WWE Raw 7/13/20 Results: Women's Tag Title Match, Shayna Baszler Returns & Ruby Riott Wins A Match

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- MVP is in the ring for another edition of the VIP Lounge, MVP then brings out Dolph Ziggler as his guest. Ziggler compliments MVP on the brand new WWE United States Title belt, MVP says Ziggler made Drew McIntyre and he knows what makes McIntyre tick. Ziggler says he picked McIntyre out of obscurity and he made McIntyre who he is today, MVP thanks Ziggler for everything that he has done. McIntyre interrupts and makes his way to the ring, McIntyre talks about how Ziggler brought Heath Slater into their feud. McIntyre then says that Ziggler used him to get ahead, McIntyre promises to torture and hurt Ziggler at WWE Extreme Rules ’20. McIntyre attacks Ziggler before saying they will finish things at WWE Extreme Rules ’20.

- Charly Caruso interviews Angel Garza, Andrade and Zelina Vega, Vega accuses Caruso of pushing the fact that Andrade and Garza are feuding with each other. Vega says that Garza and Andrade have had a lot of success together, Andrade and Garza say they will win the Raw Tag Team Titles. The Viking Raiders appear and Erik talks about how dominant they have been over the last year, Erik says they will run through Andrade and Garza tonight.

Elimination Match
The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) vs. Angel Garza & Andrade w/Zelina Vega

The match begins with Andrade and Garza attacking Erik and Ivar as the bell sounds, Andrade and Ivar stay in the ring as Andrade nails Ivar with a chop block. Garza tags in and he attacks a cornered Ivar with a ton of strikes, Ivar recovers and he tags Erik into the match. Erik quickly nails Garza with an exploder suplex before attacking Andrade, Erik then nails Garza with a knee strike before tagging Ivar in. Ivar and Erik double team a cornered Garza for a near fall, Erik tags in and he cracks Garza with some more strikes. Erik misses a double knee strike in the corner and Garza nails him with a super kick, Andrade tags in and he nails Erik with a double knee strike. Andrade then hits Erik with a hammerlock DDT for a three count (Eliminated: Erik) as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Andrade working over the arm of Ivar. Garza tags in and Ivar attacks both opponents, Ivar sets up for a suicide dive and Garza nails him with a drop kick. Garza consults with Andrade on the arena floor and Ivar nails them on the second suicide dive attempt, Ivar then hits Andrade with a handspring elbow strike. Garza regains control for the team by nailing Ivar with another drop kick, Ivar follows up by nailing Garza with a clothesline.

Andrade makes a blind tags and Ivar still nails him with a head kick for a three count (Eliminated: Andrade), the action resumes with Garza nailing Ivar with a missile drop kick. Ivar avoids the Wing Clipper and Garza still nails him with a super kick, Garza misses a seated senton in the corner and Ivar nails him with a spinning head kick for a near fall after some Andrade interference. Garza catches a leaping Ivar with a power bomb for a three count (Eliminated: Ivar).

Winners: Angel Garza & Andrade w/Zelina Vega

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Ruby Riott, who immediately gets interrupted by The IIconics and The IIconics tell Schreiber to leave. The IIconics say that Riott has lost her only friend in Liv Morgan, The IIconics say Riott has no friends to team with and Bianca Belair shows up. Belair says she is here to help Riott out because she doesn’t like The IIconics.

The IIconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce) vs. Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair

The match begins with Kay distraction Riott so Royce can attack her from behind, Riott recovers and she rolls up Royce a few times for a few near falls. Riott then hits Royce with an arm drag and standing STO for a near fall, Kay makes a blind tag and she kicks Riott in the face for a near fall. Kay corners Riott before kicking away at her, Royce tags in and she stomps away on the downed Riott. Royce keeps Riott down while landing knee drops to her back, Royce also nails Riott with a spin kick to the head. Kay tags in and Belair gets the tag a short time later, Belair quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Belair then nails a cornered Kay with some shoulder thrusts and a slam, Belair nails Kay with a handspring moonsault for a near fall. Royce interferes and Riott nails her with an enziguri, Belair nails Kay with a KOD for a three count.

Winners: Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair

- R-Truth bumps into Ricochet and Cedric Alexander backstage, R-Truth believes he is facing Ric Flair instead of Randy Orton tonight and he gets corrected by Ricochet and Alexander. R-Truth then bumps into Akira Tozawa tonight, R-Truth wants Tozawa to teach him how to be a black belt and Tozawa tries pinning him for the WWE 24/7 Championship. R-Truth then tells Tozawa to meet him in the ring next.

- Shayna Baszler hits the ring before a 24/7 Championship Match between R-Truth and Akira Tozawa begins, Baszler quickly destroys the ninjas before Tozawa leaves. R-Truth follows before Baszler gets the microphone, Baszler says she is done letting all the women having fun. Baszler calls all the women’s champions weak minded fools, Baszler says she is back to shatter all of their illusions.

- Highlights are shown of last weeks match between Seth Rollins/Murphy and Rey Mysterio/Kevin Owens.

- Seth Rollins and Murphy are backstage, Murphy questions why Rollins and Rey Mysterio are trying to rip their eyes out at WWE Extreme Rules. Rollins reminds Murphy that Mysterio asked for this, Rollins says has a message to deliver in the ring.

- Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and he grabs a microphone, Rollins talks about the Eye For An Eye Match against Rey Mysterio at WWE Extreme Rules ’20. Rollins says that he cannot understand how things have gone so far with Mysterio, Rollins says he is trying to lead Raw into the future and Mysterio keeps getting in the way. Rollins says he never meant to hurt Mysterio, Rollins says all that he was trying to do was to fulfill a prophecy. Rollins talks about all the things Mysterio will never be able to do after WWE Extreme Rules ’20, Rollins promises to end Mysterio at WWE Extreme Rules ’20. Kevin Owens interrupts and comes out onto the stage, Owens says that he never expected Mysterio to pick and Eye For An Eye Match for WWE Extreme Rules ’20. Owens talks about how Rollins turned Mysterio into someone who wants too gauge his eyes out, Owens then presents Rollins with an eye patch that he can wear after WWE Extreme Rules. Murphy comes out to assist Rollins and Aleister Black comes out to start a brawl as we go to a commercial break.

Murphy w/Seth Rollins vs. Aleister Black w/Kevin Owens

The match is joined in progress and we see Black nailing Murphy with a variety of kicks, Murphy recovers and he attacks the knee of Black. Murphy follows up by drop kicking Black in the knee, Black goes to the ring apron and Murphy knocks him to the arena floor with a dragon screw leg whip. Murphy gets Black back in the ring before going to the middle rope, Murphy leaps off the ropes and Black nails him with a front kick. Murphy and Black exchange some strikes in the middle of the ring, Black then nails Murphy with a knee strike before landing a leg sweep and basement drop kick. Murphy recovers and he nails a kicking Black with a chop block, Black recover and he nails a charging Murphy with a knee strike. Black sets up for Black Mass and Murphy lands a stunner to the injured leg, Black fights back and he knocks Murphy to the ring apron. Murphy cracks Black with a leg kick before climbing to the middle rope, Murphy looks for a suplex and Black counters with Black Mass for a near fall as Rollins interferes.

Winner: Aleister Black, by DQ

After the match, Rey & Dominick Mysterio come out to confront Seth Rollins as we go to a commercial break.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens w/Rey Mysterio, Dominick Mysterio & Aleister Black

The match begins with Owens dragging Rollins into the ring while attacking him with strikes, Owens corners Rollins before landing some shoulder thrusts. Owens follows up by attacking the leg of Rollins before dropping him and landing a senton bomb, Owens then backs Rollins into the corner before kicking away at him. Rollins fights back and Black interferes so Owens can land a corner clothesline, Owens drops Rollins in the corner before landing a cannonball for a near fall. Owens holds Rollins down while pulling back on both arms, Owens releases the hold before dumping Rollins out of the ring. Rollins gets back in the ring and he dumps Owens out of it, Black intervenes and he doesn’t allow Rollins to attack Owens. Owens attacks Rollins and he throws him into the barricade, Owens gets Rollins back in the ring and Rollins leaves again before getting attacked by Owens. Owens again throws Rollins into the barricade, Owens and Rollins then do battle on the ring apron before Rollins gets in the ring. Owens gets back in the ring and Rollins nails him with a chop block, Owens leaves the ring and Rollins nails him with a suicide dive as we go to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Rollins working over a downed Owens in the ring, Rollins sends Owens out of the ring before attacking him with more strikes. Rollins gets Owens back in the ring before landing a knee drop for a near fall, Rollins keeps Owens down while pulling back on both of his arms. Owens tries fighting back and Rollins nails him with a discus elbow strike, Owens recovers and he drops Rollins with a super kick. Owens follows up by nailing Rollins with a DDT for a near fall, Rollins recovers to send Owens into the middle turnbuckle before landing a blockbuster for a near fall. Owens recovers to nail Rollins with another super kick, Owens goes for a pop up power bomb and Rollins counters with an enziguri and super kick for a near fall. Rollins goes for The Stomp and Owens avoids it before failing at a stunner attempt, Owens traps Rollins on the top rope and he meets him up there. Rollins attacks the eyes of Owens before knocking him off the ropes, everybody distracts Rollins so Owens can land a stunner for a three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens w/Rey Mysterio, Dominick Mysterio & Aleister Black

After the match, Rey Mysterio gets a microphone and he promises to rip Seth Rollins’ eyes out at WWE Extreme Rules ’20.

- Big Show approaches Ric Flair backstage, Flair talks about his history with Show and how he considers Show the best big man in all of wrestling. Flair talks about how Show is still trying to prove himself and how he should retire before Randy Orton does severe damage to him, Show asks Flair what he is willing to sacrifice for Orton’s sake.

- A video package airs highlighting the career of Randy Orton.

- Randy Orton appears and he talks about the friends he had throughout his career, Orton talks about how he sent Edge and Christian back home in consecutive days. Orton talks about how Big Show helped him out early in his career, Orton says Ric Flair is family and he shouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Orton says R-Truth will become just another chapter in his career, Flair appears and he tells Orton that it is time for his match.

- Ric Flair comes out before the next match to congratulate R-Truth on a fantastic wrestling career, Flair then says that Randy Orton likes R-Truth and won’t punt his head tonight.

R-Truth vs. Randy Orton w/Ric Flair

The match begins with R-Truth saying he wants to talk to Flair before attacking Orton, R-Truth misses a scissors kick and Orton nails him with an RKO for a three count.

Winner: Randy Orton w/Ric Flair

After the match, Randy Orton sets up for a punt on R-Truth and Big Show comes out for the save. Orton stops Show before he can get into the ring, Orton says that Show’s name is on the punt kick list and Orton challenges Show to an Unsanctioned Match next week on Raw. Show accepts before chasing Orton out of the ring.

- MVP and Bobby Lashley approach Cedric Alexander and Ricochet backstage, Alexander says that he isn’t interested in having MVP help him out. Sarah Schreiber approaches MVP and Lashley, MVP says he isn’t worried about Apollo Crews and he will become the WWE United States Champion at WWE Extreme Rules ’20.

- Sarah Schreiber interviews Drew McIntyre, who says he allowed Dolph Ziggler to pick the stipulation for their match at WWE Extreme Rules ’20 because he was being a nice guy. Ziggler attacks McIntyre and security quickly breaks it up.

Ricochet w/Cedric Alexander vs. Bobby Lashley w/MVP

The match begins with Ricochet attacking Lashley with a step up enziguri, Lashley chases Ricochet around the ringside area before knocking him to the arena floor. Lashley grabs Ricochet and he throws him into the barricade, Lashley also sends Ricochet back first into the ringside edge. Lashley gets Ricochet back in the ring before landing a corner spear, Lashley goes for another corner spear and Ricochet avoids it before attacking his midsection. Lashley catches a leaping Ricochet and he lands a Dominator for a near fall, Lashley traps Ricochet in the corner before attacking him with elbow strikes. Lashley then hits Ricochet with a head and arm suplex for a near fall, Ricochet fights back and he nails Lashley with an enziguri. Ricochet follows up with a standing shooting star press on Lashley for a near fall, Ricochet goes to the top rope and Lashley avoids his leap before eating a super kick. Lashley catches Ricochet in midair to apply the full nelson and force a tap out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley w/MVP

After the match, Cedric Alexander goes after Bobby Lashley & MVP, which leads to Lashley destroying Alexander.

- Charly Caruso interviews Big Show, who again says he accepts the challenge from Randy Orton for next week.

- Sasha Banks and Bayley get the microphone before the next match, they play their highlight package again.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match
Sasha Banks & Bayley (c) vs. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane)

The match begins with Bayley and Banks jumping The Kabuki Warriors before the bell sounds, Sane and Asuka fight back to clear the ring as we go to a commercial break. We return from the break to see Banks hiding in the ropes to avoid Asuka, Bayley tags into the match and Asuka backs her into the ropes. Asuka blocks a kick before attacking Bayley with a few strikes, Bayley traps Asuka in the ropes before dropping her with a hair pull. Banks tags in and she rakes Asuka’s face along the middle rope, Bayley tags in and she attacks Asuka with some strikes before getting a near fall on a pin attempt. Asuka starts fighting back and Bayley attacks her with more strikes, Asuka recovers and she cracks Bayley with a double knee strike. Sane tags in and she nails Bayley with a running blockbuster, Banks interferes as Sane nails both opponents with an arm drag. Sane follows up by landing a double spear on both opponents, Sane then nails a cornered Bayley with a Sliding D for a near fall. Banks makes a blind tag and Asuka does the same as Bayley is sent out of the ring, The Kabuki Warriors clear the ring before landing double hip attacks. Asuka gets Banks back in the ring and she attacks her with a series of kicks, Asuka keeps Banks down while working over her arm.

Asuka corners Banks before landing another hip attack, Sane tags in as Bayley attacks Asuka on the arena floor. Banks knocks a distracted Sane off the top rope for a near fall, Banks tosses Sane out of the ring before tagging Bayley in. Bayley and Banks propel Sane into the barricade as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Banks holding Sane in a chin lock. Bayley tags in and she double teams Sane alongside Banks, Bayley also chokes a trapped Sane before landing some strikes on her. Banks tags in and she nails Sane with a double knee strike for a near fall, Bayley tags in and she holds Sane in a chin lock. Banks tags in and she drops Sane before getting a near fall on a pin attempt, Sane fights back and she drops Banks with a back fist. Bayley and Asuka are tagged in by their respective partners, Asuka quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team. Asuka clears the ring and she nails Bayley with a sliding knee strike from the ring apron, Asuka gets Bayley back in the ring to get a near fall on a pin attempt. Asuka goes to the top rope and Bayley knocks her off before tagging Banks in, Banks then nails Asuka with a double knee strike for a near fall. Bayley tags back in and she works with Banks to land a double slam for a near fall, Bayley gets Asuka on the top rope and she follows her up there as Banks tags in.

Bayley lands a top rope hurricarana on Sane before Banks lands a top rope cross body block for a near fall, Asuka catches Banks in the Asuka Lock and Banks gets to the ropes. Banks fights back and Sane makes a blind tags, Sane and Asuka level Banks with head kicks before Sane land an Insane Elbow for a near fall. Bayley knocks Asuka to the arena floor before getting dropped by Sane, Sane goes back to the top rope and she hits Banks with a forearm strike. Sane then hits Banks with an Alabama slam, Sane catches a charging Sane in the Bank Statement to force a tap out.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley, still the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

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