WWE NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool Results Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey, Rhea Ripley vs Toni Storm

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NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match

Moustache Mountain vs Grizzled Young Veterans

Tyler and Zack kick things off by locking up, Zack taking Tyler down before Tyler takes Zack down with a flying head scissor. Zack pins Tyler's shoulders to the mat repeatedly for a series of two counts before Zack pushes Tyler into his corner and tags in James. Tyler immediately gets out of the ring and runs around to his corner before tagging in Trent so he can't be double teamed. James backs Trent into the ropes for a clean break before Trent slams James down and Tyler hits a swanton off of the top. Tyler gets a two count off of a roll up before dropkicking James and Zack gets the blind tag when Tyler whips James into the ropes and Trent comes in.

Trent fights off both Zack and James until Trent knocks Zack off of the apron and hits a suicide dive to James at ringside. Zack clotheslines Trent when he follows James around ringside and tosses him back into the ring before beating on him in mount. James starts focusing on the injured shoulder of Trent before he and Zack hit their signature slingshot backbreaker at ringside. Zack rolls Trent back into the ring and drags him back to the corner when he tries to tag Tyler in and locks in a variation of a headlock and an arm triangle. Zack tosses Trent out of the ring after James bumps into Zack and it's considered a tag before Tyler gets the tag and James out James before hitting Zack with a diving European uppercut.

Tyler spins James before he puts James on top of Zack and spins them both until Tyler and James end up out on the apron and Tyler takes him out. Back in the ring Tyler rocks Zack with a right hand and tags in Trent before Trent hits a powerslam and Tyler hits a diving headbutt for a near fall. Tyler hits a suicide dive to James before Trent hits Zack with a lariat for a very close near fall that James breaks up at the last second. Tyler and James come in and exchange pinning attempts before Tyler hits a rolling kick and tags Trent back in. Zack counters MM and sends Tyler out of the ring with a code breaker before Zack suplexes Trent and James hits a 450 for a near fall.

Zack locks in a shoulder lock on Trent as James locks in one on Tyler and hits a DVD with James into Zack to break the hold. James and Tyler exchange strikes until Tyler tags Trent in and MM hit their finisher consisting of a rebound headbutt into a dragon suplex for a near fall. James sends Trent into Tyler before Zack puts Tyler in an electric chair and James hits a suicide dive to take out Tyler. James then dropkicks Trent when he goes for a suicide dive before Zack and James hit a Ticket to Mayhem for the pin and the win.

Winner: Zack Gibson and James Drake defeat Moustache Mountain to become the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team champions when Zack and James hit Trent with A Ticket to Mayhem.

Travis Banks vs Jordan Devlin

Travis hits a suicide dive as soon as Jordan makes his way down to the ring and drops him before Jordan traps the leg of Travis in the steps and stomps on it repeatedly.

Winner: No Contest due to the match never starting.

-RAW's Finn Bálor comes out to the ring to take the place of Travis and face his protégé.

Finn Bálor vs Jordan Devlin

Jordan slaps Finn who fires back with a right hand into a kick and a dropkick before hitting a sling blade. Jordan rolls out of the ring when Finn teases the Coup de Grace and Finn goes out after him, dropping him with a right hand before rolling him back into the ring. Jordan catches Finn coming in and knocks him off of the apron and into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring and playing to the crowd. Jordan chokes Finn in the ropes before Finn comes back with a rolling dropkick into an enzuigiri. Jordan dropkicks Finn off of the top turnbuckle and down to the floor before Finn gets back in at the count of nine.

Jordan locks in an abdominal stretch before Finn drops Jordan with a Pele kick and hits a jumping stomp. Jordan counters Bloody Sunday before Finn hits a reverse DDT for a near fall and Jordan comes back with a boot into a headbutt and a Saito suplex for a near fall. Jordan then sends Finn shoulder first into the ring post and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes for a near fall before Finn hits a shotgun dropkick into the corner and the Coup de Grace for the pin and the win.

Winner: Finn Bálor defeats Jordan Devlin via pinfall with the Coup de Grace.