Good afternoon Fight Fans! We hope you've had a great day so far and are ready for NXT UK headlined by an NXT UK Tag Team Championship match!

Isla Dawn vs Kay Lee Ray

They exchange wrist locks before Ray locks in a side headlock and kicks Isla in the head before Isla hits a running cross body for a quick two count. Ray misses a dropkick before Isla rolls her up for a quick two and hits a sunset flip into a dropkick before missing a jumping knee in the corner. Ray slaps Isla across the chest before hitting a front suplex for two and beating on Isla with clubbing blows before focusing on the right leg and knee of Dawn. Isla hits a Saito suplex into a running enzuigiri in the corner before hitting a meteora off of the top rope for a near fall. Ray then kicks out the knee of Isla before superkicking her and hitting a Gory bomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray defeats Isla Dawn via pinfall with a Gory bomb.

-After the match Ray cuts a promo before Piper Niven comes out and Toni Storm rushes out past her and Ray and Toni brawl before Ray shoves Toni into Piper and Ray escapes before Toni and Piper argue. Assistant to the general manager Sid Scala then comes out and makes a triple threat match for Ray's NXT UK Women's Championship at NXT UK Takeover:Blackpool next month.

-We get another lesson by Jordan Oliver where he shoves us a video and breaks down by he's the best superstar in NXT UK all the while criticizing and mocking Tyler Bate in various match highlights including his challenging WALTER for the NXT UK Championship and failing to win the title.

-We get a promo by Joe Coffey earlier this week where he talks about his match against WALTER for the NXT UK Championship at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool and what it would mean for him and Gallus for him to become the champion.

Michael May vs Trent Seven

Before the match Eddie Dennis comes out and attacks Trent's opponent and sends him into the apron and the ring steps before leaving through the crowd. Trent then helps his opponent out of the ring and into the arms of the official at ringside.

Winner: Match never started.

-We get an interview with Noam Dar backstage before he confronts the management and says that he's going on holiday for Christmas before he's told that he's facing Tyler Bate next week as we go to commercial.

Jack Starz vs Ridge Holland

Ridge throws Jack across the ring and whips him into the corner before hitting an overhead belly to belly and a PK. Ridge drops Jack with an uppercut and hits another suplex before missing a running back elbow in the corner. Jack rocks Ridge with strikes before Ridge nearly launches him out of the ring and drops Jack with a stiff forearm. Ridge then hits Northern Grit for the pin and the win.

Winner: Ridge Holland defeats Jack Starz via pinfall with Northern Grit.

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