WWE NXT UK Results for 3/25/21 Dragunov vs Gradwell in a No Disqualification Match

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for today's edition of WWE NXT UK!

- We open tonight's show with Noam Dar's Supernova Sessions with special guest Trent Seven before they're interrupted by Sha Samuels. Trent then challenges Noam and Sha to a tag match against Tyler Bate and himself.

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- Backstage The Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala informs Jinny and Joseph Conners that Jinny will be barred from ringside in Joseph's match against Jack Starz as we go to commercial.

- We get a video package for NXT UK: Prelude in two weeks time.

- We get a video package for the NXT United Kingdom Championship between the champion WALTER and the challenger Rampage Brown.

Jack Starz vs Joseph Conners

Joseph locks in a cravat before Jack gets free and they exchange wrist locks before Jack teases a dropkick and Joseph backs off before taking Jack down onto the mat. Jack gets two off of a back slide before rocking Joseph with uppercuts and sending him out of the ring with a dropkick before hitting a slingshot cross body onto Joseph at ringside. Back in the ring Joseph takes control with a clothesline for two before Jack counters a suplex into one of his own before they exchange strikes. Jack then gets two off of a suplex before Joseph comes back with an implant DDT and finishes Jack with a hangman's neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joseph Conners defeats Jack Starz via pinfall.

- We get a video package promo by Pretty Deadly who say that they're going to successfully defend their titles next week against Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.

- During the break Piper Niven tries to cheer Jack up after losing to Joseph.

Josh Morrell & Danny Jones vs Primate & T-Bone (w/ Eddie Dennis)

T-Bone starts things off with Josh before he and Primate double team Josh before T-Bone tosses him into the corner so he can easily tag in Danny. Danny comes in and gets man handled by Primate before Primate hits a high angle back drop for two before Danny hits a back stabber. Danny gets the hot tag to Josh who drops Primate repeatedly and hits a standing corkscrew senton for two before Primate drops him with a back elbow for two. T-Bone hits Josh with a backbreaker into a fall away slam for two before sending Josh over the top rope and spinning onto the floor. Josh firm gets the tag to Danny who knocks Primate off of the apron and T-Bone rocks him with a knee before hitting a powerslam into a diving headbutt by Primate for the pin and the win.

Winner: T-Bone and Primate defeat Danny Jones and Josh Morrell via pinfall.

- We get an interview in the PC with Kenny and Amir ahead of their challenging for the NXT UK Tag Team titles next week.

Isla Dawn vs Aleah James

The two exchange wrist locks and rolls before taking each other down and Aleah gets two off of a roll up before dropkicking Isla. Aleah hits a running splash in the corner before Isla drops her with a roundhouse kick and a kitchen sink before beating on Aleah in mount. Aleah gets a near fall off of a small package out of nowhere before Isla hits a high angle back drop driver into a butterfly stretch. Aleah hits a springboard missile dropkick for two before hitting a springboard cross body for two before Isla counters a Samson Clutch. Isla then drops Aleah face first across the top rope before hitting a Saito suplex into Call of the Quarters for the pin and the win.

Winner: Isla Dawn defeats Aleah James via pinfall.

- Xia Brookside has one last task for Nina Samuels as her time as her personal assistant is nearly up as she is forced to clean the Men's restroom as we go to commercial.

- During the break we see Isla in a trance backstage before Kay Lee Ray shows up and mocks her before lights flicker and KLR says nope a few times and walks away.

No Disqualification Match
Ilja Dragunov vs Sam Gradwell

Sam throws his jacket in Ilja's face and drops him before dropping him and dropping him again for a quick two count before coming back with a suplex into a jumping knee that sends Sam out of the ring. Ilja tosses Sam back inside before Sam rolls out of the other side and Ilja brings him back inside before hitting a coast to coast dropkick. Sam hits Ilja in the hand with the ring bell before whipping him a cables and choking him before whiplashing him down onto the floor. Sam tosses Ilja back inside and slides a chair into the ring before driving it into his ribs and suplexing him onto it for two before undoing the top turnbuckle pad. Ilja elbows Sam and locks in a standing guillotine before Sam sets him on the top rope and Ilja knocks him down before Sam throws the turnbuckle pad at Ilja.

Sam sends Ilja off of the top and into the barricade before Ilja comes back with a lariat against the apron before hitting a series of Germans onto the floor. Sam baits Ilja in and kicks him low before hitting a burning hammer onto the steps and tossing Ilja back inside for a near fall before piling chairs in the ring. Ilja comes back with a high knee and sends Sam face first into the top turnbuckle before hitting a backbreaker before missing a diving senton onto the pile of chairs. Sam gets a near fall before Ilja hits a takedown onto the chairs and hits a PK to the side of the head and wears a chair out across the back of Sam. Ilja then elbows Sam unconscious before the referee calls for the bell for the win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov defeats Sam Gradwell via referee stoppage.

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