WWE NXT UK Results for 10/31/19 Jordan Devlin Defeats Dave Mastiff, Women's Tag Team Match

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for NXT UK headlined by a rematch between Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff!

Piper Niven & Rhea Ripley vs Jinny & Jazzy Gabbert

Jinny and Piper start the match before Rhea comes in and Jinny gets out of the ring before she's blocked off by both Piper and Rhea and Rhea tosses Jinny back into the ring. Rhea hits a basement dropkick for a quick two count and Jinny rocks Rhea with a right hand when she's distracted by Jazzy, Jazzy coming in and beating on Rhea before Jinny comes back in and Rhea rolls her up for a quick two count. Jinny drops Rhea with a forearm before Rhea drops her with an open hand palm stroke and Jazzy and Piper yet the tags for their respective teams, Piper hitting a running cross body and a senton to both Jazzy and Jinny. Rhea hits a tope to the outside and tosses Jazzy back into the ring where Piper hits a Michinoku driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Piper Niven and Rhea Ripley defeat Jazzy Gabbert and Jinny via pinfall when Piper pins Jazzy with a Michinoku driver.

A-Kid vs Kassius Ohno

Ohno uses his superior grappling and size and strength to ground the high flying A-Kid before A puts Ohno in a side headlock and Ohno reverses into a head scissors. They exchange holds before A hits several kicks and a dropkick before Ohno hits A in the throat and puts him in a seated stretch before locking in a variation of a million dollar dream. Ohno hits a senton for a two count before trying to pin the shoulders of A down repeatedly for several two counts until A comes back with a huricanrrana into an armbar, but Ohno is right at the ropes. A counters the rolling elbow by Ohno and locks in another armbar before Ohno takes him to the ropes and snaps him into the ropes throat first. A rolls out of the ring and Ohno goes after him, Ohno hitting another thrust to the throat on the apron as the referee gets to the count of eight and A hits a 619 from the apron before getting back in at the count of ten and Ohno is counted out for the win.

Winner: A-Kid defeats Kassius Ohno via count out.

-After the match Ohno attacks A and locks in the Kassius Clutch before A is saved by Tyler Bate.

-We get an interview with Killer Kelly where she says she's cleared to compete, but has to pick a fight to get a match before she says that's just what she's going to do before going into the women's locker room.

Roy Johnson vs Joseph Conners

Joseph mocks Roy before Roy drops him and Joseph clotheslines Roy before stomping and yelling at him in the corner before bending him around the ring post and dropkicking him into several times. Roy falls out of the ring and Joseph says that the ring is his before smashing Roy into the apron and Roy comes back with a forearm and a back elbow. Roy hits a backbreaker and Joseph rakes his eyes before sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle and snaps his neck before hitting Don't Look Down for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joseph Conners defeats Roy Johnson via pinfall with Don't Look Down.

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