WWE Raw 11/11/19 Match Ratings, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
Kabuki Warriors (c) defeated Horsewomen (Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair)

  • Becky Lynch comes out to a good ovation. It's the same crowd as Smackdown, but it seems way better for this episode.
  • Becky says the only thing she really fears in life is not being the greatest.
  • Becky Lynch teaming with Charlotte doesn't make a damn bit of sense, even with Natalya being gone due to "family reasons." Does Natalya just not get a title shot now? I'll admit, any reason is an improvement. Not good, but an improvement.
  • Becky Lynch gets worked over for a while. This isn't really very good.
  • Charlotte Flair tags in and she no sells a bunch of Kairi Sane's offense.
  • Shayna Baszler shows up and gets "NXT" chants.
  • Charlotte breaks out of an octopus hold, but Asuka turns it into a crucifix pin bomb.
  • Charlotte counters an armbar with a powerbomb, but it gets broken up.
  • Kairi's roll off the top had no momentum. You do that so you can turn and spin safely and effectively, and that just wasn't the spot for it.
  • Becky works on both Asuka and Kairi, and gets distracted by Baszler.
  • Bayley comes out and attacks Shayna Baszler, which still has Becky wound up.
  • Asuka pins Becky Lynch! She does it again!
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Drew McIntyre defeated Sin Cara

  • Sin Cara asked for his release today, a few days after this was filmed.
  • He gets a little offense in, and gets headbutted.
  • This isn't smooth at all.
  • Sin Cara gets caught and powerbombed to the floor.
  • Claymore. Win.

WWE 24/7 Championship
Handicap match
The Bollywood Boyz (c) vs. R-Truth

  • We see a weird Erick Rowan promo.
  • R-Truth without Carmella doesn't seem right.
  • This is an honest to god match for the 24/7 Title!
  • Truth is handling both guys pretty easily. Samir pulls Sunil out of the ring and leaves.
  • The Singhs accidentally run into the women's locker room and past a bunch of writing team nerds.
  • They walk into Rowan's locker room and he hits them with a couch.

Seth Rollins defeated Walter (w/ Imperium) by DQ

  • WWE turning down crowd audio for boos is so lame. Especially when Rollins encourages it.
  • Rollins says that Triple H showed his true colors last week on Raw.
  • Rollins makes an open challenge and wants to take on UK's best.
  • The make Walter use the dumb "MY NAME IS ____ and _____" line.
  • Walter and Rollins are going to have a match.
  • Rollins gets worked over pretty heavily with a half crab.
  • Rollins chops down Walter with a bunch of superkicks, but Imperium runs in.
  • Street Profits make the safe and get overwhelmed.
  • Kevin Owens makes the save to a huge ovation.
  • Playa.

Team Raw (Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens & Street Profits) defeated Imperium

  • I'm glad to see Wolfe getting some time in this main roster match. Aicher got comparisons to Cesaro from people at the PC to me.
  • Aichner does a rough spinebuster, but Barthel kicks Rollins well.
  • Imperium heels it up, but it doesn't stop Rollins from hitting a great superplex on Walter.
  • Owens is tagged in to a GREAT ovation and a Swanton on Wolfe.
  • Montez Ford completely one-ups Rollins on his dive. It was unbelievable.
  • Owens Stunner, Rollins Stomp. This was short, but good.

Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Cedric Alexander
5/10 (short)

  • WWE's roster is approaching mid-to-late 2000s levels for me in that everyone wrestles the same. It's not nearly as bad though, because at least everyone can wrestle.
  • Andrade catches Cedric in midair as they both handspring.
  • Cedric gets a flatliner, but a Zelina distraction sets up the Hammerlock DDT.


  • Lana comes out to address Manchester.
  • She says she cheated on Rusev. She cuts a normal toned promo. But that's the only part of the promo that's good.
  • This is the fucking shits. I can't believe they thought this was a good idea.
  • She says it's her sexxiversary.
  • Rusev got her pregnant and it made her boobs bigger, and he put a 15 pound machka baby in her.
  • Lana says Rusev is a sex addict, which gets big cheers.
  • She attacks Rusev, and Bobby Lashley comes out. He attacks.
  • She says she faked it. The crowd couldn't hear it though, so that's why it didn't make it into the spoilers.

Erick Rowan defeated Jobber

  • Rowan destroys a jobber.
  • He brings a bag with whatever he was talking to in it.
  • Body press outside. Claw Slam inside.

Viking Raiders defeated Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

  • I buy into Flash Morgan Webster getting offense, but not tossing Erik out of the ring.
  • They do dives onto the Raiders.
  • A great series of counters from DDT, suplex into a Stundog Millionaire.
  • Eventually, the Raiders catch up to the the opponents and take control.
  • Andrews gets a little offense, but Viking Experience gets the win.
  • I thought this was appropriate. Speed took down the Vikings a little, but it didn't take much to beat them.

Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet & Randy Orton defeated The OC

  • OC are backstage trolling Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet. They talk a bunch of shit about Randy Orton, and he ends up joining the babyfaces for a 6-man tag. OC was pretty funny here.
  • Randy Orton and Ricochet tease a lot of friction. Orton tells Ricochet not to let him be in his head.
  • Four of six guys in the ring re-signed this year.
  • Carrillo has a long way to go in making sense of his work. He hits a nice springboard headbutt.
  • This is such a lazy booked show. A bunch of tag matches and squash matches, with the only match with any stakes not making any sense.
  • Ricochet gets worked over and he makes it to Humberto for the hot tag. Orton gets one too.
  • Gallows' shoulder got hit HARD on that moonsault from Carrillo.
  • Orton hits an RKO on Styles after teasing Ricochet. Moonsault from Carrillo pins Styles.
  • Orton teasing Ricochet works. He says he can do what he wants when he wants. I like this out of Orton.

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