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- The show starts with a video package highlighting the feud between AJ Styles and The Undertaker.

- The Undertaker appears and he calls AJ Styles by his real name, ‘Taker questions just how stupid Styles due to him dropping some recent pipe bombs. ‘Taker says Styles was content being a big fish in a small pond over fifteen years ago, ‘Taker mentions all the people Styles avoided facing if he came to the WWE over a decade ago. ‘Taker says Styles’ pride is making some bad decisions for him, ‘Taker says Styles crossed the line by mentioning Michelle McCool. ‘Taker says McCool got the Styles Clash over when Styles himself couldn’t, ‘Taker says he’ll make Styles famous at ‘Mania 36. ‘Taker promises to take out the entire OC at ‘Mania 36, ‘Taker says Styles will Rest In Peace at ‘Mania 36 as an AJ Styles grave appears in the background.

- Becky Lynch is shown arriving at the arena in a big rig truck.

- Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way on stage, highlights are shown of Lynch attacking Shayna Baszler on last week's Raw. Lynch talks about becoming a double champion at ‘Mania 35, Lynch then shows her vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair from ‘Mania 35 in it’s entirety.

- Becky Lynch is back on stage and she says history follows the ones who made it, Lynch says a lot of people have tried taking her title away from her. Lynch says that Shayna Baszler is right about how losing the title would destroy her, Lynch says she doesn’t know who she is if she isn’t the champion. Lynch says she also knows about Baszler’s demons, Lynch says she is starting to get to Baszler. Lynch says that Baszler’s demon is that she could have the spotlight instead of Ronda Rousey, Lynch says Baszler will lose and get put back in Rousey’s shadow. Baszler appears behind Lynch and she locks her in a rear naked choke before smashing her face first on the announce table, Baszler then swings Lynch into the side of the announce table.

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