WWE NXT UK Results for 1/21/21 NXT UK Women's Championship Match

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Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff

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Dave and Rampage lock up before exchanging head locks and trying to knock each other over until Rampage dropkicks Dave. Dave comes back with a dropkick of his own before Rampage hits a diving cross body and clubbing blows before Dave counters a gut wrench and hits a running senton. Dave knocks Rampage out of the air and hits a pump handle suplex for two before Rampage clotheslines Dave for two before hitting a back suplex. Rampage then hits a sit-out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rampage Brown defeats Dave Mastiff via pinfall.

- We get a recap of WALTER successfully defending his NXT UK Championship against A-Kid last week as we go to commercial.

- Kenny Williams talks with Amir Jordan who tells Amir that he'll be facing Tyson T-Bone.

Jack Starz vs Ilja Dragunov

Jack backs Ilja to the ropes for the break before they exchange wrist locks and flips before Jack gets two off of a roll through before Ilja hits a spine buster. Ilja grounds Jack with a side headlock before Jack gets to his feet and Ilja drops him with a shoulder block before dropping Jack with a knife edge chop. Jack clotheslines Ilja when he goes for Torpedo Moscow before Jack gets a near fall off of a bridging German suplex before they exchange strikes. Ilja then hits a float over suplex into a series of German suplexes and knees before hitting a suplex into Torpedo Moscow and elbowing jack unconscious.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov defeats Jack Starz via referee stoppage.

- We get a recap of Ben Carter nearly defeating Jordan Devlin in his debut before we see that Sam Gradwell has been watching a video of Ben on his phone as we go to commercial.

Amir Jordan (w/ Kenny Williams) vs Tyson T-Bone

Tyson drops Amir and hits a running back elbow before hitting a backbreaker into a fall away slam as Kenny cheers Amir on at ringside. Tyson hits Amir in the kidneys before Amir comes back with back elbows before Tyson whips Amir throat first into the bottom rope. Tyson locks in a rear chin lock before Amir comes back with a dropkick before Tyson hits a back drop before missing a running splash in the corner. Amir then pins Tyson when he reverses a pin attempt by Tyson.

Winner: Amir Jordan defeats Tyson T-Bone via pinfall.

- Earlier today Xia Brookside cuts a promo on Nina Samuels who says that she's going to show Nina what Brooksides are made of as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Fatal Four Way Elimination match next week. We are then informed that Eddie Dennis will be barred from ringside during next week's match.

NXT UK Women's Championship Match

Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Jinny (w/ Joseph Conners)

KLR backs Jinny into the corner for a clean break before taking Jinny down to the mat with a straight armbar into a chin bar before Jinny reverses into one of her own. We see Piper Niven, and Dani Luna watching on the big screen on the stage as Jinny stomps KLR in the corner before KLR hits a front suplex. Joseph looks on as Jinny hip tosses KLR into the corner for two before sending KLR into the apron and steps before pinning her shoulders down once they're back inside for two. The screen starts messing up before Jinny whips KLR into the corner for two before locking in a stretch that KLR gets free of by getting to the ropes for the break. Jinny locks in a rear chin lock before they exchange kicks until collapsing onto the mat before KLR hits a float over DDT for two.

KLR locks in a submission before Jinny stacks KLR up for a near fall to get free before Jinny clotheslines KLR for a near fall before beating KLR across the back. Jinny capitalizes off of the distraction by Joseph Conners before hitting The Makeover for a near fall before Joseph Conners is ejected from ringside. KLR drops Joseph before Jinny grabs the title belt and the referee takes it from her after she misses hitting KLR. KLR then pins Jinny with the Gory Bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray retains her NXT UK Women's Championship by defeating Jinny via pinfall.

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