WWE NXT UK Results for 9/25/19 Noam Dar vs Trent Seven

Good afternoon Fight Fans, we hope you've had a good morning and are ready for today's edition of NXT UK!

-We see Trent Seven and Tyler Bate making their way into the arena earlier today.

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Oliver Carter vs Ligero

Ligero hits an arm drag and they counter each others huricanrrana before Oliver lands a huricanrrana and ducks a dropkick. Ligero drops Oliver with a knee and locks in an octopus stretch before Oliver hits an enzuigiri and Ligero hits an arm drag off of the top for a quick two count. Oliver comes back with strikes before hitting a belly to back suplex and a back spin kick for a two count before Oliver sweeps Ligero and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Ligero then hits a monkey flip into the corner and a stunner before superkicking Oliver and hitting C4L for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ligero defeats Oliver Carter via pinfall with C4L.

-We get a video of WALTER training rookies at the performance center and says that no one is serious and he'll be the champion forever before leaving as we go to commercial.

-Tyler Bate comes out to the ring and talks about his failure to reclaim the NXT UK Championship and that he is far from finished in the promotion before he's interrupted by Jordan Devlin. Jordan talks about how he was replaced by Tyler at Takeover: Cardiff and that he is the only one who can defeat WALTER and that he is a man and Tyler is a boy. Tyler then says that he's going to drop Jordan before Jordan runs off and we get a video package for Tegan Nox before a match between her and the NXT UK Women's champion Kay Lee Ray in a non-title match is announced for next week's show.

Nina Samuels vs Dani Luna

They exchange wrist locks before Nina hits a drop toe hold and sends Dani into the ropes throat first before she stretches her in the ropes. Nina locks in a stock submission before Luna drops her with a clothesline and a boot before hitting a brainbuster for a near fall before Nina hits a moonsault for a near fall. Nina then drops Luna with a boot before hitting a fisherman's neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nina Samuels defeats Dani Luna via pinfall with a fisherman's neckbreaker.

Trent Seven vs Noam Dar

Dar does his best to avoid Trent, backing into the ropes several times before he can grab him before they lock up and Trent backs Dar into the corner for a clean break. Dar takes Seven down with a side headlock before Trent comes back with a cross body and a scoop slam into a leg drop for a quick two count before Dar crotches Seven on the top rope and kicks him off. Dar snap mares Trent into the ropes and sends him out of the ring before Dar takes Trent down to the mat with an arm triangle and drops Trent with an uppercut. Dar mocks Trent and plays to the crowd before he teases a Tiger driver and Trent comes back with chops and a flat liner before hitting a brainbuster and a suicide dive. Trent then hits a lariat they turns Dar inside out for a near fall before Dar drops Trent with a lariat to the back of the neck and stuffing Trent's towel in his tights, Trent snapping and attacking Dar until he's disqualified.

Winner: Noam Dar defeats Trent Seven via disqualification when Trent doesn't answer the referees five count to get off of Dar.

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