WWE RAW (5/29/23) Results: Money In The Bank Qualifiers, New WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Crowned

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Here’s what’s on deck:


WWE Raw (5/29)

  • Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches begin
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY) vs. Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green

Seth Rollins starts the show by entering from the audience. As the fans serenade him with his song, pyro, and streamers go off in the arena.

SmackDown Superstar AJ Styles comes out. AJ congratulates Seth Rollins for beating him on Saturday. Judgment Day comes out to interrupt them. They say this display of sportsmanship is making them sick. They challenge them to attack team match, and the babyfaces accept despite Seth Rollins and AJ Styles being on separate brands.

- Backstage, Adam Pearce is trying to make sense of everything that happened, but he eventually makes the tag team match official for later in the evening.

WWE Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Ricochet vs. The Miz

Ricochet sent Miz out of the ring with an arm drag and a kick, followed by a moonsault. Before the fight spilled back outside the ring, Miz nailed a hurricanrana and a kick of his own. Ricochet reacted with a knee and sent Miz head-first into the top turnbuckle. Miz executed a springboard crossbody. Ricochet connected with a back elbow, but Miz countered with a DDT and went for the pin. Ricochet kicked out. In the end, Ricochet hit a Standing Sliced Bread #2 before ascending to the top and delivering a Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Winner: Ricochet

- Trish Stratus says she doesn’t care about what the people think about her. She says that Zoey Stark has more attitude, ruthlessness, and aggression than anyone she’s seen in a long time. She introduces Zoey. Zoey says she wants to be smart instead of taking the long road like Becky Lynch and thanks Trish Stratus.

Becky Lynch comes out and acknowledges that both she and her Stratus are still in their gear from Saturday night. Stark goes after Becky who knocks her to the floor with a forearm. Becky steps into the ring to square off with Trish and knocks her down with a flying tackle before again attacking Zoey Stark and going to work on Trish before the numbers game finally catches up to her. Stark hits Z360, and Trish Stratus delivers a punch to Becky Lynch’s face in an effort to try and match the bruise that Trish now has on her face after their match on Saturday at WWE Night of Champions.

- Indus Sher’s Veer and Sanga are headed to the ring. They will be in action next.

Indus Sher (Veer Mahaan & Sanga w/ Jinder Mahal) vs. Javier Bernal and Kevin Ventura-Cortes

Veer started the match by dominating Javier. Sanga gets tagged in and also goes to work on Javier. Cortez gets tagged in and just consistently gets dominated. Sanga tags Veer they set up for the Demolition Decapitation, but not before the year does a DX crotch crop. 1-2-3, and they get the easy victory.

Winner: Indus Sher (Veer Mahaan & Sanga w/ Jinder Mahal)

- A video package highlights Roman Reigns and Solo losing to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at WWE now Champions and the implosion of the Bloodline.

- Owens & Zayn come to the ring. Sami Zayn explains that Roman Reigns deserves everything that happened to him. Imperium interrupts them. Ludwig Kaiser calls them and Matt Riddle a joke. Kevin Owens is mad that they broke convention by interrupting them without ever having their names mentioned. Alpha Academy introduces Maxxine Dupri as an official member of the academy. There will be a tag team match after the break

- A video package featured Katana Chance and Kayden Carder.

Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) vs. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable)

The Tag Team Champions remain on commentary for the match. They pretty much call all the action with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, allowing them to banter. Valhalla shows up to chase off Maxxine, who does hit her in her first bit of WWE offense. Valhalla eventually chases her away.

Imperium dominates Gable for a while before he can make the tag to Otis. Otis hits the caterpillar, but the pin is interrupted. Vinci trips Otis as he is running to the ropes, and he falls to the floor; Kaiser and Vinci hit their finisher and get the victory.

Winners: Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci)

- Cathy Kelley interviews Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi. They’re quickly interrupted by Damage CTRL. Bayley makes fun of Liv Morgan being injured. Raquel reminds her that she’s the only one in her own stable that hasn’t won any gold since they were formed. The tag title match is next.

- Candice LeRae claims in a video package that she believes in fairytales and that the wings she wears are proof that fairytales are true since she is experiencing one.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY) vs. Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green

Early on, Raquel Rodriguez completely dominates the match. Chelsea Green tags in and stands no chance against Rodriguez. Everyone refuses to tag her in and allows her to keep taking punishment. She’s thrown to the outside, where Shotzi then hits a tope on Green, Baszler, and Bayley.

Rousey and Baszler take control after a commercial break. Rodriguez enters and rebounds. Rousey enters the fray and confronts Rodriguez. They switch places. Baszler dismantles a powerbomb. Bayley breaks up Rousey’s arm-bar attempt. Green and Deville double-team Rodriguez. SKY knocks them out with a dropkick. Shotzi enters the ring and hits SKY with a Tiger Suplex. Rousey comes in and Shotzi briefly rallies, but Rousey counters Shotzi’s dive into an armbar, which she taps out almost immediately.

Winner and new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

Dolph Ziggler vs. JD McDonagh

Both men begin brawling quickly. The action spills to the floor. JD McDonagh throws Dolph Ziggler into the announce table and steel steps. The referee calls for the bell ending the match in a double count-out. After the match, McDonagh continues to use the steps to assault Dolph Ziggler. McDonagh says that Dolph will remember this day.

Winner: No contest.

- We are promised that Cody Rhodes will appear before the end of the night. A Memorial Day video package airs.

- Cody Rhodes enters the ring and expresses his feelings over his defeat to Brock Lesnar. He claims he didn’t tap out for a purpose. Rhodes claims that a man who submits is not the man he aspires to be. He used John Cena as an example, adding, “Never give up.” Rhodes addresses the camera with a question for Lesnar. He asks Lesnar whether he is happy with the outcome. Rhodes proclaims an even score between Lesnar and himself and offers an open challenge to Lesnar.

- In an interview, Matt Riddle expressed excitement about WWE Money in the Bank and perhaps winning the contest. Gunther, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, interrupts and claims he wants Riddle to win Money in the Bank so he can cash in on him. Riddle ponders away.

- Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler comment on their tag team title victory with Cathy Kelley. Ronda proclaims they are the baddest team on the planet.

WWE Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed

Reed attacks Nakamura and takes control of the situation, but Nakamura responds with blows. Reed regains control and sends Nakamura back into the corner before the fight spills to the outside. Reed seems ready to fly off the apron, but Nakamura sweeps his leg before delivering a running knee to the face and an additional knee to the back of the skull.

Reed and Nakamura trade blows after returning from the break. Before ascending to the top, Reed obtains the upper hand and hits a clothesline. Nakamura trips him, then knees him in the stomach and climbs up the ropes. He takes off, but Reed stops him with a kick followed by a powerslam.

In the end, Reed goes for the Tsunami, but Nakamura moves. Nakamura hits the Kinshasa, but Reed falls to the ringside floor. Nakamura hits a dropkick on the outside, but Reed narrowly makes it back to the ring. Nakamura wins with another Kinshasa.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

- Judgment Day tease the mystery of what two men will compete in the main event tonight. Ripley brags about decimating Natalya at WWE Night of Champions.

- Speaking of Nattie, she will face Zoey Stark next week in a women’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match; Becky Lynch will also try to qualify for the match as she takes on Sonya Deville.

- AJ Styles makes his entrance for the main event.

AJ Styles & Seth Rollins vs. Judgment Day (Finn Balor & Damian Priest w/ Rhea Ripley)

There was an early fake-out where Seth Rollins thought Dominik Mysterio would be in the match. Rollins starts to match off on a roll but is quickly overpowered by The Punisher of Judgment Day. Eventually, Seth Rollins makes the hot tag to AJ Styles, and Styles takes out Finn Balor briefly until Priest tries to run interference, leading to everybody getting in the ring and the action getting out of control. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but is taken out by Dom, who is on the outside antagonizing him. Then, Styles goes to deal with the younger Mysterio and gets launched over the announce table by Priest.

Styles is isolated by Priest and Balor. Rollins knocks out Dominik, and Ripley gets in his face. The referee ejects Mami and her Dom Dom. Rollins comes in and unleashes a barrage of offensive. He strikes Balor with a springboard knee and superkick, and Balor counters with an inside cradle for a two-count. Priest overpowers Rollins breifly, but Seth responds with a forearm smash. Rollins superkicks Balor.

Styles and Priest rejoin the battle, and soon Rollins hits the Stomp on Priest after Priest hits the Razor's Edge on AJ. With another Stomp on Priest, Rollins secures the victory.

Winners: Seth Rollins & AJ Styles

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