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Welcome to Fightful's live coverage of the June 24 WWE Raw. We'll have full, ongoing results from the show, in addition to a post-show podcast, which you can see below.

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- We begin this week's show with Seth Rollins, taking a microphone in center ring but being swiftly interrupted by Becky Lynch. First though, Seth gave Corbin some credit for his smart approach. However, Baron wasn't smart enough to realize that Rollins has the best back-up on the planet. Lynch says that last night, they proved why they are the champions of their divisions. Becky says that she wouldn't sit back and watch Baron steal the title but was interrupted herself, with Corbin's music hitting. Evans arrived instead though, jumping Lynch from behind until the champion turned the tide. Corbin then arrived but ate slingblade for his troubles while in the meantime, Lynch dispatched Lacey with a Bexploder.

Corbin mocked the whole thing, claiming that Lynch was handling all of Rollins business, blaming Becky for his failure to win the Universal Title. However, Corbin chose Evans for a reason, as she's the only real woman on the roster. In fact, he'd even take Lacey as a partner in a mixed tag against Seth and Becky, with Evans suggesting Extreme Rules. Lynch agreed but only under one condition: if they win, Lacey and Baron get no more chances to face them. Their foes have a suggestion of their own though, asking Rollins and Lynch to put their titles on the line. The champions agreed.

Elimination Match

Daniel Bryan & Rowan and The Revival vs. The Usos and New Day

Pre-match, The Usos got the fans fired up, welcoming their foes to the Uso Penetentiary! Once the bell rung though, Dawson tagged himself in, starting things opposite Woods until E entered for some tandem offense. Rowan was soon in too though, wiping out all involved until E evaded his splash. Bryan and Woods were in next, going back and forth before a clothesline put Bryan in control. His trademark dive followed but Woods moved, sending Bryan into Dawson but eating a dropkick off the top regardless.

Wilder then made Bryan pay for his error though, landing a European Uppercut and allowing Woods to eliminate their own partner. The Revival swiftly dispatched Woods nonetheless, catching him for Shatter Machine in mid-air and leveling things up. Back from the break though and The Usos are running wild, hitting a big dive over the top and isolating Wilder too. Tandem offense followed but Dash soon fired fired back, catching Jimmy for a sudden powerslam near-fall. Things then spilled to the apron, with Jimmy coming out on top only for Dawson to re-enter and score a bulldog off Wilder's shoulders.

Dawson was swiftly floored himself but fought upright, superplexing Jey while in the meantime, Jimmy tagged himself in. As Dawson landed, he then seized, hitting his splash off of Wilder's back and closing the show!

Winners: The Usos and New Day

- That was followed by a recap of Roman Reigns' victory over Drew McIntyre. After that, The Miz was headed to the ring while in the background, Abby The Witch briefly appeared. Elsewhere, Braun Strowman was practicing for tonight's tug of war contest against Bobby Lashley. His chosen method? Dragging a trailer tractor through the car park.

- Off to MizTV next, with Miz introducing tonight's guests: R-Truth and Carmella. Miz calms both down, announcing that the 24/7 rules are suspended during this interview. He then recapped the belt's chaotic history, showing the video of R-Truth's latest title win. The champion defended his actions, calling the title no joke and claiming that the belt has overtaken his whole life, constantly looking over his shoulder at all times. Carmella explained further but Maverick soon arrived, claiming that Truth had already ruined his marriage and asking for a rematch. Miz then announced that he'd received word that if Truth accepts Drake's challenge, no one is allowed to interfere in their match.

WWE 24/7 Title

R-Truth vs. Drake Maverick

After unleashing some knees early, Maverick then run into a Flatliner and this one was over before it could even truly begin.

Winner and STILL Champion: R-Truth

Post-match, the chasing pack arrived, hunting Truth down as he looked to evade. He ate a Neutalizer for his troubles though, with only No Way Jose stopping Cedric Alexander from scoring the pin. That allowed the champion and Carmella to escape through the crowd while in-ring, Drake Maverick couldn't even answer Charly Caruso's question, walking out dejected after failing to regain the title.

- A recap of tonight's opening segment followed, with Evans and Corbin discussing their plan as Baron even suggested that they could be the next power couple after Extreme Rules.


Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

Pre-match, Shane told Mike Rome of a rule change, forcing him to announce that tags would no longer be required in tonight's match. Once the bell rung though, Reigns swiftly removed McMahon with an uppercut but was jumped for his troubles, swiftly removing Drew nonetheless. He then flurried on Shane too but McIntyre cut him off moments later, launching his foe around ringside and into the steel steps as well. They then took the steps to Reigns' head, flooring him on the floor before returning him to center ring too.

From there, they simply added insult to injury, landing The Spear and Claymore twice also. As Shane headed up for Coast to Coast though, the lights turned off, with The Undertaker suddenly appearing and catching McMahon for a chokeslam. He then cleared the ring, standing tall and staring McIntyre and McMahon down as Reigns watched on!

- A tug of war contest followed, with Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley reigniting their recent conflict in center ring. Lashley gained the upper hand immediately, dragging Strowman along until Braun grinned in response, yanking Bobby across the line as he lashed out in mere seconds. Enraged, Bobby launched Strowman into the ring-post and then pulled the rope across Strowman's eyes. Braun retaliated though, shoulder tackling Lashley to the floor but eating a knee to the spine in response.

- Elsewhere, Charly Caruso interviewed AJ Styles. She cut off his recovery talk, asking why he chose Ricochet for his first match back. Styles says that he simply wanted to face the best and after last night, Ricochet is exactly that. No Way Jose's music interrupted him though, with Styles suddenly angered by the sight of Gallows and Anderson partying. He once again asked them where their old selves had gone, upsetting Karl as Luke promised to prove AJ wrong in their upcoming match with The Viking Raiders.

Gallows and Anderson vs. The Viking Raiders

Ivar and Gallows got this one underway, with the latter taking control and bringing in Anderson. He was swiftly cut off though, falling victim to some tandem offense but then using a sudden clothesline to reset things. A salvo of ground and pound followed as Gallows then re-entered, grabbing a hold and grounding Erik in center ring. He soon fought upright but was quickly floored regardless, eating a superkick as the former RAW Champions hit Boot of Doom for 2.

Once again though, Karl began to admire his handywork, eating a sharp right hand as Ivar entered for a hot tag. He run wild, wiping out both Gallows and Anderson in a matter of moments. The Viking Experience soon followed and this one was over while Styles watched on in frustration.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Backstage, Nikki Cross apologized to Alexa Bliss. After claiming that Bayley had manipulated the situation, Bliss said that she needs to come up with a plan. Something she had to do alone, signaling for the apologetic Cross to leave.

She then headed elsewhere, with Natalya and Naomi warning Cross that Alexa isn't to be trusted. Nikki began to defend Bliss but the woman herself then arrived, going back and forth with both as Naomi promised that Alexa would feel the glow in their match tonight.

- To the ring next, with Mojo Rawley set to face Heath Slater as R-Truth ran through the crowd. Truth initially evaded the chasing pack but Slater seized, landing a neckbreaker and winning the title. As he looked to escape though, Heath ran into the Flatliner and had lost his title already. Alexander then came through the crowd regardless, hitting Lumbar Check and becoming champion. EC3 jumped him from behind though, winning the title for himself only for Carmella to distract him, allowing Truth to score yet another title win! After all of that, R-Truth remains WWE 24/7 Champion.

- An interview with Ricochet followed. He said that his title win is still sinking in but he's willing to do whatever it takes to not allow that moment to go away. He thanks his friends, family and fans, saying that tonight, he'll face someone he's looked up to his whole career. Tonight, he proves that he's worthy of holding the championship.

- Kofi Kingston then arrived, stopping for an interview but being interrupted by Sami Zayn before he could even speak. With Kevin Owens by his side, Zayn asked Kofi not to waste our time, with Kevin announcing an impromptu Sami and Kevin Show! Owens asked Kingston why he's even here but the champion responded, pointing out Kevin's bleeding zit as Zayn answered by calling Kofi a "paper champion." He said that Kingston relies on his friends, the same friends that Owens and Zayn beat last night.

Kofi called the New Day a brotherhood, reminding Owens that he beat him all alone at Money in the Bank. He promised to repeat that feat opposite Zayn but Sami predicted a dose of reality for Kingston tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zayn

The champion wrestled himself into control right away, grappling Zayn to the mat until a salvo of strikes put Sami on top. Kingston immediately rallied though, flurrying with some of his signature offense and thinking Trouble in Paradise before Zayn ducked, attempting a quick roll-up for 2. He again couldn't maintain control though, eating a sharp dropkick but then finally cutting Kingston off on the top rope. That allowed a brief interference from Owens, landing some ground and pound on the outside before scurrying away. 

That sequence put Zayn in command, grounding his foe and using a shoulder tackle to stay on top. Kingston swiftly responded though, landing his leaping clothesline as a strike exchange commenced. Kofi gained the upper hand, rocking Zayn but then being caught and suplexed into the corner. Sami followed up too, nailing a Michinoku Driver for 2. Kingston countered Helluva Kick regardless, scoring a double foot stomp but then being kicked out of mid-air for another near-fall. Zayn's next offense was countered as well, with Kingston sliding free and rolling Sami up for the victory!

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Post-match, Owens challenged Kingston to an impromptu match, daring him back to the ring as the champion incredibly accepted. 

Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

After a distraction from Zayn, Owens seized, dropping his foe and heading up top. However, Kingston blocked the Swanton Bomb, standing up only to eat another superkick for 2. The fight then spilled to the floor, with both men landing until Kingston scored a violent SOS on the ramp. Kingston rolled back in the ring, barely beating the count for another win.

Winner via Count Out: Kofi Kingston

Post-match, Kingston fought Zayn off too, diving over the top rope and wiping out both. However, his celebration was soon halted, with Samoa Joe jumping Kofi from behind and launching him into the stage. He then slammed Kofi onto the top of the ramp too, standing over the WWE Champion with rage in his eyes. Joe then departed but as Kingston was helped to his feet, he returned, choking Kofi out as an exclamation point.  

- A recap of Undertaker's appearance followed, including the announcement that at Extreme Rules, 'The Deadman' will team with Roman Reigns against Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon.

Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss

Bliss has Cross by her side here but struggled early, with Naomi flurrying via flashiness until Alexa used a clothesline to cut her off. Naomi fired back though, landing a leg drop and forcing Bliss to the outside. Cross consoled her friend but ate Naomi's dropkick as a result. In response, Alexa rolled back inside and closed the show in an instant, hitting DDT for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Post-match, Bliss continued the attack, asking Cross to get involved. Nikki was hesitant though, pushing both to the mat in a panic. Natalya then arrived, making the save as Cross and Bliss scrambled out of the ring.

Naomi and Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

An impromptu tag match is suddenly underway, with Natalya immediately going to work on Cross until a sharp elbow halted her. Natalya responded nonetheless, landing her signature clothesline for 2. Cross regained control regardless, tagging in Bliss who was swiftly tackled into the corner. That allowed Naomi's entry, flurrying on Alexa and bringing Natalya back in. Cross halted her momentum though, allowing Bliss to score a sudden forearm for another near-fall.

While Nikki wanted a tag, Alexa opted to ground things with a hold instead. As a result, Natalya fought upright, slamming Bliss to the mat and following up with two sharp suplexes. Alexa avoided the sharpshooter though, tagging in Cross who run wild. She rammed Natalya in Naomi, hitting a bulldog for 2 and heading up top as well. Her crossbody landed also but Natalya kicked out, only firing Cross up more. In the meantime, Bliss made a blind tag, allowing Cross to do the work and sliding in for the pin. 

Winners: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Post-match, Cross is initially hesitant to celebrate but Bliss persuades her otherwise, convincing her that all is well in victory!

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet

A feeling out process got this one underway, with dueling chants commencing as AJ's experience gained him an early advantage. As both men returned to their feet though, Gallows and Anderson made their way to ringside. Karl quickly became involved too, pulling Ricochet's foot much to Styles' confusion. He asked what they are doing out here, then grabbing a microphone and asking them to leave. In fact, this match won't continue until they go backstage. In response, they reluctantly did exactly that.

With the match restarted, things continued as they were, with both men wrestling for position until an explosive combination left Styles floored. Ricochet then briefly grounded proceedings, controlling AJ until a salvo of strikes came in response. That concluded with the Pele Kick, rocking Ricochet and giving Styles the upper hand. Ricochet blocked AJ's suplex but ate a back body drop regardless, with Styles dictating the action until a dropkick turned the tide.

Styles rolled to the floor in response but Ricochet followed him there, hitting a spectacular dive to the outside. He continued to flurry in center ring too, landing a sharp kick but then being violently suplexed into the corner. Styles slowed things again afterwards, grounding his foe until a wild strike exchange left both men floored. Ricochet was up first, landing more of his signature offense including a Standing Shooting Star Press for 2. AJ responded though, scoring with an inverted DDT for a near-fall of his own.

A heavy clothesline came next but Ricochet kicked out again, firing back with spectacular offense and landing a springboard moonsault for 2. AJ avoided the 630 Splash moments later, hitting Phenomenal Forearm for the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

Post-match, Styles helped Ricochet to his feet, handing him the title and sharing a respectful embrace.

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