WWE NXT UK Results for 11/26/20 A-Kid Wins the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament

Good afternoon Fight Fans, we hope you're having a great Thanksgiving and are ready for today's edition of WWE NXT UK headlined by the finals of the Heritage Cup Tournament!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

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Amir Jordan vs Jordan Devlin

Jordan locks in a standing side headlock before dropping Amir with a shoulder block and taking him down with a side headlock take over. Amir drops Jordan and yells at him before Jordan drops him with a knee to the midsection and a running back elbow. Jordan hits a jumping knee drop for two before hitting a back drop driver into knife edge chops in the corner and a float over suplex for two. Jordan drops Amir with a stiff right jab before cranking his neck and Amir comes back with chops and gets planted with a uranage. Jordan hits a standing moonsault for two before tossing Amir out of the ring and stepping on him against the barricade.

Jordan tosses Amir back inside and snaps his arm into the mat before hitting a shoulder breaker. Amir comes back with a rolling flat liner for two before going up top and Jordan rocks him with an enzuigiri. Amir then hits a Driver before Jordan gets his knees up when Amir goes for a senton and Jordan locks in the Four Leaf Clover for the tap and the win.

Winner: Jordan Devlin retains his NXT Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Amir Jordan via submission.

- Rampage Brown is interviewed at the UK PC while lifting weights.

- We get a video package promo by Noam Dar for his podcast that's debuting on the WWE Network in the near future.

- Earlier today Eddie Dennis and The Hunt are attacked by South Wales Subculture when they're entering the arena.

Isla Dawn vs Jinny

The two exchange headlocks before Isla hits Jinny with a flurry of kicks for two and misses a PK. Jinny drops Isla with a rolling kick before stomping her in the corner and locking in an octopus stretch before Isla gets to the ropes for the break. Jinny locks in a cross face that Isla turns into a pin attempt for two before Jinny kicks her repeatedly in the side of the face. Isla kicks Jinny against the ropes before hitting a running meteora into a Saito suplex for two. Isla then locks in a tarantula before Jinny hits an enzuigiri before locking in a cross face for the tap and the win.

Winner: Jinny defeats Isla Dawn via submission.

- Jinny mocks Piper Niven after the match after attacking her and costing her the NXT UK Women's Championship last week.

- We go to Alexander Wolfe barging into the office of Sid Scala and demanding a match against Joe Coffey where Gallus is barred from ringside. Sid then makes the match on the stipulation that Imperium are banned from ringside as well as we go to commercial.

- We get a graphics for The Hunt versus South Wales Subculture and Joe Coffey versus Alexander Wolfe on next week's show.

NXT Heritage Cup Tournament Finals Match 

A-Kid vs Trent Seven

Round 1

Trent backs A into the corner for a clean break before A backs Trent into the ropes for a second clean break and briefly takes Trent down to the mat. Trent powerbombs A before A takes him back down and locks in a headlock on the mat that Trent reverses into a head scissors hold. A gets free and locks in a stretch on Trent before A takes Trent down with a waist lock as the round ends.

Round 2

Trent pins the shoulders of A down to the mat repeatedly for several one and two counts before stretching Trent again. A locks in a heel hook before Trent punches his way free at the bell and the referee has to calm A-Kid down.

Round 3

Trent chops A in the corner before A kicks him in the chest until Trent falls to one knee and drops him with an enzuigiri. A then hits a running kick that drops Trent for the pin and the first fall.

Round 4

A immediately goes for a second fall before locking in a crucifix hold and transitioning into a Fujiwara armbar. Trent punches his way out of a triangle before A hits a flying armbar before Trent powerbombs his way free as the round ends.

Round 5

A takes Trent down before they grapple on the mat until A hits a northern lights suplex and Trent a DDT for a near fall. Trent hits a running clothesline in the corner before A gets crotched on the top turnbuckle and Trent chops him in the neck repeatedly. Trent then goes for a back suplex before A lands on top of him as the round ends.

Round 6

Trent immediately hits a snap dragon suplex into an Emerald Flowsion for a near fall before hitting a lariat for a near fall. Trent hits the Birminghammer for a near fall before A counters a powerbomb and Trent hits a second lariat for yet another near fall. Trent then rolls A up out of nowhere for the pin and the second fall.

No Time Limit Sudden Death

The two exchange strikes until Trent hits a lariat and A rolls out of the ring and onto the apron. Trent hits a Driver off of the apron and onto the floor before getting back into the ring right before being counted out. Trent lifts A and hits the Seven Star Lariat before A counters the Birminghammer and locks in a submission. A then locks in a submission before Trent ends up verbally submitting for the win.

Winner: A-Kid defeats Trent Seven via referee stoppage due to verbal submission to win the tournament.

- Trent takes the trophy from Sid and gives it to Kid before Sid and Trent leave and A screams while falling to his knees. a then holds the trophy up high while streamers go off as we go off the air.

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