar. Trent then continues to interrupt Dar before he leaves as we go to commercial.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster (c) vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Mark and Zack lock up and exchange wrist locks and arm wringers before James gets the tag and Mark hits several arm drags and whips James into his corner before he and Flash double team him for a quick two count. Flash and Mark hit a double hip toss into a standing moonsault/shooting star press for another quick two count before GYV come back and knock Flash out of the ring. James hits an enzuigiri before they hit a superkick into a neckbreaker for a two count that Flash breaks up and GYV hit an assisted slingshot tombstone piledriver onto the floor. Back in the ring GYV chain together several tag moves and James locks in a shoulder lock as Flash is dying to get back into the match before Mark hits Stundog Millionaire and Flash gets the tag. Flash hits a suicide dive to Zack at ringside before he hits James with a sit-out pedigree for a near fall and Mark gets the blind tag before Flash hits a bicycle knee and Mark an assisted 450 for a near fall.

GYV hit a doomsday device for a near fall before Mark hits James with a diving reverse huricanrrana for a very close near fall and Zack focuses on the injured shoulder of Mark before Flash hits a swanton to break up a hammer lock. Flash hits a moonsault and gets a near fall off of a roll through before Zack gets the blind the tag and they counter pin attempts until James accidentally superkicks Zack and Flash hits a reverse DDT. Mark then hits a shooting star press for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster retain their NXT UK Tag Team Championship by defeating the Grizzled Young Veterans via pinfall when Mark pins James with a shooting star press.

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