WWE NXT UK Results for 10/1/20 The Heritage Cup Tournament Begins

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NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Triple Threat Wildcard Match

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Kenny Williams vs Ashton Smith vs Amir Jordan

Kenny and Amir team up against Ashton and send him out of the ring before they run the ropes and Kenny gets two off of a roll up. Amir dodges a PK and rolls Kenny up for two before Ashton flies in out of nowhere and takes out both. Everyone gets a series of two counts before Ashton hits Amir with a suplex for two. Kenny sends Ashton out of the ring before Ashton catches him when he goes for a suicide dive before Amir hits a tope onto the two. Back in the ring Ashton sends Kenny to the outside and focuses on Amir before Amir fights off a superplex.

Kenny and Amir hit a European bomb for a near fall before the tag partners get beat down by the stronger Ashton Smith. Kenny accidentally clotheslines Amir before Ashton hits a blue thunderbomb for a near fall to Kenny. Amir rocks Ashton with an enzuigiri before hitting a flat liner for a near fall and the partners exchange forearms. Amir rolls Kenny up for a near fall that Ashton breaks up and sends Amir out of the ring. Kenny gets a near fall off of a head scissors before Ashton hits a pop up driver for a near fall that Amir breaks up with a Swanton Bomb.

Amir then gets a near fall on Kenny before Ashton superkicks Amir out of the ring and Kenny hits a tornado DDT into a jack knife cover for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kenny Williams defeats Ashton Smith and Amir Jordan via pinfall to gain the final spot in the Heritage Cup Tournament.

- We get video packages promos by Jinny and Xia Brookside before we get a graphic for their match up next.

- We then get a cryptic video package promo by Eddie Dennis as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a recap of Flash Morgan Webster being attacked earlier this year with no culprit being revealed in the mean time. We then go to a backstage interview with Flash ahead of his match in the first round of the Heritage Cup next week.

Xia Brookside vs Jinny

Jinny mocks Xia and mentions how she's already beaten her twice before they take each other down and exchange wrist locks. Xia dropkicks Jinny before Jinny cheap shots her before rolling Xia up for two and dropping her with a stiff forearm. Jinny screams at Xia and smashes her face into the mat before whipping her into the corner. Jinny grinds the face of Xia across the ropes before Xia hits a head scissors into a monkey flip before getting two off of a crucifix. Xia locks in a submission before Jinny gets to the ropes for the break before Jinny sends her face first into the middle turnbuckle.

Jinny then snaps the neck of Xia in the ropes before locking in a straight arm bar with a chin bar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Jinny defeats Xia Brookside Xia submission.

- Jinny then gets on the mic and cuts a promo after the match where she says that she's going to become the queen of NXT UK.

- We get an extended video package for A-Kid ahead of his tournament match next week.

- We get a graphic for the return of NXT UK Women's champion Kay Lee Ray next week before we get a run-down of the match rules for the tournament.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament First Round Special Guest Referee Match

Noam Dar vs Alexander Wolfe w/Special Guest Referee Pete Dunne

Round One

The two kick things off by grappling on the mat before they get to their feet and Dar backs into the ropes for the clean break. They lock up and Dar takes Alex down with a wrist lock before they back into the ropes for a clean break and Alex locks in a cravat before Dar hits a snap mare that Alex immediately reverses. Alex grounds Dar with a hammer lock before Dar gets to his feet and Alex takes him back down with a straight arm bar. Dar then hits a snap mare and kicks Alex as the time counts down and round one ends before the twenty second break period.

Round Two

Alex locks in a chin bar before Dar stomps his foot and takes Alex down to the mat for a quick one count before punching Alex in the midsection and backing him into the corner for the break. Alex takes Dar down to the mat and tries to pin his shoulders to the mat for several one counts before Dar gets to his feet and Wolfe hits a side headlock take over before Dar kicks and headbutts him in the midsection. Dar then gets a near fall off of a back slide before Dar counters a fireman's carry and pins Alex to go up one to nothing.

Round Three

Alex immediately takes Dar down before he quickly gets to his feet and Alex locks in a cravat before Dar picks his ankle and Alex locks in a body scissors while elbowing Dar. Dar turns around and rolls Alex up for two before backing into the ropes and Alex man handles Dar down to the mat for two before Dar steps on his hand and stretches Alex. Alex counters the stretch into one of his own before Dar gets to the ropes for the break and the two exchange strikes as the round ends as Wolfe cheap shots Dar after the bell.

Round Four

Round four starts with Dar kicking out the leg of Alex before hitting a running kick in the corner into a sliding clothesline for two for what Dar and the commentary team call a slow count by Dunne. Wolfe then ducks the Nova Roller and boots Dar before hitting a German suplex for the pin to tie it up one fall a piece as the round ends.

Round Five

Dar immediately takes Alex down before Alex hits a brainbuster for two and dead lifts Dar to his feet before Dar kicks him in the head and locks in an Omoplata before Wolfe breaks it with a pin attempt for two. Dar locks in a knee bar before Wolfe locks in a triangle clutch that Dar counters into a roll up before they exchange strikes until Dar drops Alex with a back elbow for a near fall. Dar goes right to a Fujiwara arm bar before Alex twists around into a roll up for two and takes Dar down before locking in a knee bar, Dar grabbing the fingers of Wolfe to break the hold before Wolfe hits an uppercut. Dar then rolls Alex up while holding the ropes, but Pete sees it before Dar hits Wolfe with the Nova Roller for the pin, third fall in the match and the win.

Winner: Noam Dar defeats Alexander Wolfe via pinfall to advance to the second round of the tournament.

- After the match Pete refuses to raise the hand of Dar before Wolfe yells at Pete and Pete lays him out before stomping him and teasing the Bitter End as WALTER makes his way out to ringside. WALTER then gets into the ring with Pete before Wolfe attacks Pete from behind and Ilja Dragunov comes to the save before he and Pete clear the ring as we go off the air.

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