WWE NXT UK Results for 11/25/21 Jordan Devlin vs Mark Andrews

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and Happy Thanksgiving, welcome to our coverage for today's edition of WWE NXT UK!

Jordan Devlin vs Mark Andrews (w/ Subculture)

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Jordan takes the high-flyer Mark down before he gets to his feet and to the ropes before they lock up and Jordan slaps Mark across the face before Mark comes back with forearms and chops before hitting a head scissors into a dropkick. Jordan runs the ropes before Mark hits a monkey flip and slaps Jordan across the chest before getting two off of a head scissors clutch and Jordan rolls out of the ring before Mark chases Jordan around ringside and Jordan sweeps Mark before hitting a slingshot elbow drop. Jordan and Mark exchange strikes before they run the ropes and Jordan hits a kitchen sink before beating on Mark on the mat and pinning his shoulders to the mat for two before hitting a snap mare into an elbow drop. Jordan goes back to the rear chin lock before Mark gets to his feet and hits a jawbreaker before hitting a tornado DDT and an enzuigiri into a clutch stomp before hitting a running forearm in the corner into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Jordan hits a slingshot cutter for two before setting Mark up in the corner and Mark fights off a Spanish fly before hitting an avalanche poison rana into a code red for two before going back up top.

Jordan gets his knees up when Mark goes for a shooting star press before Mark hits Stundog Millionaire before going up a third time Jordan rolls out of the ring before Mark hits a moonsault and the two get back inside before Jordan headbutts him hitting the Devlinside for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin defeats Mark Andrews via pinfall.

- We get a graphic for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match between the champions Pretty Deadly and the challengers Moustache Mountain in two weeks time.

- We get a recap of Teoman, Rohan Raja, and Charlie Dempsey attacking and laying out Gallus at the end of last week's show before we see Gallus discussing the matter backstage and cutting a promo to the camera to Teoman and company as we go to commercial.

- Backstage Sid makes the match between Sam Gradwell and Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup title after Johnny Saint gives Sid his blessing.

Aleah James vs Isla Dawn

Isla and Aleah exchange standing switches and wrist locks before Isla knocks Aleah over with a shoulder block and they run the ropes until Aleah dropkicks Isla who rolls out onto the apron and Isla snaps Aleah's neck in the ropes. Back inside Isla stomps Aleah and chokes her in the corner before whipping her into the turnbuckle and hitting a clothesline in the corner before Aleah rolls Isla up for two and gets two off of an inside cradle. Isla sends Aleah into the corner and hits a royal flush for the pin and the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn defeats Aleah James via pinfall.

- After the match Isla grabs her box and leaves after giving Aleah her scrunchie back.

- Xia Brookside yells at Sid before Sid gives Xia her title match against Meiko Satomura next week to which she's upset that it's so soon, before he tells her next week or not at all before she leaves in a huff as we go to commercial.

- We get a taped promo by Moustache Mountain and Pretty Deadly ahead of their title match in two weeks time.

Jinny vs Angel Hayze

Before Angel's match with Dani Luna, Jinny comes out and announces that she can't compete tonight before taking her place. Once the match starts Jinny beats on Angel before Angel briefly comes back with strikes and Jinny hits a rip cord clothesline into the Makeover for the pin and the win in a short, dominant win for the Fashionista.

Winner: Jinny defeats Angel Hayze via pinfall.

- Backstage Nina Samuels interviews the NXT UK Women's champion Meiko Satomura.

- We get a video package promo by the NXT UK champion Ilja Dragunov and the challenger for his title, Rampage Brown ahead of their title match next week.

- Backstage Kenny Williams mocks Subculture before he and Mark nearly come to blows before Flash stops him and Kenny leaves.

NXT Heritage Cup Championship Match
Noam Dar (w/ Sha Samuels) vs Sam Gradwell

Round 1

Round one begins with Noam kicking Sam in the leg and Sam backs him to the ropes for a clean break before Noam backs to the ropes and the two exchange standing switches and side headlocks before Sam drops Noam with a forearm and hits a scoop slam. Sam lifts Noam and pulls his ear before dropping him with a right hand for two before countering a dragon screw by Noam into a falcon arrow for the first fall.

Sam Gradwell goes up 1-0

Round 2

Round two begins with Dar rolling Sam up when he goes to suplex him for two before locking in a guillotine and Sam tosses him away before hitting a clothesline and a back drop into a rolling elbow that sends Noam out of the ring. Sha distracts Sam before Noam dropkicks Sam off of the apron and tosses him back inside before dropping Sam with a back elbow and hitting the Nova Roller for the pin and the second fall.

Noam Dar evens the falls at 1-1 each.

Round 3

Round three begins with Noam focusing on the knee of Sam before Noam hits a basement dropkick for two before dropping Sam with kicks and Sam hits a butterfly suplex before Noam locks in the Champagne Super Knee Bar and loosens the brace on the knee of Sam as the round ends.

Round 4

Round four begins with Noam going back to the knee of Sam before Sam catches a back elbow and hits a uranage for two before Noam counters a butterfly suplex and Noam hits an enzuigiri before Noam rolls Sam up for two and kicks his knee out before locking in the knee bar when he teases the Nova Roller. Sam then struggles to get to the ropes as time ticks down before he cannot take the hold any longer and is forced to tap for the win.

Winner: Noam Dar retains his Heritage Cup title by defeating Sam Gradwell two falls to one.

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